Welcome BBQ for new members, Garching: October 18, 2021


Welcome BBQ! Where are the group members from? 14 countries: Brazil (E. Ferreira, B. Tucci), Canada (D. Jamieson), Croatia (I. Babic), France (L. Blot[1/2, not in the photo]), Germany (C. Byrohl, L. Herold, M. Lujan-Niemeyer [not in the photo], F. Schmidt [not in the photo], J. Stadler), Italy (L. Blot[1/2], P. Campeti [not in the photo], A. Caravano, S. Gasparotto [not in the photo], L. Lucie-Smith[1/2], M. Monelli), India (D. Bollimpalli [not in the photo], V. Muralidhara), Japan (E. Komatsu, I. Obata), Portugal (A. Barreira), Serbia (A. Kostic [not in the photo]), Taiwan (S. Suyu), UK (L. Lucie-Smith[1/2]), USA (S. Delos, S. Goldstein), and Vietnam (M. Nguyen [not in the photo]). We have two visitors from Spain: E. de la Hoz and P. Diego-Palazuelos. This is a big group!

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