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MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 2000:
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dokument.gif MPA1338e
"Repetitive rebrightening of EG Cancri: evidence for viscosity decay in the quiescent disk?"
Y. Osaki, F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1337e
"Signatures in a Giant Radio Galaxy of a Cosmological Shock Wave at Intersecting Filaments of Galaxies"
T. A. Ensslin, P. Simon, P. L. Biermann et al.
(accepted by Astrophys. Journal Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1336e
"X-ray variability in a complete sample of Soft X-ray selected AGN*"
D. Grupe, H.-C. Thomas and K. Beuermann
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1335p
"Energy Release on the Surface of a Rapidly Rotating Neutron Star during Disk Accretion: A Thermodynamic Approach"
N. Sibgatoulline and R. Sunyaev
(accepted by Astron. Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1334e
"Characteristic numerical relativity applied to hydrodynamic studies of neutron stars"
F. Siebel, J. A. Font and E. Mueller
(submitted in World Scientific)
dokument.gif MPA1333p
"Energy Release During Disk Accretion onto a Rapidly Rotating Neutron Star"
N.R. Sibgatullin and R. A. Sunyaev
dokument.gif MPA1332e
"Isotropization of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Arrival Directions by Radio Ghosts"
G. Medina-Tanco and T. A. Ensslin
(accepted by Astroparticle Physics Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1331e
"Truncation of geometrically thin disks around massive black holes in galactic nuclei"
B.F. Liu and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(submitted to Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1330e
"On the spin-up of neutron stars to millisecond pulsars in long-period binaries"
H. Ritter and A. King
(ASP Conference Series, 2000)
dokument.gif MPA1329e
"Abell 2256 - Observing a Mpc Nonthermal Laboratory"
T.E. Clarks and T.A. Ensslin
(ASP Conference Series: Particle and Fields in Radio Galaxies)
dokument.gif MPA1328e
"Cosmic Shear Analysis in 50 Uncorrelated VLT Fields Implications for Omega_0, sigma_8"
R. Maoli, van Waerbeke, T. Erben et al.
(accepted by Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1327e
"Black hole X-ray transients: mass accumulation in the disk - constraints for the viscosity"
E. Meyer-Hofmeister and F. Meyer
(submitted to Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1326e
"Reviving Fossil Radio Plasma in Clusters of Galaxies by Adiabatic Compression in Environmental Shock Waves"
T.A. Ensslin and Gopal-Krishna
(accepted by Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1325e
"Trapped Disk Oscillations and Stable QPOs in Microquasars"
Xue-Bing Wu
(Proceedings of the Third Microquasar Workshop, Granada, Spain)
dokument.gif MPA1324e
"Are Cluster Radio Relics Revived Fossil Radio Cocoons?"
T.A. Ensslin and Gopal-Krishna
(To appear in R. Laing and K. Blundell (Eds.) 'Particles and Fields in Radio Galaxies' Oxford, UK, 2000)
dokument.gif MPA1323e
"RXTE observations of XTE J2012+381 during its 1998 outburst"
L. Vasiliev, S. Trudolyubov and M. Revnivtsev
(accepted by Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1322p
"High frequencies in the power spectrum of Cyg X-1 in the hard and soft spectral states"
M. Revnivtsev, M. Gilfanov and E. Churazov
(accepted by Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1321e
"AMRA: An Adaptive Mesh Refinement Hydrodynamic Code for Astrophysics"
T. Plewa and E. Mueller
(submitted to Elsevier Preprint)
dokument.gif MPA1320e
"Simulations of accretion flows crossing the last stable orbit"
P.J. Armitage, C.S. Reynolds and J. Chiang
(accepted by Astrophys. Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1319e
"Resonant scattering of X-rays by the warm intergalactic medium"
E.Churazov, M.Haehnelt, O.Kotov and R.Sunyaev
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Aston. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1318e
"Buoyant radio plasma in clusters of galaxies"
M. Brueggen and C. Kaiser
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Aston. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1317e
"Particle Acceleration and Diffusion in Fossil Radio Plasma"
Torsten A. Ensslin
(24th IAU-meeting, Manchester)
dokument.gif MPA1316e
"Asymmetric, arc minute scale structures around NGC 1275"
E.Churazov, W.Forman, C.Jones and H.Boehringer
(published in A & A, 2000, 356, p.788)
dokument.gif MPA1315e
"Soft state of Cygnus X-1: stable disk and unstable corona"
E.Churazov, M.Gilfanov and M.Revnivtsev
(accepted by Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1314e
"Nonlinear r-modes in Rapidly Rotating Relativistic Stars"
N. Stergioulas and J.A Font-Roda
(submitted to Physical Review Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1313p
"Lensing Sunyaev-Zeld'ovich Clusters"
M. Bartelmann
(submitted to Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1312p
"Asymmetry of compton scattering by relativistic electrons with an isotropic velocity distribution: Astrophysical Implication"
S. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
(Astrophys. Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1311p
"The angular function for Compton scattering in mildly and ultra relativistic astrophysical plasmas"
S. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
(submitted to Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1310p
"The profile of a narrow line after single scattering by maxwellan electrons: Relativistic corrections to the Kernel of the Integral Kinetic Equation"
S. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
(to appear in Astrophys. Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1309e
"Suppression of giant planet formation in stellar clusters"
P. J. Armitage
(accepted by Astron. & Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1308e
"3D simulations of shear instabilities in magnetized flows"
M. Brueggen and W. Hillebrandt
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1307e
"Mixing through shear instabilities"
M. Brueggen and W. Hillebrandt
(submitted to Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.)
dokument.gif MPA1306e
"The sign of temperature inhomogeneities deduced from time distance helioseismology"
M. Brueggen and H. Spruit
(accepted by Solar Physics)
dokument.gif MPA1305e
"Conditions for shock revival by neutrino heating in core-collapse supernovae"
H.-T. Janka
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1304e
"Electron-, Mu-, and Tau-Number Conservation in a Supernova Core"
S. Hannestad, H.-T. Janka, G. Raffelt and G. Sigl
(accepted by Physical Review D)
dokument.gif MPA1303e
"A Comparison of Radio and X-Ray Morphologies of Four Clusters of Galaxies Containing Radio Halos"
F. Govoni, T. Ensslin, L. Feretti and G. Giovannini
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1302e
"Convective cores in galactic cooling flows"
A. Kritsuk, T. Plewa and E. Mueller
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1301e
"Low Redshift QSO Ly alpha Absroption Line Systems Associated with Galaxies"
W.P. Lin, G. Boerner and H.J. Mo
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1300e
"The correlation between black hole mass and bulge velocity dispersion in hierarchical galaxy formation models"
M. G. Haehnelt and G. Kauffmann
(submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1299e
"The environments and ages of extragalactic radio sources inferred from multi--frequency radio maps"
C. R. Kaiser
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1298e
"NON-LTE line formation for neutral oxygen" (Model atom and first results on A-type stars)
N. Przybilla, K. Butler, S.R. Becker et al.
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1297p
"Lagrangian description of fluid flow with pressure in relativistic cosmology"
H. Asada
(submitted to Phys. Rev. D.)
dokument.gif MPA1296e
"On a Theoretical Interpretation of the Period Gap in Binary Millisecond Pulsars"
R.E. Taam, A.R. King and H. Ritter
(accepted by Astrophys. Journal)
dokument.gif MPA1295e
"Reconstructing the ZOA from Galaxy Peculiar Velocities"
S. Zaroubi
(to appear in the Proceedings of "Mapping the Hidden Universe", ASP Conf.)
dokument.gif MPA1294e
"Comptonization of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Relativistic Plasma"
T.A. Ensslin and C.R. Kaiser
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1293e
"Radio Halos of Galaxy Clusters from Hadronic Secondary Electron Injection in Realistic Magnetic Field Configurations"
K. Dolag and T.A. Ensslin
(accepted by Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1292e
"The temperature-mass relation in magnetized galaxy clusters"
K. Dolag, A. Evrard and M. Bartelmann
(submitted to Astron. and Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1291e
"A Wavelet Analysis of QSO spectra"
T. Theuns and S. Zaroubi
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S. )
dokument.gif MPA1290e
"Large-Scale Power Spectrum and Structures From the ENEAR galaxy Peculiar Velocity Catalog"
S. Zaroubi, M. Bernardi, L.N. da Costa et al.
(Submitted to M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1289p
"How accurately can we measure Weak Gravitational Shear?"
T. Erben, L.van Waerbeke, E. Bertin, Y. Mellier and P. Schneider
(submitted by Astron. \& Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1288e
"Irradiation and mass tranfer in low--mass compact binaries"
H. Ritter, Z.-Y. Zhang and U. Kolb
(accepted by Astron. \& Astrophys.)
dokument.gif MPA1287p
"Epochs of Maximum Light and Bolometric Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae"
G. Contardo, B. Leibundgut and W.D. Vacca
(accepted by Astron. \& Astrophys.) )
dokument.gif MPA1286e
"Spherically Symmetric Simulation with Boltzmann Neutrino Transport of Core Collapse and Post-Bounce Evolution of a 15 M_sun Star" "
M. Rampp and H.-T. Janka
(submitted to Astrophys. Journal Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1285e
"Episodic lithium production by extra-mixing in red giants"
P.A. Denissenkov and A. Weiss
(accepted by Astron. Astrophys. Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1284e
"Frequency resolved spectroscopy of Cyg X-1: fast variability of the reflected emission in the soft state"
M. Gilfanov, E. Churazov and M. Revnivtsev
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1283p
"Weak Gravitational Lensing"
M. Bartelmann and P. Schneider
(to appear in Physics Reports)
dokument.gif MPA1282e
"An ab-initio CI study of electronic spectra of substituted free--base porphyins"
S. Yamamoto, G.H.F. Diercksen and M. Karelson
(published in Chemical Phys. Letters 318, 590-596)
dokument.gif MPA1281e
"An ab-initio investigation of the dipole moment of the CO2 ...CO complex"
V. Kelloe, K.P. Lawley and G.H.F. Diercksen
(published in Chemical Phys. Letters 319, 231-237)
dokument.gif MPA1280e
"Can three-flavour oscillations solve the solar neutrino problem?"
H. Schlattl
(submitted to Physical Review D)
dokument.gif MPA1279p
"Fourier power spectra at high frequencies: a way to distinguish a neutron star from a black hole"
R. Sunyaev and M. Revnivtsev
(accepted by Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1278e
"On B-ball Dark Matter and Baryogenesis"
R. Banerjee and K. Jedamzik
(submitted to Elsevier Preprint)
dokument.gif MPA1277e
"The effect of magnetic fields on the mass determination of clusters of galaxies"
K. Dolag and S. Schindler
(accepted by Astronomy and Astrophysics )
dokument.gif MPA1276e
"Towards a Stable Numerical Evolution of Strongly Gravitating Systems in General Relativity: The Conformal Treatments"
M. Alcubierre, B. Bruegmann, T. Dramlitsch, J. A. Font et al.
(submitted to Physical Review D)
dokument.gif MPA1275p
"Hydrodynamic modeling of accretion onto stellar magnetospheres"
I. Kryukov, N. Pogorelov, G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, U. Anzer and G. Boerner
(submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1274e
"Comptonization, reflection and noise in black hole binaries"
M. Gilfanov, E. Churazov and M. Revnivtsev
(Proceedings of the 5th CAS/MPG Workshop on High Energy Astrophysics)
dokument.gif MPA1273p
"Large scale motions in superclusters: Their Imprint in the CMB"
A. Diaferio, R. Sunyaev and A. Nusser
(Astrophys. J. Letters)
dokument.gif MPA1272e
"Evaporation of accretion disks around black holes; The disk-Corona transition and the connection to the advection--dominated --> --accretion flow"
B.F. Liu, W. Yuan, F. Meyer et al.
(Astronomical Journal 527, L17)
dokument.gif MPA1271e
"Black Holes X-Ray binaries: The transition from the cool thin disk to the coronal flow"
F. Meyer, B. Liu and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(Proc. of the 5th CAS/MPG workshop)
dokument.gif MPA1270e
"Spirals in the disk of EX Dra"
V. Joergens, H. Spruit and R.G.M. Rutten
(submitted to A & A)
dokument.gif MPA1269e
"Theoretical Implifications of Diffuse Non-Thermal Emission from Clusters of Galaxies"
Torsten A. Ensslin
(IAU Conference 199, Pune (India))
dokument.gif MPA1268e
"The X-ray spectrum of a disk illuminated by ions"
H. C. Spruit and F. Haardt
(accepted by M.N.R.A.S.)
dokument.gif MPA1267e
"Jets from compact objects"
H. C. Spruit
(IAU Symposium 195 Bozeman 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1266e
"Gamma-ray bursts from rapidly spinning neutron stars in X-ray binaries"
H. C. Spruit
(5th Huntsville GRB Symposium 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1265e
"Theory of solar luminosity varariations"
H. C. Spruit
(NATO ASI Bucarest 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1264e
"Theory of irradiance variations"
H. C. Spruit
(ISSI Workshop Bern 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1263e
"Gamma-ray bursts from neutron stars in X-ray binaries"
H. C. Spruit
(NATO ASI Elounda 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1262e
"Accretion disks"
H. C. Spruit
(NATO ASI Elounda 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1261e
"Radiatively inefficient accretion disks"
H. C. Spruit
(NATO ASI Elounda 1999)
dokument.gif MPA1260e
"Weak Lensing by High-Redshift Cluster of Galaxies - I: Cluster Mass Reconstruction"
D. Clowe, G.A. Luppino, N. Kaiser and I.M. Gioia
(accepted by Astrophys. J.)
dokument.gif MPA1259p
"Evolution of the accretion disk in Black hole X-ray transients"
E. Meyer-Hofmeister and F. Meyer
(Proc. of the 5th CAS/MPG workshop)
dokument.gif MPA1258e
"A limit for the mass transfer rate in soft X-ray transients "
E. Meyer-Hofmeister and F. Meyer
(submitted to A & A)
dokument.gif MPA1257e
"Black hole X-ray binaries, A new view on soft hard spectral transition"
F. Meyer, B.F. Liu and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
(submitted to A & A)
dokument.gif MPA1256e
"Weak lensing observations of the `dark' cluster MG2016+112"
D. Clowe, N. Trentham and J. Tonry
(accepted by A & A)
dokument.gif MPA1255e
"Weak Lensing Observations of High Redshift Clusters of Galaxies"
D. Clowe, G. Luppino, N. Kaiser and I. Gioia
(ASP Conferences Series)
dokument.gif MPA1254e
"Redshift--Distance Survey of Early--Type Galaxies. IV. Diploes of the Velocity Field"
da Costa, M. Bernardi and S. Zaroubi
(submitted to Astrophys. Journal Letter)
dokument.gif MPA1253p
"Multi-colour PL-relations of Cepheids in the Hipparcos catalogue and the distance to the LMC"
M. Groenewegen and R. Oudmaijer
(accepted by A & A)
dokument.gif MPA1252e
"Goodness-of-Fit Analysis of Radial Velocities Surveys"
Y. Hoffman and S. Zaroubi
(submitted to Astrophys. Journal Letter)
dokument.gif MPA1251e
"The effect of some solar wind disturbances on the plasma tail of comet: Models and observations"
Rudolf Wegmann
(accepted by A & A))
dokument.gif MPA1250e
"The PSCz Catalogue"
W. Saunders, W.J. Sutherland, S.D.M. White et al.
(submitted to: M.N.R.A.S.)
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