The idea is to bring together people on the Munich Garching Campus interested in applying Bayesian methods and information theory to their research. The emphasis is on astronomy/astrophysics/cosmology but other applications are welcome. Typical applications are model fitting/evaluation, image deconvolution, spectral analysis. More general statistical topics will also be included. Software packages for Bayesian analysis are another focus.

The initial announcement in 2011 led to a large response and currently we have about 170 people signed up on the mailing list. The meetings are very well attended and give us the motivation to pursue this initiative, now in its 6th year. We aim for one meeting per month, but we are flexible. Friday is the preferred day. We welcome suggestions of speakers including self-suggestions! Your views are important and can be shared via our mailing list and at the meetings.

  • June 2017: Stella Veith left to Irland, we wish her all the best.
  • Februrary 2017: we are pleased to announce the continued support from the Excellence Cluster Universe (TUM) for this year. This backing since 2015 has allowed us to invite high-profile speakers.
  • February 2017: we welcome Stella Veith (MPA) to help with the organization.
  • January 2016: we were pleased to announce the continued support from the Excellence Cluster Universe (TUM) for that year.
  • February 2015: we were pleased to report that we have received financial support from the Excellence Cluster Universe (TUM), allowing us to invite more external speakers in future.


  • Fabrizia Guglielmetti (ESO)
  • Andy Strong (MPE)
  • Torsten Enßlin (MPA)
  • Paul Nandra (MPE)
  • Frederik Beaujean (LMU)
  • Allen Caldwell (MPP)
  • Udo von Toussaint (IPP)

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