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 Preprints 1998

MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 1998:
available under the URL:

MPA-Number with "e" = available only as electronic file and with "p" = printed as greenreport

dokument.gif MPA1124
"On the source of viscosity in cool binary accretion disks" F. Meyer and E. Meyer-Hofmeister
dokument.gif MPA1123
"GENESIS: A high-resolution code for 3D relativistic hydrodynamics" M.A. Aloy, J.M. Ibanez, J.M. Marti and E. Mueller
dokument.gif MPA1122b
"Thermonuclear explosions of Chandrasekhar mass C+O white dwarfs", M. Reinecke, W. Hillebrandt and J.C. Niemeyer
dokument.gif MPA1122a
"A new model for deflagration fronts in Type Ia Supernovae", M. Reinecke, W. Hillebrandt, J.C. Niemeyer and R. Klein
dokument.gif MPA1121
"Carbon stars in populations of different metallicity", M.A.T. Groenewegen
dokument.gif MPA1120
"The Presupernova Evolution of Rotating Massive Stars" A. Heger
dokument.gif MPA1119
"Three dimensional simulations of classical Novae", A. Kercek, W. Hillebrandt and W. Truran
dokument.gif MPA1118
"Projection Effects in Mass-selected Galaxy-Cluster Samples" K. Reblinsky and M. Bartelmann
dokument.gif MPA1117
"The disc accretion in the gravitational field of the rapidly rotating neutron star with quadupol mass distribution" N. Sibgatullin and R. Sunyaev
dokument.gif MPA1116
"The third dredge-up and the carbon star luminosity functions in the Magellanic Clouds" P. Marigo, L. Girardi, A. Bressan
dokument.gif MPA1115
"Colour transformations for isochrones in the V I-plane" A.Weiss and M. Salaris
dokument.gif MPA1114
"Scattering of X-ray emission lines by a hydrogen molecule" E. Churazov, R. Sunyaev and D. Uskov
dokument.gif MPA1113
" WZ Sagittae - an old dwarf nova", E. Meyer-Hofmeister, F. Meyer and B.F. Liu
dokument.gif MPA1112
"RXTE broad band observations of X-ray Nova XTE J1755-324", M. Gilfanov, M. Revnivtsev and E. Churazov
dokument.gif MPA1111
"Gamma-ray bursts from accreting black holes in neutron star mergers", M. Ruffert and H.T. Janka
dokument.gif MPA1110
"The millisecond X-ray pulsar/burster SAX J1808.4-3658: the outburst light curve and the power law spectrum", M. Gilfanov, M. Revnivtsev, R. Sunyaev and E. Churazov
dokument.gif MPA1109
"Spectral Distortions of the Cosmic Microwave Radiation due to Interaction wiht the Hot Gas in a Moving Cluster: Inclusion of Relativistic Effects", S.Y. Sazonov and R. A. Sunyaev
dokument.gif MPA1108
"Neutrino Transport in Type II Supernovae> Boltzmann Solver vs. Monte Carlo Method", H.T. Janka, S. Yamada and H. Suzuki
dokument.gif MPA1107
"No Pulsar Kicks from Deformed Neutrinospheres", H.-T. Janka and G. Raffelt
dokument.gif MPA1106
"Detecting Luminous Gravitational Microlenses Using Spectroscopy", S. Mao, J. Reetz and D.J. Lennon
dokument.gif MPA1105
"Extended Source Effects in Astronometric Gravitational Microlensing", Shude Mao and Hans J. Witt
dokument.gif MPA1104
"Tidal tails in CDM cosmologies", V. Springel and S. D. M. White
dokument.gif MPA1103a
"Modeling Turbulent Nuclear Flames in Type Ia Supernovae", M. Reinecke, W. Hillebrandt and J.C. Niemeyer
dokument.gif MPA1103b
"Two and Three Dimensional Simulations of the Termonuclear Runaway in an Accreted Atmosphere of a C+O White Dwarf" A. Kercek, W. Hillebrandt and J.W. Truran
dokument.gif MPA1102
"Cosmic Microwave Background Radiationin the Direction of a Moving Cluster of Galaxies with Hot Gas: Relativistic Corrections" S.Y. Sazonov and R. Sunyaev
dokument.gif MPA1101
"Main-sequence stars fo 10 and 30M: approaching the steady-state rotation", P.A. Denissenkov, N.S. Ivanova, A. Weiss
dokument.gif MPA1100
"Hyper-accreting black holes and gamma-ray bursts", R. Popham, S. Woosley, C. Fryer
dokument.gif MPA1099
"Statistics of dark matter haloes expected from weak lensing surveys", G. Kruse and P. Schneider
dokument.gif MPA1098
"New input data for synthetic AGB evolution", J. Wagenhuber and M.A.T. Groenewegen
dokument.gif MPA1097
"Fine structure of the red giant clump from Hipparcos data and distance determinations based on its mean magnitude", L.Girardi, M.A.T. Groenewegen, A. Weiss, M. Salaris
"Peculiar Velocities of Galaxy clusters", J. Colberg, S. White, A. Jenkins, T. MacFarland, F. Pearce, C. Frenk, P. Thomas, H. Couchman
"The 6.4 keV Fluorescent Iron Line from Cluster Cooling Flows" E. Churazov, R. Sunyaev, M. Gilfanov, W. Forman, C. Jones
dokument.gif MPA1094
"Equivalent width, shape and proper motion of the iron fluorescent line emission from the molecular clouds as an indicator of the illuminating source X-ray flux history" R. Sunyaev, E. Churazov
dokument.gif MPA1093
"Adaptive Optics observations of LBQS 0108+0028:K-band detection of the host galaxy of a QSO at z approx. 2" I. Aretxaga, D. Le Mignant, J. Melnick, R.J. Terlevich, B.J. Boyle
dokument.gif MPA1092
"The Evolution of Galactic Disks", S. Mao, H. Mo, S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA1091
"Envelope burnign over-luminosity: a challange to synthetic TP-AGB models", P. Marigo
dokument.gif MPA1090
"A simultaneous maximum likelihood approach for galaxy-galaxy lensing and cluster lens reconstruction", B. Geiger and P. Schneider
dokument.gif MPA1089
"Numerical Computation of Two Dimensional Wind, Accretion of Isothermal Gas", E. Shima, T. Matsuda, U. Anzer, G. Boerner, H.M.J. Boffin
dokument.gif MPA1088
"Colliding neutron stars: Gravitational waves, neutrino emission and gamma-ray bursts", M. Ruffert and H.-Th. Janka
dokument.gif MPA1087
"Massive Stars: The Pre-Supernova Evolution of Internal and Circumstellar Structure", N. Langer, A. Heger, G. Garcia-Segura
dokument.gif MPA1086
"Entropy-regularized Maximum-Likelihood cluster mass reconstruction", S. Seitz, P. Schneider, M. Bartelmann
dokument.gif MPA1085
"An X-ray Luminous, Dwarf Seyfert Companion of Mrk273", S. Mao, G. Boerner, X.Y. Xia, T. Boller, H.Wu, Y. Gao, Z.G. Deng, Z.L. Zou
dokument.gifMPA 1084
"Damping of Cosmic Magnetic Fields", K. Jedamzik, V. Katalinic, A.V. Olinto
dokument.gifMPA 1083
"Redshift and Models of Protogalactic Disks", K. Jedamzik, Jason X. Prohaska
dokument.gifMPA 1082
"The spin-up of contracting red supergiants", A. Heger, N. Langer
dokument.gifMPA 1081
"Near-Critical Gravitational Collapse and the Initial Mass Function of Primordial Black Holes", K. Jedamzik, Jens C. Niemeyer
dokument.gifMPA 1080
"Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Matter/Antimatter Domains", Jan B. Rehm, K. Jedamzik
dokument.gifMPA 1079
"Metal-rich globular clusters in the galactic disk: new age determinations and the relation to halo clusters", M. Salaris, A. Weiss
dokument.gif MPA 1078
"Hydrodynamics and stability of galactic cooling flows", A. Kritsuk, E. Mueller, H. Boehringer
dokument.gif MPA1077
"A new finite-field mass reconstruction algorithm", S. Seitz, P. Schneider
dokument.gif MPA1076
"Photometric Evolution of Galaxies in Cosmological Scenearios", G. Contardo, M. Steinmetz, U.F.v. Alvensleben
dokument.gif MPA1075
"Scattering of X-Ray emission lines by a helium atom", L. Vainshtein, R. Sunyaev, E. Churazov
dokument.gif MPA1074
"The evolution of the V-K colours of single stellar populations", L. Girardi, G. Bertelli
dokument.gif MPA1073
"Two-Dimensional Simulations of the Thermonuclear Runaway in an Accreted Atmosphere of a C+O White Dwarf" A. Kercek, W. Hillebrandt and J. Truran

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