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This site provides basic information about the GADGET-4 simulation code, which is a parallel cosmological N-body and SPH code meant for simulations of cosmic structure formation and calculations relevant for galaxy evolution and galactic dynamics.

Obtaining the code

The code can be obtained through a public git-repository, hosted by a gitlab server at the Max-Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF). The repository's page is

To get a cloned repository of the code, you can issue the command:

git clone

Note that the gitlab repository site offers to submit questions, or to propose patches to the code via pull requests.

Code paper

The computational algorithms realized in the code are described in detail in the paper:

Springel V., Pakmor R., Zier O., Reinecke M., "Simulating cosmic structure formation with the GADGET-4 code", MNRAS, submitted

We kindly request to cite this paper in scientific applications using the code.


These pages represent the code manual and provide a technical description of the code's usage that is not contained in the code paper, including information about compilation, code configuration, code usage, and output formats. This documentation is also available as a PDF file for off-line reading.

A cross-linked documentation of the source code is available for interactive browsing of the source code.

Note that you may also consult the wiki and issue tracking on the gitlab code repository for additional information or problem solutions.

Contact info

This page has been authored by Volker Springel. To join a mailing list for the code, please send an email to with the subject "subscribe gadget-list". You can unsubscribe in the same fashion using "unsubscribe gadget-list" for the subject line. Once you have subscribed, you can also post to the mailing list. The emails exchanged via this list are also archived on the web.