The Aim of This Workshop

Non-Gaussianity has emerged as a powerful probe of the physics of inflation.

In particular, convincing detection of the so-called local-form primordial non-Gaussianity (parameterized by fNL) is thought to rule out all inflation models based on a single energy component. 

The current observational data (cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure of the universe) are about to exclude fNL=0 at 95% CL. If this signal is real, the forthcoming Planck data are expected to rule out fNL=0 at more than 5-sigma level. 

In such a situation, are we ready to declare that all single-field models of inflation are ruled out? What about multi-field models of inflation? Can we also rule out a large class of multi-field models using non-Gaussianity, e.g., soft limits of three- and four-point functions (such as the behavior of the squeezed-limit bispectrum and the Suyama-Yamaguchi inequality) and gNL

In this workshop, we will discuss "how to falsify inflation, using non-Gaussianity, as a mechanism for generating the observed fluctuations."  

Summary of the workshop

The members of Scientific Organization Committee (SOC) include:

  • Xingang Chen (University of Cambridge) 
  • Shirley Ho (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Eiichiro Komatsu (Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik)
  • Malco Peloso (University of Minnesota)
  • Sarah Shandera (Penn State University)
  • Masahide Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)