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 Preprints 2010

MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 2010:

J-MPA-Number: to be published in Journals
P-MPA-Number: published in Proceedings

dokument.gif J-MPA2880e
"Formation of slowly rotating early-type galaxies via major mergers: a resolution study"
Bois, M., F. Bournaud, et al. (incl. T. Naab) t
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 2405-2420)
dokument.gif J-MPA2879e
"Mixing of CNO-cycled matter in massive stars"
Przybilla, N., M. Firnstein, F. Nieva et al.
(Astron. Astrophys. 517, 1 - 6)
dokument.gif J-MPA2878e
"Binary quasars at high redshift. I. 24 new quasar pairs at z ~ 3-4"
Hennawi, J., A. Myers et al. (incl. F. Shankar)
(Astrophys. J. 719, 1672-1692)
dokument.gif J-MPA2877e
"The structure of gravitationally unstable gas-rich disk galaxies"
Aumer, M., A. Burkert, P. Johansson and R. Genzel
(Astrophys. J. 719, 1230-1243)
dokument.gif J-MPA2876e
"The VIMOS-VLT deep survey: evolution in the halo occupation number since z∼ 1"
Abbas, U., S. De La Torre et al. (incl. L. Guzzo)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 1306-1317)
dokument.gif J-MPA2875e
"On the absolute age of the globular cluster M92"
Di Cecco, A., R. Becucci et al. (incl. A. Weiss)
(Astron. Soc. of the Pac., 122, 991-999)
dokument.gif J-MPA2874e
"Broad iron emission lines in Seyfert galaxies re-condensation of gas onto an inner disk below the ADAF"
Meyer-Hofmeister, E., and F. Meyer
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif P-MPA2873e
"Stationary, Axisymmetric Neutron Stars with Meridional Circulation in General Relativity"
Birkl, R., N. Stergioulas and E. Mueller
(accepted by Phys. Rev. D.)
dokument.gif P-MPA2872e
"Magneto-elastic torsional oscillations of magnetars"
Gabler, M., P. Cerda-Duran et al. (incl. E. Mueller)
(Proceedings of NEB14, to appear in J. Phys.: Conf. Ser)
dokument.gif P-MPA2871e
"Simulations of the Magneto-rotational Instability in Core-Collapse Supernovae"
Obergaulinger, M., P. Cerda-Duran, E. Mueller and M. Aloy
(proceedings of a conference held 29 June through 3 July 2009 in Chamonix, France. Edited by Nikolai V. Pogorelov, Edouard Audit, and Gary P. Zank. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2010., p.136)
dokument.gif J-MPA2870e
"The core helium flash revisited. III. From Population I to Population III stars"
Mocak, M., S. Campbell, E. Mueller and K. Kifonidis
(Astron. and Astrophys., Volume 520)
dokument.gif J-MPA2869e
"Rayleigh-Taylor finger instability mixing in hydrodynamic shell convection models"
Mocak, M. and E. Mueller
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys)
dokument.gif J-MPA2868e
"An axis-free overset grid in spherical polar coordinates for simulating 3D self-gravitating flows"
Wongwathanarat, A., N. Hammer and E. Mueller
(Astron. and Astrophys., Volume 514)
dokument.gif J-MPA2867e
"The fundamental plane of EDisCS galaxies. The effect of size evolution"
Saglia, R., P. Sanchez et al (incl. S.D.M. White)
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2866e
"Kinematics of Milky Way satellites in a Lambda cold dark matter universe"
Strigari, L., C. Frenk and S.D.M. White
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 408, 2364-2372)
dokument.gif J-MPA2865e
"Autocorrelations of stellar light and mass in the low-redshift Universe"
Li, Ch. and S.D.M. White
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 515-519)
dokument.gif J-MPA2864e
"Dark matter response to galaxy formation"
Tissera, P., S.D.M. White, S. Pedrosa and C. Scannapieco
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 922-935)
dokument.gif J-MPA2863e
"Nonspherical similarity solutions for dark halo formation"
Vogelsberger M., R. Mohayaee and S.D.M. White
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2862e
"The evolution of the density of galaxy clusters and groups: denser environments at higher redshifts"
Poggianti, B., G. De Lucia et al. (incl. S.D.M. White)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, 995-1005)
dokument.gif J-MPA2861e
"Abundances, masses and weak-lensing mass profiles of galaxy clusters as a function of richness and luminosity in ΛCDM cosmologies"
Hilbert St. and S.D.M. White
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 404, 486-501)
dokument.gif J-MPA2860e
"Relic density and CMB constraints on dark matter annihilation with Sommerfeld enhancement"
Zavala, J., M. Vogelsberger and S.D.M. White
(Physical Review D, 81, id. 083502 )
dokument.gif J-MPA2859e
"What is the (Dark) Matter with Dwarf Galaxies?"
Sawala, T., Q. Guo, et al. (incl. S.D.M. White)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2858e
"Streams and caustics: the fine-grained structure of LCDM haloes"
Vogelsberger, M. and S.D.M. White
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2857e
"Assembly Bias and the Dynamical Structure of Dark Matter Halos"
Faltenbacher, A., and S.D.M. White
(Astrophys. J., 708, 469-473)
dokument.gif J-MPA2856e
"High luminosity, slow ejecta and persistent carbon lines: SN 2009dc challenges thermonuclear explosion scenarios"
Taubenberger, S. et al. (incl. S. Hachinger, W. Hillebrandt)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2855e
"Turbulence in a Three-Dimensional Deflagration Model For Type Ia Supernovae. II. Intermittency and the Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition Probability"
Schmidt, W., F. Ciaraldi-Schoolmann, J. Niemeyer et al.
(Astrophys. J. 710, 1683-1693)
dokument.gif J-MPA2854e
"Pulsation period changes as a tool to identify pre-zero age horizontal branch stars"
Silva, A.V., M. Catelan, A. Weiss
(Astrophys. and Space Science, 328, 123-127)
dokument.gif J-MPA2853e
"Hydrodynamical Neutron Star Kicks in Three Dimensions"
Wongwathanarat, A., H.-Th. Janka and E. Mueller
(Astrophys. J. Lett. 725, L106-L110)
dokument.gif J-MPA2852e
"Nucleosynthesis-relevant conditions in neutrino-driven supernova outflows. II. The reverse shock in two-dimensional simulations"
Arcones A. and H.-Th. Janka
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif P-MPA2851e
"The r-Process in Black Hole Winds"
Wanajo, S. and H.-Th. Janka
(AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1269, pp. 120-125 (2010))
dokument.gif J-MPA2850e
"Three-dimensional Simulations of Mixing Instabilities in Supernova Explosions"
Hammer, N., H.-Th. Janka and E. Mueller
(Astrophys. J., 714, 1371-1385)
dokument.gif J-MPA2849e
"Uncertainties in the nu p-process: supernova dynamics versus nuclear physics"
Wanajo, S., H.-Th. Janka and S. Kubono
(submitted to Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2848e
"Clustering of radio galaxies and quasars"
Donoso, E., Ch. Li, G. Kauffmann, et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 1078-1089)
dokument.gif J-MPA2847e
"Deep 21-cm HI Observations at z~0.1: The Precursor to the Arecibo Ultra Deep Survey"
Freudling, W., L. Staveley-Smith, B. Catinella et al.
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2846e
"Numerical viscosity in hydrodynamics simulations in general relativity "
Cerda-Duran, P.
(Class. and Quantum Grav., 27, 205012)
dokument.gif J-MPA2845e
"ALFALFA HI Data Stacking I. Does the Bulge Quench Ongoing Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies?"
Fabello S., B. Catinella, et al. (incl. G. Kauffmann)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2844e
"UGC8802: A Massive Disk Galaxy in Formation"
Moran, S.M., G. Kauffmann, et al. (incl. B. Catinella)
(Astrophys. J. 720, 1126-1135)
dokument.gif J-MPA2843e
"The Arecibo L-band Feed Array Zone of Avoidance Survey. I. Precursor Observations Through the Inner and Outer Galaxy"
Henning, P.A., C.M. Springob et al (incl. B. Catinella)
(Astron. J. 139, 2130-2147)
dokument.gif J-MPA2842e
"Cluster galaxies die hard"
Weinmann, S., G. Kauffmann, A. von der Linden and G. De Lucia
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 2249-2266)
dokument.gif J-MPA2841e
"Modeling the Subsurface Structure of Sunspots"
Moradi, H., C. Baldner et al. (incl. H. Spruit)
(accepted by Solar Physics)
dokument.gif J-MPA2840e
"High time resolution optical/X-ray cross-correlations for X-ray binaries: anticorrelations and rapid variability"
Durant, M., T. Shahbaz, et al. (incl. H. Spruit)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2839e
"Rapid optical and X-ray timing observations of GX339-4: multicomponent optical variability in the low/hard state"
Gandhi, P., V.S. Dhillon et al. (incl. H. Spruit)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 2166-2192)
dokument.gif J-MPA2838e
"The brightness of the magnetic field in the quiet Sun"
Schnerr, R.S. and H.C. Spruit
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2837e
"Striation and convection in penumbral filaments"
Spruit, H., G.B. Scharmer and M.G. Loefdahl
(Astron. Astrophys. 521)
dokument.gif P-MPA2836e
"Theories of the solar cycle : a critical view"
Spruit, H.
(To appear in IAGA Special Sopron Book Series, `The Sun, the Solar Wind and the Heliosphere', eds. M. Paz Miralles and J. Sanchez Almeida)
dokument.gif J-MPA2835e
"Episodic accretion on to strongly magnetic stars"
D'Angelo, C. and H. Spruit
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 1208-1219)
dokument.gif J-MPA2834e
"Influence of Self-Gravity on the Runaway Instability of Black-Hole-Torus Systems"
Montero, P., J. Font and M. Shibata
(Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 104, 191101)
dokument.gif J-MPA2833e
"X-ray and radio variability in the low luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus NGC 7213"
Bell, M.E., T. Tzioumis et al.(incl. P. Arevalo)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2832e
"Binaries migrating in a gaseous disk: Where are the Galactic center binaries?"
Baruteau, C., J. Cuadra and D.N.C. Lin
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2831e
"Abundance stratification in Type Ia supernovae - III. The normal SN2003du"
Tanaka, M., P. Mazzali, et al. (incl. I. Maurer)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2830e
"Oxygen recombination in the nebular phase of supernovae 1998bw and 2002ap"
Maurer I. and P.A. Mazzali
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 408, 947-960)
dokument.gif J-MPA2829e
"The Type Ic SN 2007gr: a census of the ejecta from late-time optical-infrared spectra"
Mazzali, P. A., I. Maurer, S. Valenti et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 408, 87-96)
dokument.gif J-MPA2828e
"Near-ultraviolet Properties of a Large Sample of Type Ia Supernovae as Observed with the Swift UVOT"
Milne, P.A, P. Brown et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(Astrophys. J., 721, 1627-1655)
dokument.gif J-MPA2827e
"The Absolute Magnitudes of Type Ia Supernovae in the Ultraviolet"
Brown, P.J., P. Roming et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(Astrophys. J., 721, 1608-1626)
dokument.gif J-MPA2826e
"Helium Shell Detonations on Low Mass White Dwarfs as a Possible Explanation for SN 2005E"
Waldman, R., D. Sauer et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(submitted to Astrophys. J.,)
dokument.gif J-MPA2825e
"Fallback Supernovae: A Possible Origin of Peculiar Supernovae with Extremely Low Explosion Energies"
Moriya, T., N. Tominaga, et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(Astrophys. J., 719, 1445-1453)
dokument.gif J-MPA2824e
"A census of nuclear stellar discs in early-type galaxies"
Ledo, H., M. Sarzi, M. Dotti and S. Khochfar
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 969-985)
dokument.gif J-MPA2823e
"Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae from Double Degenerate Mergers"
Fryer, C.L., A.J. Ruiter, et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
dokument.gif J-MPA2822e
"A faint type of supernova from a white dwarf with a helium-rich companion"
Perets, H. B., A. Gal-Yam, P. Mazzali et al.
(Nature, Volume 465, 322-325)
dokument.gif J-MPA2821e
"Discovery of the nearby long, soft GRB 100316D with an associated supernova"
Starling, R., K. Wiersema, et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2820e
"Direct Confirmation of the Asymmetry of the Cas A SN Explosion with Light Echoes"
Rest, A., R.J. Foley et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2819e
"Nebular Spectra and Explosion Asymmetry of Type Ia Supernovae"
Maeda K., S.Taubenberger et al. (incl. P. Mazzali)
(Astrophys. J., 708, 1703-1715)
dokument.gif J-MPA2818e
"Bound and unbound substructures in Galaxy-scale Dark Matter haloes"
Maciejewski, M., M. Vogelsberger, S. White and V. Springel
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2817e
"Fast Hamiltonian sampling for large-scale structure inference"
Jasche, J. and F. Kitaura
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 29-42)
dokument.gif J-MPA2816e
"Linking haloes to galaxies: how many halo properties are needed?"
Neistein, E., S. Weinmann, C. Li and M. Boylan-Kolchin
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2815e
"The degeneracy of galaxy formation models"
Neistein, E. and S. Weinmann
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, 2717-2736)
dokument.gif J-MPA2814e
"Time of primordial Be-7 conversion into Li-7, energy release and doublet of narrow cosmological neutrino lines"
Khatri, R. and R. Sunyaev
(submitted to Astron. Lett.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2813e
"The metal-poor end of the Spite plateau. I. Stellar parameters, metallicities, and lithium abundances"
Sbordone, L., P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau et al.
(Astron. and Astrophys. Volume 522,)
dokument.gif P-MPA2812e
"Local stars formed at z 10: a sample extracted from the SDSS"
Sbordone, L., P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau and H.G. Ludwig
(11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos 19-23 July 2010 Heidelberg, Germany. To appear in Proceedings of Science)
dokument.gif J-MPA2811e
"The lithium content of omega Centauri. New clues to the cosmological Li problem from old stars in external galaxies"
Monaco, L., P. Bonifacio, L. Sbordone et al.
(Astron. and Astrophys., Volume 519)
dokument.gif J-MPA2810e
"Sulphur abundances in halo stars from multiplet 3 at 1045 nm"
Caffau, E., L. Sbordone, H.-G.Ludwig et al.
(Astronomische Nachrichten, 331, 725)
dokument.gif J-MPA2809e
"Three carbon-enhanced metal-poor dwarf stars from the SDSS. Chemical abundances from CO5BOLD 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres"
Behara, N.T, P. Bonifacio et al. (incl. L. Sbordone)
(Astron. Astrophys. 513)
dokument.gif J-MPA2808e
"Revisiting Delta Y/Delta Z from multiple main sequences in globular clusters: insight from nearby stars"
Portinari, L., L. Casagrande, C. Flynn
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 1570-1582)
dokument.gif P-MPA2807e
"Observational signatures for depletion in the Spite plateau: solving the cosmological Li discrepancy?"
Melendez, J., L. Casagrande, I. Ramirez et al.
(Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 268, p. 211-214)
dokument.gif J-MPA2806e
"Local kinematics and the local standard of rest"
Schoenrich, R., J. Binney and W. Dehnen
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 403, 1829-1833)
dokument.gif J-MPA2805e
"Multidimensional modelling of X-ray spectra for AGN accretion disc outflows - III. Application to a hydrodynamical simulation"
Sim, S.A, D. Proga, L. Miller et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 408, 1396-1408)
dokument.gif J-MPA2804e
"Type Ia Supernova Delay Times and Rates for Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass Models"
Ruiter, A., K. Belczynski, S. Sim et al.
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif P-MPA2803e
"Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Simulations: Applications to Astrophysical Outflows and Explosions"
Sim, S., M. Kromer, F. Roepke et al.
(To appear in Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows)
dokument.gif P-MPA2802e
"Type Ia Supernovae and Accretion Induced Collapse"
Ruiter, A., K. Belczynski, S. Sim et al.
(to appear in proceedings for `Binary Star Evolution: Mass Loss, Accretion and Mergers')
dokument.gif J-MPA2801e
"The Geometry and Ionization Structure of the Wind in the Eclipsing Nova-like Variables RW Tri and UX UMa"
Noebauer, U., K.S. Long, S. Sim and C. Knigge
(Astrophys. J., Vol. 719, 1932-1945)
dokument.gif J-MPA2800e
"Multidimensional modelling of X-ray spectra for AGN accretion disc outflows - II"
Sim, S.A., L. Miller, K.S. Long et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 404, 1369-1384)
dokument.gif J-MPA2799e
"Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge as traced by microlensed dwarf and subgiant stars. III. Detection of lithium in the metal-poor bulge dwarf MOA-2010-BLG-285S"
Bensby, M. Asplund, J.A. Johnson et al.
(Astron. Astrophys. 521)
dokument.gif J-MPA2798e
"On the evolution of the intrinsic scatter in black hole versus galaxy mass rela"
Hirschmann, M., S. Khochfar et al (incl. T. Naab)
(407, Issue 2, pp. 1016-1032.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2797e
"The solar, exoplanet and cosmological lithium problems"
Melendez, J., I. Ramirez, L. Casagrande, et al.
(Astrophys. and Space Science, 328, 193-200)
dokument.gif J-MPA2796e
"Solar quescent prominences. Filamentary structure and energetics"
Heinzel, P., U. Anzer and S. Gunar
(Mem. S.It. Vo. 81, 654-662)
dokument.gif J-MPA2795e
"An Examination of Recent Transformations to the BV(RI) C Photometric System from the Perspective of Stellar Models for Old Stars"
VandenBerg, D.A., L. Casagrande and P. Stetson
(Astrophys. J. 140, 1020-1037)
dokument.gif J-MPA2794e
"Chemical evolution of the Galactic bulge as traced by microlensed dwarf and subgiant stars. II. Ages, metallicities, detailed elemental abundances, and connections to the Galactic thick disc"
Bensby, T., S. Feltzing, et al. (incl. M. Asplund)
(Astron. and Astrophys., 512)
dokument.gif J-MPA2793e
"A Puzzle Involving Galactic Bulge Microlensing Events"
Cohen, J., A. Gould, et al. (incl. M. Asplund)
(Astrophys. J. Lett. 711, L48-L52)
dokument.gif J-MPA2792e
"Galaxy protocluster candidates around z ~ 2.4 radio galaxies"
Hatch, N. A.; C. De Breuck, et al. (incl. R. Overzier)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2791e
"The GALEX Arecibo SDSS survey: III. Evidence for the Inside-Out Formation of Galactic Disks"
Wang J., G. Kauffmann, R. Overzier et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2790e
"Galaxy protocluster candidates at 1.6 < z = 2"
Galametz, A., J. Vernet et al. (incl. R. Overzier)
(Astron. Astrophys, 522)
dokument.gif J-MPA2789e
"A Large Number of z > 6 Galaxies Around a QSO at z = 6.43: Evidence for a Protocluster?
Utsumi, Y., T. Goto et al. (incl. R. Overzier)
(Astrophys. J., 721, 1680-1688)
dokument.gif J-MPA2788e
"The kinematics of ionized gas in Lyman-Break Analogs at z ~ 0.2"
Goncalves, T.S., A. Basu-Zych, R. Overzier et al.
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2787e
"A galaxy populations study of a radio-selected protocluster at z ~ 3.1"
Kuiper, E., N.A. Hatch, et al. (incl. R. Overzier)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, 969-986)
dokument.gif J-MPA2786e
"Morphologies of Local Lyman Break Galaxy Analogs. II. A Comparison with Galaxies at z ~= 2-4 in ACS and WFC3 Images of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field"
Overzier, R.A., T.M. Heckman, D. Schiminovich et al.
(Astrophys. J. 710, 979-991)
dokument.gif J-MPA2785e
"Evidence of major dry mergers at Msun from curvature in early-type galaxy scaling relations?"
Bernardi, M., N.Roche, F. Shankar and R. Sheth
(acceptey by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2784e
"Constraints on black hole duty cycles and the black hole-halo relation from SDSS quasar clustering"
Shankar, F., D.H. Weinberg and Y. Shen
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 1959-1966)
dokument.gif J-MPA2783e
"Balancing Outflows and Gas Dilution: The Mass-Metallicity Relation at z=0"
Peeples, M.S. and F. Shankar
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2782e
"Curvature in the color-magnitude relation but not in color-sigma: Major dry mergers at Msun?"
Bernardi, M., N. Roche, F. Shankar and R. Sheth
(acceptey by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2781e
"Nucleosynthesis in Two-Dimensional Delayed Detonation Models of Type Ia Supernova Explosions"
Maeda, K., F. Roepke, M. Fink, W. Hillebrandt et al.
(Astrophys. J., 712, 624-638)
dokument.gif J-MPA2780e
"X-ray Emission from the Sombrero Galaxy: Discrete Sources"
Li, Z.Y., L.R. Spitler et al.(incl. M. Gilfanov)
(Astrophys. J., 721, 1368-1382)
dokument.gif J-MPA2779e
"X-ray emission from the Sombrero galaxy: a galactic-scale outflow"
Li, Z.Y., C. Jones et al. (incl. M. Gilfanov)
(submitted to Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2778e
"The peculiar optical spectrum of 4C+22.25: Imprint of a massive black hole bina"
Decarli, M. Dotti, C. Montuori, C. Liimets
(Astrophys. J. Lett. , 720, L93-L96)
dokument.gif J-MPA2777e
"Soft band X/K luminosity ratios in late-type galaxies and constraints on the population of supersoft X-ray sources"
Bogdan, A. and M. Gilfanov
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 412, 401)
dokument.gif J-MPA2776e
"X-Ray Emission from Black-Hole Binaries"
M. Gilfanov
(Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 794)
dokument.gif J-MPA2775e
"Feedback under the microscope-II. Heating, gas uplift and mixing in the nearest cluster core"
Werner, N., A. Simionescu, et al. (incl. E. Churazov)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, Issue 4, pp. 2063-2074)
dokument.gif J-MPA2774e
"Observational evidence for matter propagation in accretion flows"
Revnivtsev, M., S. Potter, et al. (incl. E. Churazov)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 411, 1317)
dokument.gif J-MPA2773e
"Gas sloshing, cold front formation, and metal redistribution: the Virgo cluster as a quantitative test case"
Roediger, E., M. Brueggen et al. (incl. E. Churazov)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 413, 2057)
dokument.gif J-MPA2772e
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(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, 91-99)
dokument.gif J-MPA2771e
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Churazov, E., S. Tremaine, W. Forman et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 404, Issue 3, pp. 1165-1185)
dokument.gif J-MPA2770e
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Ruiter, A. J., K. Belczynski, M. Benacquista, et al.
(Astrophys. J. , 717, 1006-1021)
dokument.gif J-MPA2769e
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Seitenzahl, I., F. Röpke, M. Fink and R. Pakmor
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 2297-2304)
dokument.gif J-MPA2768e
"VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometric imaging of VX Sagittarii's inhomogenous outer atmosphere"
Chiavassa, A., Lacour, F. Millour et al.
(Astron. and Astrophys. 511)
dokument.gif J-MPA2767e
"Radiative hydrodynamics simulations of red supergiant stars. II. Simulations of convection on Betelgeuse match interferometric observations"
Chiavassa, A., X. Haubois, J.S. Young, et al.
(Astron. and Astrophys. 515)
dokument.gif J-MPA2766e
"Three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations of red giant stars: semi-global models for the interpretation of interferometric observations"
Chiavassa, A., R. Collet, L. Casagrande and M. Asplund
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2765e
"Radiative transfer with scattering for domain-decomposed 3D MHD simulations of cool stellar atmospheres"
Hayek, W., M. Asplund et al. (incl. R. Collet)
(Astron. and Astrophys., 517)
dokument.gif J-MPA2764e
"Lithium abundances of halo dwarfs based on excitation temperatures. II. Non-local thermodynamic equilibrium"
Hosford, A., A.E. Garcia Perez, R. Collet et al.
(Astron. and Astrophys., 511)
dokument.gif J-MPA2763e
"Simulating Magnetic Fields in the Antennae Galaxies"
Kotarba, H., et al. (incl. K. Dolag and F. Stasyszyn)
(Astrophys. J. , 716, 1438-1452)
dokument.gif J-MPA2762e
"Efficient cosmological parameter sampling using sparse grids"
Frommert, M., D. Pflueger, T. Riller et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 1177-1189)
dokument.gif J-MPA2761e
"The collective X-ray luminosity of HMXB as a SFR indicator"
Mineo, S., M. Gilfanov and R. Sunyaev
(accepted Astronomische Nachrichten)
dokument.gif J-MPA2760e
"The primordial non-Gaussianity of local type (f`local'NL) in the WMAP 5-year data: the length distribution of CMB skeleton"
Hou, Z., A.J. Banday, et al. (incl. F. Elsner)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 2141-2156)
dokument.gif J-MPA2759e
"Local non-Gaussianity in the Cosmic Microwave Background the Bayesian way"
Elsner, F. and B. Wandelt
(accepted by Astrophy. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2758e
"Probing local non-Gaussianities within a Bayesian framework"
Elsner, F., B. Wandelt and M.D. Schneider
(Astron. and Astrophys., 513,)
dokument.gif J-MPA2757e
"General Relativistic versus Newtonian: a universality in radiation hydrodynamics"
Malec, T. and T. Rembiasz
(accepted at Physical Review D.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2756e
"A New Multi-dimensional General Relativistic Neutrino Hydrodynamic Code for Core-collapse Supernovae. I. Method and Code Tests in Spherical Symmetry"
Mueller, B., H.-Th Janka and H. Dimmelmeier
(Astrophys. J. Suppl., 189, 104-133)
dokument.gif J-MPA2755e
"Electron-capture supernovae as the origin of elements beyond iron"
Wanajo, Sh., H.-Th. Janka and B. Mueller
(accepted by Astrophys. J. Lett.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2754e
"Positron annihilation spectrum from the Galactic Centre region observed by SPI/INTEGRAL, revisited: annihilation in a cooling ISM?"
Churazov, E., S. Sazonov, S. Tsygankov et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2753e
"Stellar atmosphere parameters with MA Xi, a MAssive compression of Xi2 for spectral fitting"
Jofre-P., B. Panter, C.J. Hansen and A. Weiss
(Astron. Astrophys. 517, id.A57)
dokument.gif J-MPA2752e
"A possible signature of terrestrial planet formation in the chemical composition of solar analogs"
Ramirez, I., M. Asplund, P. Baumann et al.
(Astron. Astrophys. 521)
dokument.gif J-MPA2751e
"Lithium depletion in solar-like stars: no planet connection"
Baumann, P., I. Ramirez, I., J. Melendez et al.
(Astron. Astrophys. 519)
dokument.gif J-MPA2750e
"UV by-beta photometry of solar twins: the solar colors, model atmospheres, and the Teff and metallicity scales"
Melendez, J., et al. (incl. I. Ramirez and L. Casagrande)
(Astron. Astrophys. 522)
dokument.gif J-MPA2749e
"One simulation to fit them all - changing the background parameters of a cosmological N-body simulation"
Angulo, R.E. and S.D.M. White
( Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, 143-154)
dokument.gif J-MPA2748e
"Recombinations to the Rydberg states of hydrogen and their effect during the co"
Chluba, J., G. Vasil and L. Dursi
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 407, 599-612)
dokument.gif J-MPA2747e
"The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: A Measurement of the 600 ell 8000 Cosmic Microwave Background Power Spectrum at 148 GHz"
Fowler, JW., V. Acquaviva et al. (incl. C. Hernandez-Monteagudo)
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2746e
"The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Physical Properties and Purity of a Galaxy Cluster Sample Selected via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect"
Menanteau, F., J. Gonzalez et al (incl. C. Hernandez-Monteagudo)
(submitted to Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2745e
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Marriage, T.A., J.B. Juin et al (incl. C. Hernandez-Monteagudo)
(submitted to Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2744e
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Huedepohl, L., B. Mueller, H.-T. Janka et al.
(Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 104, 251101)
dokument.gif J-MPA2743e
"Fast time variations of supernova neutrino fluxes and their detectability"
Lund T., A. Marek, et al. (incl. H.-T. Janka)
(accepted by Physical Review D)
dokument.gif J-MPA2742e
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Abdikamalaov, E. et al. (incl. A. Marek and H.-T. Janka)
(Physical Review D, vol. 81, Issue 4, id. 044012)
dokument.gif J-MPA2741e
"Local simulations of the magnetized Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in neutron-star mergers"
Obergaulinger, M., M.A. Aloy and E. Mueller
(Astron. Astrophys., 515)
dokument.gif J-MPA2740e
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Mead, J.M.G, L.J. King et al. (incl. E. Puchwein)
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 434-444)
dokument.gif J-MPA2739e
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Grevesse, N., M. Asplund, A. Sauval and P. Scott
(Astrophys. and Space Science, 328, 179-183)
dokument.gif J-MPA2738e
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Gustafsson, B., J. Melendez, M. Asplund and D. Yong
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dokument.gif J-MPA2737e
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Landau, S.J. and G.C. Scoccola
(Astron. and Astrophys., 517,)
dokument.gif J-MPA2736e
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Das, P., O. Gerhard, E. Churazov and I. Zhuravleva
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2735e
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Grebenev, S.A. and R. A. Sunyaev
(Astron. Lett. 36, 533-539)
dokument.gif J-MPA2734e
"Resonant scattering of X-ray emission lines in the hot intergalactic medium"
Churazov, E., I. Zhuravleva, S. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
(submitted Space Science Reviews)
dokument.gif J-MPA2733e
"INTEGRAL/IBIS 7-year All-Sky Hard X-Ray Survey. Part II: Catalog of Sources"
Krivonos, R., S. Tsygankov, M. Revnivtsev et al.
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2732e
"INTEGRAL/IBIS 7-year All-Sky Hard X-Ray Survey. Part I: Image Reconstruction"
Krivonos, R., M. Revnivtsev, S. Tsygankov et al.
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2731e
"Ly alpha escape during cosmological hydrogen recombination: the 3d-1s and 3s-1s two-photon processes"
Chluba J. and R.A. Sunyaev
(Astron. Astrophys. 512)
dokument.gif J-MPA2730e
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Chluba J. and R.A. Sunyaev
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 402, 1221-1248)
dokument.gif J-MPA2729e
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Docenko, D. and R.A. Sunyaev
(Astron. and Astrophys., 509)
dokument.gif J-MPA2728e
"Determining the Initial Helium Abundance of the Sun"
Serenelli, A. and S. Basu
(Astrophys. J., 719, 865-872)
dokument.gif J-MPA2727e
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Magic, Z., A. Serenelli, A. Weiss and B. Chaboyer
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dokument.gif J-MPA2726e
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Gabler, M., P. Cerda-Duran et al. (incl. E. Mueller)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. Lett.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2725e
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Cappelluti, N., M. Ajello et al (incl. S. Bonoli)
(Astrophys. J. Lett. 716, L209-L213)
dokument.gif J-MPA2724e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2723e
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Cooper A.P, et al. (incl. S. White, V. Springel)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2722e
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Wang J., et al (incl. S. White, V. Springel)
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2721e
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McCarthy, I., J. Schaye, et al. (incl. V. Springel)
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2720e
"Simulations of galaxy formation with radiative transfer: Hydrogen reionisation and radiative feedback"
Petkova, M. and V. Springel
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2719e
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Sijacki, D., V. Springel and M.G. Haehnelt
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2718e
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Viel, M., M.G. Haehnelt and V. Springel
(J. of Cosmology and Astrop. Phys. 06, pp. 015-053)
dokument.gif J-MPA2717e
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Zhang, Y., V. Springel and X. Yang
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2716e
"On merger bias and the clustering of quasars"
Bonoli, S., F. Shankar, S.D.M. White et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 404, 399-408)
dokument.gif J-MPA2715e
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J. Lee and V. Springel
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dokument.gif J-MPA2714e
"Quasar Clustering in Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations: Evidence for mergers"
DeGraf, C., T. Di Matteo and V. Springel
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2713e
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Baldi, M., V. Pettorino, G. Robbers and V. Springel
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dokument.gif J-MPA2712e
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Sales, L., J. Navarro et al. (incl. V. Springel)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2711e
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Wadepuhl, M. and V. Springel
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2710e
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Xu, D. D., S. Mao et al. (incl. V. Springel)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2709e
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DeGraf, C., T. Di Matteo and V. Springel
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dokument.gif J-MPA2708e
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Liu, L., X.H. Yang, et al. (incl. V. Springel)
(Astrophys. J. 712, 734-745)
dokument.gif J-MPA2707e
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D'Onghia, E., V. Springel, L. Hernquist and D. Keres
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dokument.gif J-MPA2706e
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Wiersma, R., J. Schaye, C. Dalla Vecchia et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2705e
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McCarthy, I.G., J. Schaye et al. (incl. R. Wiersma)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2704e
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Tepper-Garcia, T., P. Richter et al.(incl. R. Wiersma)
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2703e
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Bertone, S., J. Schaye et al. (incl. R. Wiersma)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2702e
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Ensslin, T., C. Pfrommer, F. Miniati and K. Subramanian
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2701e
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Bauswein, A., H.-Th. Janka and R. Oechslin
(Physical Review D, vol. 82, Issue 8, id. 084043)
dokument.gif J-MPA2700e
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Maeda, K., et al. (incl. F. Roepke and S. Taubenberger)
(Nature, Volume 466, 82-85)
dokument.gif J-MPA2699e
"Hydrogen and helium in the late phase of SNe IIb"
Maurer, I., P. Mazzali, S. Taubenberger and S. Hachinger
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2698e
"Multiple Major Outbursts from a Restless Luminous Blue Variable in NGC 3432"
Pastorello, A., M. Botticella, C. Trundle, S. Taubenberger, et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2697e
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Kawabata, K. S., K. Maeda, K. Nomoto, S. Taubenberger et al.
(Nature, Volume 465, 326-328)
dokument.gif J-MPA2696e
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Fraser, M., K. Takats, et al. (incl. S. Taubenberger)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2695e
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Kromer, M., S.A. Sim, M. Fink et al.
(Astrophys. J., Vol. 719, 1067-1082)
dokument.gif J-MPA2694e
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Sim, F. Roepke, W. Hillebrandt et al.
(Astrophys. J. Lett. 714, L52-L57)
dokument.gif J-MPA2693e
"Double-detonation sub-Chandrasekhar supernovae: can minimum helium shell masses detonate the core?"
Fink, M., F. Roepke, W. Hillebrandt et al.
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2692e
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Buerzle, F. et al. (incl. F. Stasyszyn, T. Greif, K. Dolag
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2691e
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Johnson, J.L, S. Khochfar, T.H. Greif, F. Durier
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dokument.gif J-MPA2690e
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Greif, T.H., S.C. Glover, V. Bromm and R. Klessen
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dokument.gif J-MPA2689e
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Ciardi, B., R. Salvaterra, T. Di Matteo
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dokument.gif J-MPA2688e
"Foregrounds for observations of the cosmological 21 cm line: II. Westerbork observations of the fields around 3C196 and the North Celestial Pole"
Bernardi, G., A. de Bruyn et al (incl. B. Ciardi)
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2687e
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Harker, G., S. Zaroubi et al (incl. B. Ciardi)
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Cunha, K., V. Smith, M. Bergemann et al.
(Astrophys. J. 717, 333-341)
dokument.gif J-MPA2685e
"Chromium: NLTE abundances in metal-poor stars and nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy"
Bergemann, M. and G. Cescutti
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2684e
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Saro, A., G. De Lucia, S. Borgani, and K. Dolag
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dokument.gif J-MPA2683e
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Dolag, K., G. Murante and S. Borgani
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dokument.gif J-MPA2682e
"Rotation Measures of Radio Sources in Hot Galaxy Clusters"
Govoni, F., K. Dolag, M. Murgia et al.
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2681e
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M. Roncarelli, L. Moscardini et al. (incl. K. Dolag)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2680e
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Stasyszyn, F., S. Nuza, K. Dolag et al.
(submitted Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2679e
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Bonafede, A., L. Feretti et al. (incl. K. Dolag)
(Astron. Astrophys. 513)
dokument.gif J-MPA2678e
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Pace, F., L. Moscardini et al. (incl. K. Dolag)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2677e
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Nuza, S. E., K. Dolag and A. Saro
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2676e
"Substructure of the galaxy clusters in the REXCESS sample: observed statistics and comparison to numerical simulations"
Boehringer, H., G.W. Pratt et al. (K. Dolag)
(Astron. Astrophys. , Volume 514)
dokument.gif J-MPA2675e
"Secular Evolution and Structural Properties of Stellar Bars in Galaxies"
Gadotti, D.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2674e
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Gadotti, D. M.Baes and S. Falony
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dokument.gif J-MPA2673e
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Scannapieco, C., D. Gadotti, P. Jonsson and S.D.M. White
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2672e
"The Merger Rates and Mass Assembly Histories of Dark Matter Haloes in the Two Millennium Simulations"
Fakhouri, O., Ch-P. Ma, and M. Boylan-Kolchin
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2671e
"The statistics of the subhalo abundance of dark matter haloes"
Gao, L., C. Frenk, M. Boylan-Kolchin et al.
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2670e
"A semi-analytic model comparison - gas cooling and galaxy mergers"
De Lucia, G., M. Boylan-Kolchin, A. Benson et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2669e
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Boylan-Kolchin, M., V. Springel, S.D.M. White and A. Jenkins
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dokument.gif J-MPA2668e
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Shankar, F., F. Marulli, et al. (incl. M. Boylan-Kolchin)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2667e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2666e
"Probing magnetic helicity in different astrophysical contexts"
Oppermann, N., H. Junklewitz, G. Robbers and T.A. Ensslin
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2665e
"Imprints of magnetic power and helicity spectra on radio polarimetry statistics"
Junklewitz, H. and T.A. Ensslin
(submitted to Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2664e
"From dwarf spheroidals to cDs: Simulating the galaxy population in a LCDM cosmology"
Guo, Q., S. White, M. Boylan-Kolchin, et al.
(submittd to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2663e
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von der Linden, A., V. Wild, G. Kauffmann, et al.
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dokument.gif J-MPA2662e
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Kauffmann, G., Ch. Li, and T.M. Heckman
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2661e
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Catinella, B., D. Schiminovich, G. Kauffmann et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 403, 683-708)
dokument.gif J-MPA2660e
"The Atomic to Molecular Transition and its Relation to the Scaling Properties of Galaxy Disks in the Local Universe"
Fu, J., Q. Guo, G. Kauffmann and M. Krumholz
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2659e
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Chen, Y.M., C. Tremonti et al. (incl. G. Kauffmann)
(submitted to Astronomical J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2658e
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Wang, J., R. Overzier, G. Kauffmann et al.
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 401, 433-444)
dokument.gif J-MPA2657e
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(Astron. Astrophys., Volume 512)
dokument.gif J-MPA2656e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2655e
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Bogdan, A. and M. Gilfanov
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 405, Issue 1, pp. 209-218)
dokument.gif J-MPA2654e
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Melendez, J., L. Casagrande, I. Ramirez et al.
(Astron. Astrophys. Lett., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA2653e
"The transition from population III to population II-I star formation"
Maio, U., B. Ciardi, K. Dolag et al.
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2652e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2651e
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Tsygankov, S. S. and E.M. Churazov
(Astronomy Letters, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp.237-247 )
dokument.gif J-MPA2650e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2649e
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S. Gunar, P. Schwartz et al. (incl. U. Anzer)
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2648e
"Inference with minimal Gibbs free energy in information field theory"
T. Ensslin and C. Weig
(submitted to Phys. Rev. E.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2647e
"Polarization of X-ray lines from galaxy clusters and elliptical galaxies - a way to measure the tangential component of gas velocity"
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( Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 403, 129)
dokument.gif J-MPA2646e
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dokument.gif P-MPA2645e
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Tsygankov, S. S. and A.A.Lutovinov
(Accepted for publication on PoS (contribution PoS(extremesky2010)070), proceedings of "The Extreme sky: Sampling the Universe above 10 keV")
dokument.gif J-MPA2644e
"Completing the puzzle of the 2004-2005 outburst in V0332+53: the brightening phase included"
Tsygankov, S. S., A.A.Lutovinov and A.V. Serber, A. V
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dokument.gif J-MPA2643e
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Hess, S. and V. Springel
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2642e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2641e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2640e
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Puchwein, E., V. Springel, D. Sijacki and K. Dolag
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif P-MPA2639e
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Zavala, J., V. Springel and M. Boylan Kolchin
(2010 Fermi Symposium, eConf Proceedings C091122)
dokument.gif J-MPA2638e
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(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 401, 791-851)
dokument.gif J-MPA2637e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2636e
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(Astron. Astrophys. 513)
dokument.gif J-MPA2635e
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Silva Aguirre, V., J. Ballot, A. Serenelli and A. Weiss
(Astrophysics and Space Science,)
dokument.gif J-MPA2634e
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Serenelli, A.
(Astrophysics and Space Science)
dokument.gif P-MPA2633e
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Asplund, M. and K. Lind
(IAU Symposium 268 "Light elements in the Universe", C. Charbonnel, M. Tosi, F. Primas, C. Chiappini (editors))
dokument.gif P-MPA2632e
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Primas, F., K. Lind et al. (incl. M. Asplund)
(IAU Symposium, Volume 266, p. 143-148)
dokument.gif P-MPA2631e
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Lind, K., F. Primas et al. (incl. M. Asplund)
(conference proceedings for IAU symposium 268)
dokument.gif J-MPA2630e
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Casagrande, L., I. Ramirez, J. Melendez et al.
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2629e
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(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2628e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2627e
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(Astron. Astrophys. 507, 1203-1210)
dokument.gif J-MPA2626e
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Moll, R.
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2625e
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Meneghetti, M., E. Rasia et al. (incl. K. Dolag)
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2624e
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Maurer, I., P. Mazzali et al. (incl. S. Taubenberger)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2623e
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Kitaura, F.S., J. Jasche and B. Metcalf
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dokument.gif J-MPA2622e
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Hernandez-Monteagudo, C. and R. Sunyaev
(Astron. Astrophys. 509,)
dokument.gif J-MPA2621e
"Local Helioseismology: Three Dimensional Imaging of the Solar Interior"
Gizon, L., A.C. Birch and H.C. Spruit
(submitted to Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys)
dokument.gif J-MPA2620e
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Goodger, J., M. Hardcastle et al. (incl. M. Gilfanov)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2619e
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Shtykovskiy, P. and M. Gilfanov
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dokument.gif J-MPA2618e
"The earliest stars and their relics in the Milky Way"
Gao L., T. Theuns, et al. (incl. V. Springel and S. White)
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2617e
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Bottino, M., A. Banday and D. Maino
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 402, 207-225)
dokument.gif P-MPA2616e
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Baldi, M.
(Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Suppl., Vol. 194, 178-184)
dokument.gif J-MPA2615e
"Are the 2dFGRS superstructures a problem for hierarchical models?"
Yamila, Y., C.M. Baugh, and R.E. Angulo
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA2614e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2613e
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Oliveira, I., B. Merin et al. (incl. R. Overzier)
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dokument.gif J-MPA2612e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2611e
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(Astrophys. J. Lett. 706, L124-L128)
dokument.gif J-MPA2610e
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Hunter, D. et al. (incl. S. Taubenberger and P. Mazzali
(Astron. Astrophys. 508, 371-389)
dokument.gif J-MPA2609e
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dokument.gif J-MPA2608e
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J. Schaefer
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dokument.gif J-MPA2607e
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Guo, Y., D.H. McIntosh et al (incl. S. Weinmann)
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