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MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 1999:
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dokument.gif MPA1249p
"Internal shock model for Microquasars"
C. Kaiser, R. Sunyaev and H.Spruit
(submitted to: A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1248p
"Analysis of relativistic hydrodynamics in conservation form "
Ph. Papadopoulus and J.A. Font
(submitted to: Class Quantum Grav.)
dokument.gif MPA1247e
"Experimental Cosmic Statistics II: Distribution"
I. Szapudi, St. Colombi, A. Jenkins and J. Colberg
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1246e
"Experimental Cosmic Statistics I: Variance"
St. Colombi, I. Szapudi, A. Jenkins and J. Colberg
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1245e
"The IRAS PSCz Dipole"
M. Rowan-Robinson, J. Sharpe, S. J. Oliver, S.D.M. White et al.
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1244e
"Distance-based Multiplayer Perceptrons"
W. Duch, R. Adamczak and G. Diercksen
(to appear In: Comp. Intell. for Modelling Control and Automation. Neural Networks and Adv. Control Stategies. Amsterdam 1999, p. 75-80)
dokument.gif MPA1243e
"Neural Networks in non-Euclide an spaces"
W. Duch R. Adamczak and G.Diercksen
(published in Neural Processing Letters 10, 1-10)
dokument.gif MPA1242e
"Neural Networks from Similarity Based Perspective"
W. Duch R. Adamczak and G.Diercksen
(published in "New Frontiers in Comp. Intell. and its Applications IOS Press, Amsterdam 2000, p 93-108)
dokument.gif MPA1241e
"Where are the First Stars now?"
S.D.M. White and V. Springel
dokument.gif MPA1240p
"Numerical hydrodynamics in general relativity"
Jose A. Font
(to appear in: Living Reviews in Relativity)
dokument.gif MPA1239e
"Bias and Hierarchical Clustering"
P. Coles, A. Melott and D. Munshi
(Astrophysical Journal Letters, L5, 521.)
dokument.gif MPA1238e
"Non-linear Stochastic Galaxy Biasing in Cosmological Simulation"
R.S. Somerville, G. Kauffmann, S.D.M. White et al.
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S. )
dokument.gif MPA1237e
"Weak Lensing from Strong Clustering"
D. Munshi and P. Coles
dokument.gif MPA1236e
"Debris streams in the solar neighbourhood as relicts from the formation of the Milky Way"
A. Helmi, S.D.M. White, Zeeuw and H.S.Zhao
dokument.gif MPA1235e
"RX J1313.2-3259, a long-period Polar discovered with ROSAT"
H.-C. Thomas, K. Beuermann, V. Burwitz et al.
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1234e
"New bright soft X-ray slected ROSAT AGN II. Optical emission line properties"
D. Grupe, K. Beuermann, K. Mannheim, H.-C. Thomas
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1233e
"RX J1624.9+7554: a new X-ray transient AGN"
D. Grupe, H.-C. Thomas and K.M. Leighly
(published in A&A, 350, L31)
dokument.gif MPA1232e
"RX J1313.2-3259, a missing link in CV evolution?"
B.T. Gaensicke, K. Beuermann, D. de Martino, H.-C. Thomas
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1231e
"The chemical pollution of the secondary of a cataclysmic variable by novae"
R. Stehle and H. Ritter
(published in M.N.R.A.S., 309, 245)
dokument.gif MPA1230e
"Lithium-6: A Probe of the Early Universe"
K. Jedamzik
(submitted to Physical Review Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1229e
"On Metric Preheating"
K. Jedamzik and G. Sigl
(accepted in Physical Review D)
dokument.gif MPA1228e
"Complex Denoising of MR Data Via Wave Analysis: Application for Functions"
S. Zaroubi and G. Goelman
dokument.gif MPA1227e
"Radio emission from 3D Relativistic Hydrodynamic Jets: Observational Evidence of Jet Stratification"
M. Aloy, J. Gomez, E. Müller et al.
dokument.gif MPA1226e
"Relativistic Jets from Collapsars"
M. Aloy, E. Müller et al.
dokument.gif MPA1225e
"A Boundary Layer Origin for Dwarf Nova Oscillations"
R. Popham (appeared in M.N.R.A.S. 308, 979)
dokument.gif MPA1224e
"A limit on Primordial Small-Scale Magnetic Fields from CMB Distortions"
Karsten Jedamzik
(submitted to Physical Review D)
dokument.gif MPA1223e
"Probing Solar Convection"
M. Brueggen
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1222e
"Wiener Reconstruction of Large-Scale Structure from peculiar velocities"
S. Zaroubi, Y. Hoffman and A. Dekel;
(Astrophysical Journal, 1999, 520, 413
dokument.gif MPA1221e
"Large-Scale Power Specturm and Cosmological Parameters from SFI Peculiar Velocities"
W. Freudling, I. Zehavi, S. Zaroubi et al.
(Astrophysical Journal, 1999, 523,1)
dokument.gif MPA1220e
""Evolutionary tracks and isochrones for low- and intermediate-mass stars: from 0.15 to 7Mo, and from Z=0.0004 to 0.03."
L. Girardi, A. Bressan, G. Bertelli and C. Chiosi
(submitted to A&A S)
dokument.gif MPA1219e
"Evolution and surface abundances of red giants experiencing deep mixing"
A. Weiss, P. Denissenkov and C. Charbonnel
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1218e
"The 1-12 Hz QPO and dips in GRS 1915+105: tracers of Keplerian and viscous time scales?"
S.Trudolyubov, E.Churazov, M.Gilfanov
(accepted by A&A Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1217e
"Age-luminosity relations for low-mass metal-poor stars"
A. Weiss and H. Schlattl
(submitted to A&A, Supplement)
dokument.gif MPA1216e
"RXTE observations of Galactic microquasar XTE J1748--288 during its 1998 outburst"
M. Revnivtsev, S. Trudolyubov and K. Borozdin
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1215p
"Topology and Geometry of the CfA2 Redshift Survey"
J. Schmalzing and A. Diaferio
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1214e
"Reflection and noise in Cygnus X--1"
M. Gilfanov, E. Churazov, M. Revnivtsev
dokument.gif MPA1213e
"The PSCz catalogue"
W. Saunders, S. Oliver, S. White et al
(accepted by Astrophysical Journal
dokument.gif MPA1212e
"Density and Velocity Fields from the PSCz Survey"
W. Saunders, E. Branchini, S. White et al.
(accepted by Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1211p
"High-redshift quasars lensed by spiral galaxies"
M. Bartelmann
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1210p
"Evolution of low-mass metal-free stars including effects of diffusion and external pollution"
A. Weiss, S. Cassisi, H. Schlattl and M. Salaris
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1209p
"Black Hole - Neutron star mergers as central engines of gamma-ray bursts"
H.-T. Janka, T. Eberl, M. Ruffert and C. Fryer
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1208e
"On the Non-Gaussianity observed in the COBE-DMR. Sky Maps"
A.J. Banday and S. Zaroubi
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1207p
"The energy balance in solar prominences"
U. Anzer and P. Heinzel
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1206p
"Free energy of a screened ion pair"
M. Brueggen and D.O. Gough
(submitted to Journal of Math. Phys.)
dokument.gif MPA1205p
"Numerical Hydrodynamics in Special Relativity"
J. M. Marti and E. Müller
dokument.gif MPA1204p
"The exact solution of the Riemann problem with non-zero tangential velocities in relativistic hydrodynamics"
J.A. Pans, J.M. Marti and E. Müller
dokument.gif MPA1203e
"SPH simulations of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters"
K. Dolag, M. Bartelmann and H. Lesch
dokument.gif MPA1202e
"Cygnus X-2, super-Eddington mass transfer, and pulsar binaries"
A.R. King and H. Ritter
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1201e
"Identification of soft high galactic latitude RASS X-ray sources: II Sources with PSPC count rate CR < 0.5cts/s"
K. Beuermann, H.-C. Thomas, K. Reinsch et al.
(published in A&A, 347, 47)
dokument.gif MPA1200p
"Microwave polarization in the direction of galaxy clusters induced by the CMB quadrupole anisotropy"
S. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1199p
"Mass-detection of a matter concentration projected near the cluster Abell 1942: Dark clump or high-redshift cluster?"
T. Erben, L.van Waerbeke, Y. Mellier et al.
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1198p
"Late evolution of cataclysmic variables: the loss of AM Her Systems"
F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
dokument.gif MPA1197e
"Ellipsoidal collapse and an improved model for the mass function and spatial distribution of dark matter haloes"
R. Sheth, H. J. Mo and G. Tormen
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1196p
"Cluster mass profiles from weak lensing: shear vs. magnification information"
P. Schneider , L. King and T. Erben
(submitted to SISSA and A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1195e
"Weak Gravitational Lensing with SKA"
P. Schneider
(submitted to SISSA)
dokument.gif MPA1194p
"Disentangling the Cosmic Web I: Morphology of Isodensity Contours"
J. Schmalzing, T. Buchert, A. L. Melott et al.
dokument.gif MPA1193e
"Effects of a torsion field on Big Bang nucleosynthesis"
M. Brueggen
(accepted by "General Relativity and Gravitation"
dokument.gif MPA1192e
"The amplitude of mass density fluctuations at z approx. 3.25 from the Ly alpha forest of Q1422+231"
A. Nusser and M. Haehnelt
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1191p
"Quantifying the evolution of higher-order clustering"
J. Schmalzing, St. Gottloeber, A.A. Klypin and A. V. Kravtsov
dokument.gif MPA1190p
"High-Resolution 3D Simulations of relativistic Jets"
M.A. Aloy, J.M. Ibanez, J.M. Marti, J.L. Gomez and E. Müller
dokument.gif MPA1189p
"Cosmic shear and halo abundances: Analytical versus numerical results"
K. Reblinski, G. Kruse, B. Jain and P. Schneider
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1188e
"Frequency resolved spectroscopy of Cyg X-1: fast variability of the Fe $K_{\alpha}$ line"
M.Revnivtsev, M.Gilfanov and E.Churazov
(accepted for publication in A&A Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1187e
"GRANAT/SIGMA Observation of the Early Afterglow from GRB920723 in Soft Gamma-Rays"
R.Burenin, A.Vikhlinin, M.Gilfanov et al.
(A&A Letters, 1999, 344, L53)
dokument.gif MPA1186p
"Mass estimation in the outer regions of galaxy clusters"
A. Diaferio
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1185e
"Black hole soft X-ray transients: evolution of the cool disk and mass supply for the ADAF"
E. Meyer-Hofmeister and F. Meyer
dokument.gif MPA1184p
"The nature of SN 1997D: low-mass progenitor and weak explosion"
N.N. Chugai and V.P. Utrobin
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1183e
"The Santa Barbara cluster comparison project: a comparison of cosmological hydrodynamics solutions"
C.S.Frenk, S.D.M. White, P.Bode et al.
(accepted in Astrophys. Journal) dokument.gifadditional color figures
dokument.gif MPA1182e
"The Consistent Multi-fluid Advection Method"
T. Plewa and E. Müller
dokument.gif MPA1181e
"On density and velocity fields and beta from the IRAS PSCz survey"
I.M. Schmoldt, V. Saar, S.D.M. White et al.
dokument.gif MPA1180e
"Likelihood Analysis of the Local Group Acceleration"
I.Schmoldt, E. Branchini, S.D.M. White et al.
dokument.gif MPA1179e
"The Power Spectrum of the PSC Redshift Survey"
W. Sutherland, H. Tadros, S.D.M. White et al.
dokument.gif MPA1178e
"Evidence for Merging in the Centaurus Cluster"
E. Churazov, M. Gilfanov, W. Forman, C. Jones
(accepted by ApJ)
dokument.gif MPA1177e
"On the ultimate fate of AM Her stars"
F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister"
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1176e
"A simulation of galaxy formation and clustering"
R. Pearce, A. Jenkins, J. Colberg, S.D.M. White et al.
dokument.gif MPA1175e
"A Comparison of the PSCz and Stromlo-APM Redshift Surveys"
M.D. Seaborne, W. Sutherland S.D.M. White et al.
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1174p
"Spead of Matter over a Neutron-Star Surface During disk accretion"
N.Inomgamov and R. Sunyaev
(submitted to Astron. Letter)
dokument.gif MPA1173e
"SN 1988Z: Spectro-photometric catalogue and energy estimates"
I.Aretxaga, S. Benetti, R.J. Terlevich, A.C. Fabian
dokument.gif MPA1172e
"Identification of absorbing galaxies towards the QSO J2233-606 in the Hubble Deep Field South"
L. Tresee, M. Dennefeld, P. Petitjean, S.Christiani and S. White
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1171e
"The absolute magnitude of KOV stars from HIPPARCOS parallaxes"
R. Oudmaijer, M.A.T. Groenewegen and H. Schrijwer
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1170e
"Luminous carbon stars in the Magellanic Clouds"
J. van Loon, A Zijlstra and M.A.T. Groenewegen
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1169e
"IRAS04496-6958:A luminous carbon star with silicate dust in the Large Magellanic Cloud"
N.Trams, J.van Loon, M.A.T. Groenewegen et al.
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1168e
"ISO observations of obsured Asymptotic Giant Branch stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud"
N.Trams, J.van Loon, M.A.T. Groenewegen et al.
(accepted by A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1167p
"Timing analysis of the X-ray transient source XTE J1806-246
M. Revnivtsev, K. Borozdin, A. Emelyanov
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1166e
"Magnetic dips in prominences"
P. Heinzel and U. Anzer
(Solar Physics)
dokument.gif MPA1165e
"Time-dependent quasi-spherical accretion"
G. Ogilvie
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1164e
"Simulation of Merging Neutron Stars and Black Holes as Sources of Gamma Ray Bursts and Heavy Elements"
M. Ruffert and H.-T. Janka
dokument.gif MPA1163e
"On an overshooting approach to the solar Li problem"
H. Schlattl and A. Weiss
dokument.gif MPA1162e
"Nuclear Astrophysics"
M. Arnould and K. Takahashi
(Rept. Progr. Phys.)
dokument.gif MPA1161e
"44Ti: Its effective decay rate in young supernova remnants and its abundance in Cas A"
Y. Mochizuki, K. Takahashi, H.-T. Janka, W. Hillebrandt and R. Diehl
(submitted to A&A))
dokument.gif MPA1160p
"The non-Gaussian tail of cosmic-shear statistics"
G. Kruse and P. Schneider
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1159e
"A QSO 2.4 arcsec from a dwarf galaxy - the rest of the story"
H. Arp
(submitted to A&A)
dokument.gif MPA1158e
"X-Ray observations of NGC 1097 and Nearby Quasars"
H. Arp
dokument.gif MPA1157e
"Spherical harmonic Analysis of the PSCz Galaxy Catalogue Redshift distortions and the real space power spectrum"
H. Tadros, W. Ballinger A. Taylor, S.D.M. White et al.
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1156e
"Clustering of Galaxies in a Hierarchical Universe: I. Methods and Results at z=0"
G. Kauffmann, J. Colberg, A. Diaferio, S. White
dokument.gif MPA1155e
"A non parametric model for the cosmic velocity field"
E. Branchini, L. Teodore, S.D.M. White et al.
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.) dokument.giffigures
dokument.gif MPA1154e
"Diffuse X-Ray Emission from Late-Type Galaxy Halos"
A.J. Benson, R. G. Brower, C.S. Frenk and S.D.M. White
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1153e
"Large scale bias and the peak background split"
R.Sheth and G. Tormen
dokument.gif MPA1152e
"The forest of merger history trees associated wiht the formation of dark matter halos"
R. Sheth, G. Lemson
dokument.gif MPA1151e
"Clustering of Galaxies in a Hierarchical Universe: II. Evolution to High Redshift"
G. Kauffmann, J. Colberg, A. Diaferio, S. White
dokument.gif MPA1150e
"The effective electron mass in core-collapse supernovae"
S. Hardy
(Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1149e
"Near IR photometry of the old open clusters Berkeley 17 and Berkeley 18: Probing the Age of the Galactic Disc"
G. Carraro, A. Vallenari, L. Girardi and A. Richichi
(Astronomy and Astrophysics).
dokument.gif MPA1148e
"Photon concerving radiative transfer around point sources in multi-dimensional numerical cosmology"
T. Abel, M. Norman and P. Madau
(accepted by Astrophysical Journal).
dokument.gif MPA1147e
"Absorption Line Signatures of Gas in Mini Dark Matter Halos"
J. Kepner, T.M. Tripp, T. Abel and D. Spergel
(accepted by Astron. Journ.)
dokument.gif MPA1146e
"Intergalactic H2 Photodissociation and the soft UV background produced by population III objects"
B. Ciardi, A. Ferrara and T. Abel
(accepted by Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1145e
"Galactic globular cluster stars: From theory to observation"
S. Cassisi, V. Castellani, S. Degl'Innocenti, M. Salaris and A. Weiss
(Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1144e
"Radiative transfer effects during photoheating of the intergalactic medium"
T. Abel and M. Haehnelt
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1143e
"The radiative feedback of the first cosmological objects"
Z. Haiman, T. Abel and M. Rees
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1142e
"Analytical solution for the evolution of a binary with stable mass transfer from a giant"
H. Ritter
(in press: Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1141p
"Clustering of Galaxies in a Hierarchical Universe: III. Mock Redshift Surveys"
A. Diaferio, G. Kauffmann, J.M. Colberg, S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA1140p
"The mass profile of the coma galaxy cluster"
M.J. Geller, A. Diaferio and M.J. Kurtz
dokument.gif MPA1139e
"Constructive solution of a certain class of Riemann-Hilbert problems on multiply connected circular regions"
R. Wegmann
(published in: J.Comput.Appl.Math.)
dokument.gif MPA1138e
"Fast Conformal Mapping of Multiply Connected Regions"
R. Wegmann
(published in: J.Comput.Appl.Math.)
dokument.gif MPA1137p
"The distribution of supermassive black holes in the nuclei of nearby galaxies"
A. Cattaneo, M. G. Haehnelt and M. J. Rees
dokument.gif MPA1136e
"Gamma-ray bursts from X-ray binaries"
H. Spruit
(accepted by Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1135p
"Primordial Black Hole Formation during First-Order Phase Transitions"
K. Jedamzik and J.C. Niemeyer
dokument.gif MPA1134p
"Dynamics of Primordial Black Hole Formation"
J.C.Niemeyer and K. Jedamzik
dokument.gif MPA1133e
"Could MACHOS be Primordial Black Holes formed during the QCD Epoch?"
K. Jedamzik
(submitted to Elsevier Preprint)
dokument.gif MPA1132p
"Signatures of the efficiency of solar nuclear reactions in the neutrino experiments"
H. Schlattl, A. Bonanno, L. Paterno
dokument.gif MPA1131e
"Differential rotation and magnetic fields in stellar interiors",
H. Spruit
(submitted to: Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1130p
"Equilibra for horizontal fine structures in quiescent prominences"
U. Anzer
dokument.gif MPA1129p
"A secondary dump of red giant stars: why and where"
Leo Girardi
dokument.gif MPA1128p
"Building up the Stellar Halo of the Galaxy"
A. Helmi and S. White
dokument.gif MPA1127p
"Reionization of the Inhomogeneous Univers"
J. Miralda-Escude, M. Haehnelt and M. Rees
© 2003, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, München