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November 21

Perspektivenkommission (place TBD)

October 26,27

CPTS Sektionssitzung, Harnack Haus, Berlin-Dahlem

October 5

Perspektivenkommission (place TBD)

September 27–October 2

LiteBIRD Collaboration Meeting@Elba

September 25–28

Group retreat@Harnack Haus!

September 23


September 19

Perspektivenkommission (place TBD)

September 13


September 4–8

XXV SIGRAV Conference, Trieste, Italy

  • 9/3: MUC()-FRA-TRS()
  • 9/8: TRS()-FRA-MUC()

July 13

Perspektivenkommission, München

June 21

(remote participation) CPTS Sektionssitzung, Göttingen

June 20–22

(remote participation) The 4th CCAT-prime Collaboration Meeting, Cornell University

June 2–July 3

Nagoya, Japan, for the secondment of CMB-INFLATE. I will deliver a series of lectures. The syllabus is available here.

  • 6/2-3: MUC(11:15)-HND(6:55); take a train to Nagoya
  • 6/6,8: Lectures
  • 6/12,14,16: Lectures
  • 6/26,28,30: Lectures
  • 7/2: move to HND
  • 7/3: HND(9:40)-MUC(17:10)

June 1

Perspektivenkommission (place TBD)

May 23,24

Universität Innsbruck

May 12

Black Hole and Gravitational Wave Day

April 27

Perspektivenkommission (online)

April 18–21

Workshop on “Present and Future of Line-Intensity Mapping” at MPA, Garching

April 6-10

Urlaub. Keine Arbeit, keine E-mail, kein Laptop. Frohe Ostern!

April 4,5


  • 4/4: München Hbf(9:28; Gl.18)-Mannheim-Mainz Hbf(13:18)
  • 4/5: Mainz Hbf(10:17; Gl.4a/b)-München Hbf(14:10)

March 16

Perspektivenkommission (online)

February 28–March 8


February 23-26

Potsdam and Berlin

February 16,17

CPTS Sektionssitzung, Harnack Haus, Berlin-Dahlem

  • 2/16: München Hbf(8:36)-Berlin Südkreuz(13:22)
  • 2/17: Berlin Südkreuz(16:11)-München Hbf(20:13)

February 6

Perspektivenkommission (online)

January 31-February 5

CCA, Flatiron Institute, NY

  • 1/31: MUC(15:55)-EWR(19:05)
  • 2/3: Give a CCA colloquium on “The Temperature of Hot Gas in the Universe” [video]
    • AbstractHow hot is the Universe today? How hot was it before? In this talk, we report on the result of the observational determination of the mean temperature of hot gas in the Universe. We find that the mean gas temperature has increased ten times over the last 8 billion years, to reach about 2 million Kelvin today. As cosmic structures form, matter density fluctuations collapse gravitationally and baryonic matter is shock-heated and thermalized. We therefore expect a connection between the mean gravitational potential energy of collapsed halos and the mean thermal energy of baryons. Our result provides quantitative verification of such a connection via cosmic shock-heating.   
  • 2/4-5: EWR(17:30)-MUC(7:20)

January 26-28

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster 

  • 1/26: MUC(10:55)-FMO(12:05)
  • 1/27: Give a colloquium of Graduiertenkolleg 2149 on “Cosmic Birefringence: A New Probe of Dark Matter and Dark Energy” 
    • AbstractPolarised light of the cosmic microwave background is sensitive to physics violating parity symmetry under inversion of spatial coordinates. In this presentation we report on a measurement of parity violation from polarisation data of two satellite missions, WMAP and Planck. The statistical significance of the measured signal is 3.6 sigma. If confirmed with higher statistical significance in the future, it would have important implications for the elusive nature of dark matter and dark energy.  
  • 1/28: FMO(12:50)-MUC(14:00)
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