November 5

Place: MPA Lecture Hall

10:00-10:05 Welcome, Eiichiro Komatsu [20+5]

Opening Talk

10:05-10:50 Non-GaussianitiesMatias Zaldarriaga [40+5]

Session 1: What does single-field inflation actually predict? How about soft limits?

10:50-11:15 Single-field consistency relationsPaolo Creminelli [20+5]

11:15-11:40 Break [25]

11:40-12:05 Quasi-single field inflation and critical test of multi-field inflationXingang Chen [20+5]

12:05-12:30 Effects of heavy fieldsMark Jackson [20+5]

12:30-14:00 Lunch [90]

14:00-14:25 Non-Bunch-Davies vacuum, Sarah Shandera [20+5]

14:25-14:50 On squeezed limits from single-field inflationRaphael Flauger [20+5]

14:50-15:20 Break [30]

15:20-16:10 Discussion Session 1 [50] Moderator: Xingang Chen

  • Are we ready to declare that single-field models are ruled out if the local-form fNL is found?
  • To what extend can we declare this, what is the experimental limitation?
  • Can we make this statement more precise? 
  • What are the soft limits good for? 
  • What kind of underlying physics can we learn from the properties of soft limits, for quasi-single-field and multi-field models? 
  • How can we use the soft limit properties to rule out or rule in inflation models?


16:10-16:30 Poster Talks [2x10=20]

  1. "Non-standard initial states in single-field inflation," Jonathan Ganc
  2. "Violation of non-Gaussianity consistency relation in a single field inflationary model," Mohammad Hossein Namjoo
  3. "What does the detection of non-Gaussianity tell us about the standard model of particle physics?" Kohei Kamada
  4. "Localized features in non-Gaussianity from heavy physics," Ryo Saito
  5. "Influence of heavy modes on perturbations in multiple field inflation," Shuntaro Mizuno
  6. "Reheating, multifield inflation and the fate of the primordial observables," Ewan Tarrant
  7. "Signatures of fermionic preheating," Dustin Lorshbough
  8. "Non-Gaussian bubbles in the sky," Kazuyuki Sugimura
  9. "Lensing-Rees-Sciama bispectrum: effects of non-linear matter clustering," Veronika Junk
  10. "Primordial non-Gaussianity and diffuse Galactic emission," Alessandro Renzi 

17:30 Reception at MPA