Public data access

This page provides links to a detailed description of the data, a publicly accessible repository of analysis scripts, and worked examples that demonstrate how to load and analyse the data.

Downloading the data

The raw and post-processed publicly available Auriga data can be downloaded via this page using the Globus file transfer service. This allows one to browse and select data for download using a user-friendly file system interface. A swathe of documentation on installing and using globus personal connect on various operating systems is available online at websites such as this one.

The table below summarises some basic information about the simulation suites available for download.

Sim. series/level \(M_{200} (M_\odot)\) \(N_{halo}\) \(m_{DM} (M_\odot) \) \(m_{bary} (M_\odot) \) \(N_{snap}\) Type Snaps FoF Subfind Trees
Original/4 \( (1-2)×10^{12}\) \(30\) \(4×10^5\) \(5×10^4\) \(128\) MHD
Original_Hydro/4 \( (1-2)×10^{12} \) \(4\) \(4×10^5\) \(5×10^4\) \(418\) HD
Original_DMO/4 \( (1-2)×10^{12} \) \(30\) \(4×10^5\) - \(128\) DMO
Original/3 \( (1-2)×10^{12} \) \(6\) \(5×10^4\) \(6×10^3\) \(64\) MHD
Original_Hydro/3 \( (1-2)×10^{12} \) \(3\) \(5×10^4\) \(6×10^3\) \(64\) HD
Original_DMO/3 \( (1-2)×10^{12} \) \(7\) \(5×10^4\) - \(128\) DMO
LowMassMWs/4 \( (0.5-1)×10^{12} \) \(9\) \(4×10^5\) \(5×10^4\) \(128\) MHD
LowMassMWs_DMO/4 \( (0.5-1)×10^{12} \) \(9\) \(4×10^5\) - \(252\) DMO
Halos_1e11msol/4 \( (0.5-5)×10^{11} \) \(12\) \(4×10^5\) \(5×10^4\) \(252\) MHD
Halos_1e11msol/3 \( (0.5-5)×10^{11} \) \(12\) \(5×10^4\) \(6×10^3\) \(252\) MHD
Halos_1e10msol/3 \( (0.5-5)×10^{10} \) \(14\) \(5×10^4\) \(6×10^3\) \(252\) MHD

Description of the Data

Each simulation is simulated from redshift 127 down to 0, and includes:

  • a time series of snapshots containining raw data of dark matter particles, star particles, gas cells, and black hole particles;
  • group catalogue data for each simulation snapshot containing information on the number and properties of (sub)halos;
  • a merger tree computed in post-processing which links objects in different snapshots;
  • supplementary data products that have been produced in post-process.

A detailed description of all these publicly accessible data products in addition to high level data is provided on the data specifications page.

Analysis code & Examples

We provide a user-friendly python analysis package at this bitbucket repository. This repository contains also a python notebook with many examples of how to read, manipulate, analyse, and plot the data.

Citation Policy

We kindly request that any publication/article that makes use of the Auriga simulation data cites the main overview paper and the data release paper:

We also request that the following acknowledgement is made: "We have used simulations from the Auriga Project public data release (Grand et al. 2024) available at"

Thumbnail gallery

This thumbnail gallery provides a quick look of the face-on and edge-on stellar light projection produced by the main galaxy at redshift 0 for an MHD realisation of each halo. This may help the interested reader to identify and download their halo(s) of interest.