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linkPfeil.gif Numerical sunspots
December 2007
Tobias Heinemann, Åke Nordlund, Göran Scharmer, Henk Spruit

linkPfeil.gif Unusually bright supernovae from asymmetric stellar explosions
November 2007
Stuart Sim, Friedrich Roepke, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Daniel Sauer

linkPfeil.gif Summed hard X-ray spectrum of local AGN: a link to the cosmic X-ray background.
October 2007
S. Sazonov, M. Revnivtsev, R. Krivonos, E. Churazov, R. Sunyaev

linkPfeil.gif Supplying simulation data to the world.
September 2007
Gerard Lemson and Simon White

linkPfeil.gif Connecting star formation and black hole growth in local galaxies
August 2007
Vivienne Wild

linkPfeil.gif Cosmological hydrogen recombination lines from redshifts z~1400
July 2007
R.A. Sunyaev, J. Chluba

linkPfeil.gif Building up the brightest galaxies of the Universe
June 2007
Gabriella De Lucia, Jeremy Blaizot

linkPfeil.gif INTEGRAL probes large scale structure of the local Universe
May 2007
Krivonos R., Revnivtsev M., Sazonov S., Churazov E., Sunyaev R.

linkPfeil.gif How to produce a burst of gamma-rays
April 2007
Dimitrios Giannios

linkPfeil.gif How are Brightest Cluster Galaxies different from normal galaxies?
March 2007
Anja von der Linden

linkPfeil.gif New predictions encourage the extragalactic search for gravitational waves from supernovae
February 2007
H. Dimmelmeier, H.-T. Janka, A. Marek, E. Müller

linkPfeil.gif Resolving the Galactic X-ray background
January 2007
Mikhail Revnivtsev, Sergey Sazonov

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