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Preprints 2003
 Preprints 2003
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MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 2003:

J-MPA-Number: to be published in Journals
P-MPA-Number: published in Proceedings

dokument.gif J-MPA1603e
"Haloes around edge-on disc galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey."
Zibetti, S., White, S.D.M. and Brinkmann, J.:
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (2004) 347, 556)
dokument.gif J-MPA1602e
"Quasars: the characteristic spectrum and the induced radiative heating. "
Sazonov, S.Yu., Ostriker, J.P. and R.A. Sunyaev:
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (2004) 347, 144)
dokument.gif J-MPA1601e
"A Test for the Origin of Quasar Redshifts. "
Popowski, P. and W. Weinzierl:
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (2004) 348, 235)
dokument.gif J-MPA1600e
"GRAPE-SPH Chemodynamical Simulation of Elliptical Galaxies I: Evolution of Metallicity Gradients"
Kobayashi, C.:
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1599e
"Low mass X-ray binaries as a stellar mass indicator for the host galaxy."
Gilfanov, M.:
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1598e
"Lx--SFR relation in star forming galaxies"
Gilfanov, M., H.J. Grimm and R. Sunyaev
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1597e
"The cosmological evolution of metal enrichment in quasar host galaxies."
Di Matteo T., R. Croft, V. Springel and L. Hernquist:
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1596e
"Substructures in Cold Dark Matter Haloes"
De Lucia, G., G. Kauffmann, V. Springel et al.:
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1595e
"CMB Observations and the Production of Chemical Elements at the End of the Dark Ages"
Basu, K., C.Hernandez-Monteagudo and R.A.Sunyaev
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1594e
"A cool disk in the Galactic Center?"
B.F. Liu, F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1593e
"Gas Motions in the Core of the Perseus Cluster]{XMM-Newton Observations of the Perseus Cluster II: Evidence for Gas Motions in the Core"
E.Churazov E., W. Forman, C. Jones, R. Sunyaev, H. Boehringer
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1592e
"XMM-Newton Observations of the Perseus Cluster. I. The Temperature and Surface Brightness Structure"
E.Churazov E., W. Forman, C. Jones, H. Boehringer
(Asrtrophys. J. 590, 225)
dokument.gif J-MPA1591e
"White dwarf envelope: further results of a non-local model of convection"
M. H. Montgomery and F. Kupka
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 350, 267 (2004)
dokument.gif J-MPA1590e
"Using peak distribution of the cosmic microwave background for WMAP and Planck data analysis: formalism and simulations"
C. Hernandez-Monteagudo, A. Kashlinsky and F. Atrio-Barandela
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1589e
"The nature of the ultraluminous X-ray sources inside galaxies and their relation to local QSOs"
G. Burbidge, E.M. Burbidge and H. Arp
(Astron. and Astrophys. 400, L17-L19)
dokument.gif J-MPA1588e
"Galactic evolution of Sr, Y, Zr: a mulitiplicity of nucleosynthetic processes."
C. Travaglio, R. Gallino et al.
dokument.gif J-MPA1587e
"Chemically consistent evolution of galaxies: II. Spectrophotometric evolution from zero to high redshift"
J. Bicker, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, C.S. Moeller, K.J. Fricke
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1586e
"Explosion Energies, Nickel Masses, and Distances of Supernovae of Type IIP"
D.K. Nadyozhin
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1585e
"Halos around edge-on disk galaxies in the SDSS"
S. Zibetti, S. White and J. Brinkmann
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1584e
"Mapping the cosmic web with Ly-alpha emission"
S. Furlanetto, J. Schaye, V. Springel and L. Hernquist
(accepted by Astrophys. J. Letters)
dokument.gif J-MPA1583e
"Signatures of Magnetized Large Scale Structure in Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays"
G. Sigl, F. Miniati and T. Ensslin
dokument.gif P-MPA1582e
"Magnetic fields and cosmic rays in cooling flows"
T.Ensslin, C. Vogt and C. Pfrommer
(Proceedings: The Riddle of Cooling Flows in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies')
dokument.gif J-MPA1581e
"Supernova simulations with Boltzmann neutrino transport: A comparison of methods"
M. Liebendoerfer, M. Rampp, H.-T. Janka and A. Mezzacappa
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif J-MPA1580e
"Towards gravitational wave signals from realistic core collapse supernova models"
E. Mueller, M. Rampp, R. Buras and H.-T. Janka
(submitted to Astrophysical Journal)
dokument.gif J-MPA1579e
"On using the Sun to constrain the value of Newton's constant"
H. Schlattl, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, M.P. Di Mauro and A. Weiss
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1578e
"The formation of the coronal flow/ADAF"
E. Meyer-Hofmeister and F. Meyer
(Astron. and Astrophys. 402, 1013)
dokument.gif J-MPA1577e
"A Low Upper Limit on the Lithium Isotope Ratio in HD 140283"
W. Aoki, S. Inoue, S. Kawanomoto et al.
(submitted to Astron.&Astrophys.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1576e
"Probing the Cosmic Reionization History and Local Environments of Gamma-Ray Burst through Radio Dispersion"
S. Inoue
(submitted to Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.)
dokument.gif P-MPA1575e
"Nucleosynthesis of Light and Heavy Elements in Baryon-Rich Outflows Associated With Gamma-Ray Bursts"
S. Inoue, N. Iwamoto, M. Orito and M. Terasawa
(Proc. "Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era: Third Workshop, Rome, Sept.2002)
dokument.gif J-MPA1574e
"Nucleosynthesis in Baryon-Rich Outflows Associated With Gamma-Ray Bursts"
S. Inoue, N. Iwamoto, M. Orito and M. Terasawa
(Astrophys.J., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1573e
"Cosmic Ray Production of Lithium-6 by Structure Formation Shocks in the Early Galaxy"
S. Inoue and T.K. Suzuki
(Nuc.Phys.A 718, 69c)
dokument.gif J-MPA1572e
"Measuring the Cluster Magnetic Field Power Spectra from Faraday Rotation Maps of Abell 400, Abell 2634 and Hydra A"
C. Vogt and T. Ensslin
(accepted by A & A)
dokument.gif J-SHAO/MPA016p
"Mass and Redshift Dependence of Dark Halo Structure"
D.H. Zhao, Y.P. Jing, H.J. Mo, and G. Boerner
(Shanghai Astr. Obs., Partner Group of MPA)
dokument.gif J-MPA1571e
"Bright stars and an optically thick inactive disk in Sgr A* and other dormant galaxy centers"
J. Cuadra, S. Nayakshin, R. A. Sunyaev.
(accepted by A & A)
dokument.gif J-MPA1570e
"Dust emission in the far-IR as a star formation tracer at z=0: systematic trends with luminosity"
D. Pierini and C.S. Moeller
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1569e
"The Rest-Frame Optical Luminosity Density, Color, and Stellar Mass Density of the Universe from z=0 to z=3"
G. Rudnick, H.-W. Rix, M. Franx et al.
(submitted to Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1568e
"On the small-scale stability of thermonuclear flames in type Ia Supernovae"
F. Roepke, J. Niemeyer and W. Hillebrandt
(Astrophys. J. 588, pp. 952-961)
dokument.gif J-MPA1567e
"The age of the oldest Open Cluster"
M. Salaris, A. Weiss and S.M. Percival
dokument.gif J-MPA1566e
"CRASH: a Radiative Transfer Scheme"
A. Maselli, A. Ferrara and B. Ciardi
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1565e
"Probing Beyond the Epoch of Hydrogen Reionization with 21 Centimeter Radiation"
B. Ciardi and P. Madau
(Astroph. J., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1564e
"Early Reionization by the First Galaxies"
B. Ciardi, A. Ferrara and S.D.M. White
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1563e
"Simulating IGM Reionization"
B. Ciardi, F. Stoehr and S.D.M. White
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., in press)
dokument.gif P-MPA1562e
"Chemical Enrichment of the Intra-Cluster Medium"
S.A. Cora & S.D.M. White
(Astrophysics and Space Science, 284: 425-428 (2003) Proceeding of the conference: "The Evolution of Galaxies. III - From Simple Approaches to Self-Consistent Models
dokument.gif J-MPA1561e
"Investigating lensing by absorbers in the 2dF-Quasar survey"
Brice Menard and Celine Peroux
(accepted by A & A)
dokument.gif P-MPA1560e
"Weak lensing study of Abell 2029"
B. Menard, T. Erben, Y. Mellier
(proceedings of "Matter and Energy in Clusters of Galaxies", ASP Conference Series)
dokument.gif J-MPA1559e
"cD Galaxy Contribution to the Strong Lensing Cross Sections of Galaxy Clusters"
M. Meneghetti, M. Bartelmann, L. Moscardini
(submitted to Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1558e
"Improving the Accuracy of Cosmic Magnification Statistics"
B. Ménard, T. Hamana, M. Bartelmann, N. Yoshida
(Astron. Astrophys. 403, 817)
dokument.gif J-MPA1557e
"Cluster cross sections for strong lensing: analytic and numerical lens models"
M. Meneghetti, M. Bartelmann and L. Moscardini
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 340, 105)
dokument.gif J-MPA1556e
"Arc Statistics in Cosmological Models with Dark Energy"
M. Bartelmann, M. Meneghetti, F. Perrotta et al.
(Astron. Astrophys., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1555e
"Predictions for statistical properties of forming spheroidal galaxies"
F. Perrotta, M. Magliocchetti, C. Baccigalupi, M. Bartelmann et al.
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 338, 623)
dokument.gif J-MPA1554e
"Measuring Omega0 with higher-order Quasar-Galaxy Correlations induced by Lensing"
B. Ménard, M. Bartelmann and Y. Mellier
(Astron. Astrophys., in press)
dokument.gif J-MPA1553e
"Stacking Clusters in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey"
M. Bartelmann and S.D.M. White
(Astron. Astrophys., in press)
dokument.gif P-MPA1552e
"Strong and weak lensing in galaxy clusters"
M. Bartelmann
(Proceedings Galaxy Cluster Conference Taipeh, April 2002, eds. Hwang et et al.)
dokument.gif P-MPA1551e
"Numerical methods in gravitational lensing"
M. Bartelmann
(Proceedings Gravitational Lensing Winter School, Aussois, 2003)
dokument.gif J-MPA1550e
"On the Presence of Thermal SZ Induced Signal in First Year WMAP Temperature Maps"
C.Hernandez-Monteagudo and J.A. Rubino-Martin
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1549e
"Discriminating between unresolved point sources and negative SZ clusters in CMB maps"
J.A. Rubino-Martin and R.A. Sunyaev
(MNRAS, vol. 344, pp. 1155-1174)
dokument.gif J-MPA1548e
"A fundamental plane of black hole activity"
A. Merloni, S. Heinz and T. Di Matteo
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1547e
"Ram pressure stripping and the formation of cold fronts"
S. Heinz, E. Churazov, W. Forman et al.
(accepted by Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1546e
"The non-linear dependence of flux on black hole mass and accretion rate in core deminated jets"
S. Heinz and R. Sunyaev
(Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 343, L59)
dokument.gif J-MPA1545e
"Cosmological constraint from the 2dF QSO spatial power spectrum"
K. Yamamoto
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 334, 958-962)
dokument.gif J-MPA1544e
"Optimal Weighting Scheme in Redshift-space Power Spectrum Analysis and Prospect for Measuring the Cosmic Equation of State"
K. Yamamoto
(Astrophys. J., 595)
dokument.gif J-MPA1543e
"Measuring cosmological parameters with the SDSS QSO spatial power spectrum analysis to test the cosmological principle"
K. Yamamoto
(Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 341, 1199-1204)
dokument.gif J-SHAO/MPA015p
"Angular momentum distribution of hot gas and implications for disk galaxy formation"
D.N. Chen, Y.P. Jing, and Kohji Yoshikawa
(Shanghai Astr. Obs., Partner Group of MPA)
dokument.gif J-SHAO/MPA014p
"Spatial and Dynamical Biases in Velocity Statistics of Galaxies"
Kohji Yoshikawa, Y.P. Jing, and Gerhard Boerner
(Shanghai Astr. Obs., Partner Group of MPA)
dokument.gif J-MPA1542e
"Pulsar recoil by large-scale anisotropies in supernova explosions"
L. Scheck, T. Plewa, H.-Th. Janka, K. Kifonidis, and E. Mueller
(accepted to Physical Review Letters)
dokument.gif J-MPA1541e
"CHANDRA/VLA Follow-Up of TeV J2032+4131, the Only Unidentified TeV Gamma-Ray Source"
Yousaf M. Butt, P. Benaglia, F. Miniati et al.
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif J-MPA1540e
"Probing the Cosmic Ray Population of the Giant Elliptical Galaxy M87 with Observed TeV gamma-Rays"
C. Pfrommer and T.A. Ensslin
(Astron. & Astrophys. 407 (2003) L73-L77 )
dokument.gif J-MPA1539e
"Constraining the Population of Cosmic Ray Protons in Cooling Flow Clusters with gamma-Ray and Radio Observations: Are Radio Mini-Halos of Hadronic Origin?"
C. Pfrommer and T.A. Ensslin
(Astron. & Astrophys., 413, 17-36 (2004)
dokument.gif P-MPA1538e
"Is the Long-Term Persistency of Circular Polarisation due to the Constant Helicity of the Magnetic Fields in Rotating Quasar Engines?"
T.A. Ensslin
(To appear in Proc. "Circular Polarization of Relativistic Jet Sources", eds. R. P. Fender and J.-P. Macquart, in Astrophysics and Space Science)
"Axisymmetric core collapse simulations using characteristic numerical relativity"
F. Siebel, J.A. Font-Roda, E. Mueller, P. Papadopoulos
(accepted by Phys. Rev. D.)
"The size distribution of galaxies in Sloan Digital Sky Survey"
S. Shen, H. Mo, S. White et al.
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
"Two-temperature coronal flow above a thin disk"
B.F. Liu, S. Mineshige, F. Meyer, E. Meyer-Hofmeister and T. Kawaguchi
(published in Astrophys. J., 575)
"Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect from galaxy cluster rotation"
J. Chluba and K. Mannheim
(published in A & A, 396)
"High efficiency of soft X-ray radiation reprocessing in supersoft X-ray sources due to multiple scattering"
V. Suleimanov, F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(published in A & A, 401)
"Is evidence for enhanced mass transfer during dwarf-nova outbursts well substantiated?"
Osaki Y. and F. Meyer
(published in A & A, 401)
"Iron K alpha line profiles and the inner boundary condition of accretion flows"
A. Merloni and A.C. Fabian
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
"Presupernova Evolution of Rotating Massive Stars and the Rotation Rate of Pulsars"
A. Heger, S.E. Woosley, N. Langer, H. C. Spruit
(Proc. IAU 215 "Stellar Rotation", Cancun 2002)
"Magnetically powered prompt radiation and flow acceleration in GRB"
G. Drenkhahn, H.C. Spruit
(Proc. "Gamma Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era, Third Workshop", Rome, Sept. 2002)
"Origin of the torsional oscillation pattern of solar rotation"
H.C. Spruit
(accepted by Solar Physics)
"Spectroscopic Study of Blue Compact Galaxies III. Empirical population synthesis"
X. Kong, S. Charlot, A. Weiss and P.Z. Cheng
(accepted by A & A)
"Spectroscopic Study of Blue Compact Galaxies II. Spectral Analysis and Correlations"
X. Kong, P.Z. Cheng, A. Weiss and S. Charlot
(accepted by A & A)
"The nature of the ultraluminous X-ray sources inside galaxies and their relatikon to local QSOs"
G. Burbidge, E. M. Burbidge and H. Arp
(accepted by A & A Letter)
"Beyond the standard accretion disc model: coupled magnetic disc-corona solutions with a physically motivated viscosity law"
A. Merloni
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
"Probing the Friedmann equation during recombination wiht future CMB experiments"
O. Zahn and M. Zaldarriaga
(appeared in Physical Review D)
"Magnetic dips and the physics of quiescent prominences"
U. Anzer
(Proc. 10th European Solar Physics Meeting)
"Numerical Modeling of Gamma Radiation from Galaxy Clusters"
F. Miniati
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
"Spatial and Dynamical Biasis In Velocity Statistics of Galaxies"
K. Yoshikawa, Y.P. Jing, G. Boerner
(Shanghai Astr. Obs., Partner Group of MPA)
"Improved models of stellar core collapse and still no explosions: What is missing"
R. Buras, M. Rampp, H.T. Janka and K. Kifonidis
(submitted to Physical Review Letters)
"The Magnetic Power Spectrum in Faraday Rotation Screens"
T. Enßlin and C. Vogt
(accepted by Astronomy & Astrophysics)
"Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in a Structured and Magnetized Universe"
G. Sigl, F. Miniati and T. Ensslin
(submitted to Physical Review D)
"Non-spherical Core Collapse Supernovae I. Neutrino-Driven Convection, Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities, and the Formation and Propagation of Metal Clumps"
K. Kifonidis, T. Plewa, H.-Th. Janka and E. Mueller
(submitted to A & A)
"Are the Faraday Rotating Magnetic Fields Local to Intracluster Radio Galaxies?"
T. Ensslin, C. Vogt, T. Clarke and G. Taylor
(Astrophys. J. 597, 870-877)
"Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (Seventh edition)"
H. Ritter and U. Kolb
(accepted by A & A)

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