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Introduction: European Network -The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

A network funded by the external linkTraining and Mobility of Researchers Programme of the European Comission
Currently funded period: 1.10.1996 - 30.9.2000

Research goals:

It has recently become possible to identify galaxies so distant that they are seen when only a fraction as old as nearby systems. The evolution of the Universe can be studied directly through observation of such galaxies, and this has been a major motivation for the new generation of large ground-based telescopes as well as for satellite observatories like the Hubble Space Telescope and ISO. This coherent programme will study distant galaxies at optical, infrared, and radio frequencies. In addition it will be coupled to theoretical work on protogalactic collapse, on galaxy evolution, and on the interaction of galaxies with their environment. Our goal is to understand how galaxies formed and how the Universe has evolved over the last 90 percent of its history.

Deep Field

This is a small part of the deepest look into the Universe so far, from the so-called Deep Field taken with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Participating institutions:top

linkMPA für Astrophysik Garching (D) (Coordinating partner)
external linkSterrewacht Leiden (NL)
external linkUniversity of Cambridge (GB)
external linkInstitut d'Astrophysique de Paris (F)
external linkUniversity of Durham (GB)
external linkOsservatorio Astronomico di Padova (I)

Network Activities:top

external linkAnnual meeting 1999, Asiano, August 30th - September 4th 1999
documentMid-term review, Paris, February 19th 1999 (see REVIEW below)
external linkAnnual Meeting 1998
linkAnnual Meeting 1997

Section Meeting Reports:

documentPreparatory Meeting, Munich, 16/17 Feb 1996
documentThe K-z relationship, observations and theory, Leiden, 31 Jan 1997
documentPopulation Synthesis and Galaxy Evolution, Paris, 7/8 Feb 1997
documentQSO absorbers and galaxy formation, Padova, 13/14 Feb 1997
documentEvolution of Field and Cluster Galaxies, Cambridge, 28 Feb, 1 Mar 1997
documentSemi-analytical Models of Galaxy Formation, Garching, 20/21 Mar 1997
documentNumerical Simulations, Durham, 02/03 May 1997
documentThe Hubble Deep Field South, Padova, 8/9 Jun 1998
documentHydrodynamic Aspects of Galaxy Formation, Leiden, March 8-10th, 1999
documentEvolution of galaxies in clusters, Milano, May 31-June 4, 1999
documentOptimal methods for extracting information from galaxy spectra in large redshift surveys, Porquerolles, May 20-21, 2000

Network Postdoctoral Fellows

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MID-TERM REVIEW, February 1999top

TMR Research Network Contract No. ERBFMRX--CT96--0086

"Galaxy Formation"
The work programme of this project is divided into six major areas. We summarise the scientific highlights in these areas in turn, although in some cases there are clear overlaps. Activity overall has been very high, leading to 112 joint publications submitted to refereed journals and 39 contributions to conference proceedings.

Annual Reportstop

linkAnnual Report 1999 (savepostscript)
linkAnnual Report 1998
linkAnnual Report 1997


linkJoint publications (till September 1999)

Publications List of:

external linkCambridge

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