Social Events

Reception on Monday, December 16

  • We will have the reception in the new Visitor Center “ESO Supernova
  • Enjoy drinks, light meals, conversations, astronomy exhibitions, and even the full-dome movie HORIZON!
  • Reception is fully covered by the registration fee

Want suggestions for beers?

Christmas Market Suggestions

  • We do not have an organised banquet. However, we suggest you to go and explore beautiful Christmas Market throughout Munich!
  • What to drink? Here is the suggestion (by Laura Herold)
  • What to eat? Here is the suggestion (by Chris Byrohl)
  • In German, “Christmas Market” is usually “Weihnachtsmarkt”
    • Christmas = Weihnachten and Market = Markt. Combining two words into one with “s” in between, you get “Weihnachtsmarkt”
  • However, you are in Bavaria where people speak Bavarian dialect. Thus, you should not use “Weihnachtsmarkt”, but “Christkindlmarkt”! 
    • Why? Because it is “Christkind” who will bring you gifts. No santa claus! 
    • See this page for the explanation of Christkind
  • There are many Christkindlmarkt in Munich. Here are some Eiichiro’s suggestions! IMPORTANT: Christkindlmarkt closes at 21:00 (Mon-Sat) and 20:00 (Sun), except Tollwood, which is open until 0:30. 
  1. Start with Marienplatz. Take U6 towards south from Garching, and get off at “Marienplatz”. See this page for tips on how to buy tickets
    • Try to go in front of the new city hall “Rathaus”. You cannot miss this beautiful archtecture and a big christmas tree!
    • Then, walk west (city hall on your right) on “Kaufingerstraße” and enjoy drinking, eating, shopping. You can walk all the way to “Karlsplatz”, where you can even enjoy ice skating!
  2. Feeling Medieval? There is a pretty Christkindlmarkt where people wear Medieval costumes. The closest U-bahn station is “Odeonsplatz”, one station north of Marienplatz. You can also walk there easily from Marienplatz
    • From Odeonsplatz: Get off at Odeonsplatz, and look around to identify a beautiful yellow church (Theatinerkirche). Walk towards the yellow church, but turn right before the church onto Brienner Straße. There is a shop of Mercedes on the corner. Walk a little bit and you will find the Medieval Christkindlmarkt on your right
    • From Marienplatz: If you face the new city hall, go north on the street just left of the city hall. The street’s name is Weinstraße, which will become Theatinerstraße. Pass the yellow church on your left, and you find a shop of Mercedes on the corner. Turn left onto Brienner Straße. Walk a little bit and you will find the Medieval Christkindlmarkt on your right
  3. Want something closer? If you do not feel like going too far for big Christkindlmarkt, try one in U-bahn station “Münchner Freiheit”. Take U6 towards south from Garching, and get off at “Münchner Freiheit”
    • This one is cozy and they have sometimes a small band playing live music. There are not so many options for food, but you can enjoy more cultural atmosphere because local artists sell their products there
  4. Want a festival? If you are not satisfied with Christkindlmarkt but want more, go to the winter festival called “Tollwood”.  See this page for information. 
    • Directions: Take U6 towards south from Garching, and get off at “Odeonsplatz”. Change a train to U4 or U5 towards the main station (Hauptbahnhof). One station after the main station is “Theresienwiese”. Get off there and follow the crowd
  • There are many, many more Christkindlmarkt, e.g., in Residenz, in Sendlinger Tor, in Chinesischer Turm, etc. See this page for a guide. Explore and discover your own favorite, and share information with other participants!