The First Ever Group Retreat!: Bernried, June 30, 2021


Finally!! After many failed attempts to organise the group retreat, here we are, the first ever retreat after 9 years. Everyone contributed and played a role - it was a great success and truly memorable event. Special thanks to Raffaela and Sam Young for taking care of the organisation and making this happen. 

Where are the group members from? 14 countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina (D. Huterer), Brazil (E. Ferreira), France (L. Blot[1/2, not in the photo]), Germany (C. Byrohl, L. Herold, M. Lujan-Niemeyer [not in the photo], F. Schmidt [not in the photo]), India (V. Muralidhara), Italy (L. Blot[1/2], P. Campeti, S. Gasparotto, L. Lucie-Smith[1/2], M. Monelli), Iran (L. Mirzagholi), Japan (E. Komatsu, I. Obata), Portugal (A. Barreira), Serbia (A. Kostic), Taiwan (S. Suyu), UK (L. Lucie-Smith[1/2], S. Young), USA (S. Delos), and Vietnam (M. Nguyen). Photo taken by Raffaela.

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