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December 16

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

September 24

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

July 30

Perspektivenkommission, Münich

May 12

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

April 20–24

IMPRS course on the “Cosmic Microwave Background

March 25

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

March 1–31


February 20,21

Sektionssitzung, Berlin-Dahlem

February 13

Perspektivenkommission, Münich


December 27–January 2

서울. No laptop, no email!

  • 12/27-28: MUC()-ICN()
  • 1/2: ICN()-MUC()

December 16–19

International conference on “B-mode from Space” at MPA

December 12

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

December 11–13

All-hands collaboration meeting of LiteBIRD at MPE

December  6

Universität Bonn

November 12–14

Fachbeirat, MPA

October 29–31

Voyage 2050 Workshop at CSIC, Calle Serrano, 117, 28006 Madrid

October 24,25

Sektionssitzung, Berlin-Dahlem

October 14


October 9–12

Universität Bonn

October 5–8

New York

September 30–October 4

Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton

  • 9/30: MUC(16:05)-EWR(18:55)
  • 10/1: Give a colloquium at IAS
  • 10/4: Move to NYC

September 23,24

Astrophysics Seminar at Département dAstrophysique, CEA Saclay

  • 9/23: MUC()-CDG()
  • 9/24: Give a talk on “Finding Cosmic Inflation” [10:00-11:00(45+15)]; CDG()-MUC()

September 20

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

September 11–13

ICCUB (Institut de Ciéncies del Cosmos, Universitat de Barcelona), Barcelona

  • 9/11: MUC(15:45)-BCN(17:45)
  • 9/12: ICCUB Colloquium on “Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background” [12:00-13:00]
  • 9/13: PhD exam of José Luís Bernal Mera [11:00]; BCN(18:30)-MUC(20:30)

September 7,8

Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln

  • 9/7: Japan und der Kosmos [14:00-18:00]
  • 9/8: CGN(13:10)-MUC(14:15)

September 6

Universität zu Köln for「第4回ドイツ物理学・応用物理学セミナー

September 2–5

COSMO-19, RWTH Aachen

  • 9/2: MUC(11:20)-CGN(12:25); Köln Hbf-Aachen Hbf
  • 9/5: Give the public lecture on “Universe: The beginning, and an end” [20:00-21:00]

July 26–August 29

Urlaub, und Deutsch lernen! Kein laptop, kein email

  • 7/26-8/1: Helsinki
    • 7/26: MUC(11:05)-HEL(14:35)
    • 8/1: HEL(15:20)-MUC(16:50)
  • 8/5-29: Goethe-Institut (Intensiv 4)

July 24

DLR, Bonn

  • 7/24: MUC(11:20)-CGN(12:25); CGN(18:20)-MUC(19:30)

July 23

Perspektivenkommission, München

June 11–July 19

SISSA, Trieste

  • 6/11: MUC(11:30)-TRS(12:25)
  • 6/16,17: Briefly back to Munich...
  • 6/18: IFPU Colloquium at SISSA, “Finding Cosmic Inflation” [14:30]
  • 7/15: Seminar at OATs, “Mapping the large-scale structure of the Universe with emission-line galaxies from z=0.6 to 3.5: HETDEX and PFS” [14:30]
    • AbstractWe describe two unique galaxy redshift surveys to map out the large-scale structure of the Universe from z=0.6 to 3.5. Both will use the prime focus of large-aperture telescopes for wide fields of view. One is HETDEX, the on-going survey on 10-m Hobby-Eberly Telescope in West Texas, and the other is PFS, the planned survey on 8.2-m Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. We use Lyman-alpha emitters (HETDEX) and [OII] emitters (PFS) for z=1.9-3.5 and 0.6-2.4, respectively. The HETDEX is a super unique, non-traditional survey: we use integral field unit spectrographs (IFUs) to do the first blind emission-line surveys in a cosmological volume, without pre-selecting objects by imaging surveys. The PFS will use the highly multiplexed robotic multi-object fibre spectrograph. We describe the motivation for the projects, science goals, survey designs, as well as the current status of the projects. 
  • 7/19: TRS(13:00)-MUC(13:55)

June 6

Voyage 2050 Senior Committee Meeting at the ESA HQ, 24 rue du Général Bertrand, Paris 7 [9:30-15:30]

  • MUC(6:45)-CDG(8:20)
  • CDG(17:50)-MUC(19:15)

June 2–5

Instituto de Física de Cantabria, Santander, Spain

May 26–30


May 23,24


  • 5/23: MUC(14:45)-CGN(15:50)
  • 5/24: Give a colloquium on “Finding Cosmic Inflation” 
    • Abstract: The cosmic microwave background (CMB) research told us a remarkable story: the structure we see in our Universe such as galaxies, stars, planets, and eventually ourselves originated from tiny quantum fluctuations generated in the early Universe. With the WMAP we have confirmed many of the key predictions of inflation including flatness and statistical homogeneity of our Universe, Gaussianity and adiabaticity of primordial density fluctuations, and a small but non-zero deviation from the scale-invariant spectrum of density fluctuations. Yet, the extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. The last prediction of inflation that is yet to be confirmed is the existence of primordial gravitational waves whose wavelength can be as big as billions of light years. To this end we have proposed to JAXA a new satellite mission called LiteBIRD, whose primary scientific goal is to find signatures of gravitational waves in the polarisation of the CMB. In this presentation we describe the current state of affairs regarding our understanding of the early Universe, physics of polarisation of CMB, the LiteBIRD proposal, as well as a sub-mm telescope in Chile called CCAT-p that we are currently building. 
    • CGN(17:35)-MUC(18:40)

May 21

The LiteBIRD mission has been selected by JAXA as the strategic large mission. See the official announcement. We will go to L2!!

May 20

Astro-NFDI discussion, AIP, Potsdam [10:00-17:00]

  • 5/20: MUC(8:00)-TXL(9:05); TXL(18:30)-MUC(19:35)

May 15,16

Editorial Board Meeting of AARv at Springer, Heidelberg

  • 5/15: München Hbf Gl.15(10:28)-Mannheim Hbf-Heidelberg Hbf(13:48)
  • 5/16: Heidelberg Hbf Gl.7(15:14)-Pasing-München Hbf(18:23)

May 14

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

  • 5/14: MUC(8:00)-TXL(9:05); TXL(18:30)-MUC(19:35)

May 10

“Working Culture and Working Atmosphere in the Max Planck Society” Task Force meeting at Harnack Haus, Berlin-Dahlem [10:00-13:00]

  • 5/10: MUC(8:00)-TXL(9:05); TXL(14:30)-MUC(15:40)

May 8

Kolloquiumsvortrag Physik (12:00-13:00) on “Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background” , Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • 5/8: München Hbf Gl.23(8:56)-Erlangen(10:20); Erlangen Gl.4(16:29)-Nürnberg Hbf-München Hbf(18:04)

March 26–April 24

Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan

March 21,22

LiteBIRD Europe Collaboration Meeting (9:00 March 21 to 17:00 March 22)

March 20

Perspektivenkommission, Berlin-Dahlem

  • 3/20: MUC(8:00)-TXL(9:10); TXL(18:30)-MUC(19:40)

March 1-9


February 21,22

Sektionssitzung, Berlin-Dahlem

  • 2/21: MUC(7:45)-TXL(8:55)
  • 2/22: TXL(14:30)-MUC(15:40)

February 11

ESO Knowledge Exchange on CMB [10:45-11:45]

February 9


January 31

Colloquium at Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG), Univ. of Portsmouth

  • 1/30: MUC(9:40)-LGW(10:45); Gatwick Airport(11:39)-Portsmouth&Southsea(13:01)
  • 1/31: Give a colloquium on “Non-Gaussian gravitational waves from inflation” [14:30-15:30]
    • Abstract: It has been widely assumed that detection of primordial gravitational waves from inflation in, for example, B-mode polarisation of the cosmic microwave background, immediately implies discovery of the quantum nature of spacetime. While this statement is true for the vacuum solution, it does not apply if the gravitational waves originate from the matter fields. How can we distinguish between these two origins? The answer is non-Gaussinaity. We show that the gravitational waves from SU(2) gauge fields coupled to a spectator axion field during inflation are highly non-Gaussian with a characteristic shape, whereas those from the vacuum are only weakly non-Gaussian.
  • 2/1: Portsmouth&Southsea(10:15)-Gatwick Airport(11:38); LGW(13:35)-MUC(16:30)

Canceled due to illness. Not a great start of the new year...

January 25

Physikalisches Kolloquium at Universität Bonn on “Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background”  [15:15-17:00]

  • 1/25: MUC(11:30)-CGN(12:35)
  • 1/26: CGN(10:15)-MUC(11:20)

January 23,24

Perspektivenkommission, Zugspitze 

  • 1/23: München Hbf(9:32)-Garmisch-Partenkirchen(10:54); Zugspitzbahn(11:15)-SonnAlpin(12:28)
  • 1/24: SonnAlpin(15:30)-Zugspitzbahn(16:50); Garmisch-Partenkirchen(17:05)-München Hbf(18:26)

January 21,22

ESTEC, for the kick-off meeting of ESA Cosmic Vision 2050 Senior Committee

  • 1/21: MUC(14:35)-AMS(16:10)
  • 1/22: AMS(19:55)-MUC(21:15)

January 10

Back to normal life…

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