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 Preprints 1997

MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 1997:
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MPA-Number with "e" = available only as electronic file and with "p" = printed as greenreport

Last update: April, 22th, 1998

MPA 1072
"Bolometric light curves of supernovae and post-explosion magnetic fields", Ruiz-Lapuente, P., H. Spruit
MPA 1071/I
" Radiative shocks in galaxy formation. I. Cooling of a primordial plasma with no sources of heating", Forcada-Miro, M.I., S.D.M. White
MPA 1071/II
"II. Effects of a metagalactic UV background", Forcada-Miro
MPA 1070
"On the physical connections between galaxies of different types", Mao, S., H. Mo,
MPA 1069
"Identification of soft high galactic latitude RASS X-Ray sources> I. A completecount-rate limited sample", Thomas, H-C., K. Beuermann, K. Reinsch, A.D. Schwope, J. Truemper, W. Voges
dokument.gifMPA 1068
"Effects of Disks on Gravitational Lensing by Spiral Galaxies", Bartelmann, M., A. Loeb
MPA 1067
"A deep ROSAT PSPC observation toward the CMB decrement close to PC1643+4631 A+B: no cluster X-ray emission", Kneissl, R., R.A. Sunyaev, S.D.M. White
MPA 1066
"Near-infrared photometry and optical spectroscopy of IRAS sources in the small Magellanic Cloud", Groenewegen, M.A.T., J.A.D.L. Blommaert
MPA 1065
"Environmental influences on dark matter halos and consequences for the galaxies within them", Lemson, Gl, G. Kauffmann
MPA 1064
"Chemical enrichment and the origin of the colour-magnitude relation of elliptical galaxies in a hierarchical merger model", Kauffmann, G., S. Charlot
MPA 1063
"The Lutz-Kelker bias in trigonometric parallaxes", Oudmaijer, R.D., Groenewegen, M.A.T., Schrijver, H.
MPA 1062
"The short time variability of the supersoft X-ray source RXJ0019.8+2156", Meyer-Hofmeister, E., S. Schandl, B. Deufel, H. Barwig, F. Meyer
MPA 1061
"Fine mesh calculations of dwarf nova outbursts", Ludwig, K., F. Meyer
MPA 1060
"Simulation of astrophysical fluid flow", E. Mueller
dokument.gif MPA 1059
"Global stability and the mass-to-light ratio of galactic disks", Syer, D., S. Mao, H. Mo
dokument.gif MPA 1058
"Density cusps: restrictions on non-axisymmetric models", Syer, D., H. Zhao
dokument.gif MPA 1057
"Tidal Disruption Eddington Envelopes around Massive Black Holes", Ulmer, A., B. Paczynski, J. Goodman
dokument.gif MPA 1056
"Sinking satellites and the heating of galaxy discs", Velazquez, H., S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA 1055
"Multcolour imaging of z=2 QSO hosts", Aretxaga, I., R.J. Terlevich, B.J. Boyle
dokument.gif MPA 1054
"Simulations of non-axysymmetric rotational core collapse", Rampp, M., E. Mueller, M. Ruffert
MPA 1053
"Stellar wind momentum in galaxies and a new parametrization of the radiative line force" Kudritzki, R.-P., U. Springmann, A.W.A. Pauldrach, M. Lennon
MPA 1052
"Quantitative UV spectroscopy of early O stars on the Magellanic Clouds. The determination of the stellar metallicities", Haser, S.M., A.W.A. Pauldrach, D.J. Lennon, R.-P. Kudritzki, M. Lennon, J. Puls, S.A. Voels
MPA 1051
"Expansions for nearly Gaussian distributions" Blinnikov, S., R. Moessner
MPA 1050
"Scale dependence of the bias investigated by weak lensing", Van Waerbeke, L.
MPA 1049
"A comparative modeling of Supernova 1993J", Blinnkov, S., R. Eastman, O. Bartunov, V. Popolitov, S. Woosley
dokument.gif MPA 1048
"Evolution of structure in cold dark matter universes", Jenkins, A., C.S. Frenk, F.R. Pearce, P.A. Thomas, J.M. Colberg, S.D.M. White, H.M.P. Couchman, J.A. Peacock, G. Efstathiou, A.N. Nelson (The Virgo Consortium)
MPA 1047
"Linking Cluster Formation to Large Scale Structure", Colberg, J.M., S.D.M. White, A. Jenkins, F.R. Pearce
dokument.gif MPA 1046
"Genus Statistics of the Virgo N-body Simulations and the 1.2-Jy Redshift Survey", Springel, V., S.D.M. White, J.M. Colberg, H.M.P. Couchman, G.P. Efstathiou, C.S. Frenk, A.R. Jenkins, F.R. Pearce, A.H. Nelson, J.A. Peacock
dokument.gif MPA 1045
dokument.gif MPA 1045b
dokument.gif MPA 1045c
"Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (Sixth edition) Ritter, H., U. Kolb
dokument.gif MPA 1044
"Spatial correlation function and pairwise velocity dispersion of galaxies: CDM models versus the Las Campanas Survey", Jing, Y.P., H.J. Mo, G. Boerner
dokument.gif MPA 1043
"Explosion mechanism of core-collapse supernovae -- a view ten years after SN 1987A", Janka, H.-Th.
dokument.gif MPA 1043
"Perspectives of core-collapse supernovae beyond SN 1987A", Janka, H.-Th., W. Keil
MPA 1042
"A new measure for cosmic shear", Schneider, P., L. van Waerbeke, B. Jain, G. Kruse
MPA 1041
"Cosmic shear and biasing", Schneider, P.
dokument.gif MPA 1040
"Dust shells around carbon Mira variables", Groenewegen, M.A.T., P.A. Whitelock, C.H. Smith, F. Kerschbaum
dokument.gif MPA 1039
"The puzzling MgAl anticorrelation in globular-cluster red giants: primoodial plus deep mixing scenario?", Denissenkov, P.A., G.S. Da Costa, J.E. Norris, A. Weiss
dokument.gif MPA 1038
"Two mass losing carbon stars in the Galactic halo", Groenewegen, M.A.T., R.D. Oudmaijer, H.-G. Ludwig
dokument.gif MPA 1037
"Arc Statistics with Realistic Cluster Potentials. IV. Clusters in Different Cosmologies", Bartelmann, M., A. Huss, J.M. Colberg, A.R. Jenkins, F.R. Pearce
dokument.gif MPA 1036
"The fate of a neutron star just below the minimum mass: does it explode?", Sumiyoshi, K., S. Yamada, H. Suzuki, W. Hillebrandt
dokument.gif MPA 1035
"Evidence for substructure in lens galaxies?", Mao, S., P. Schneider
dokument.gif MPA 1034
"The cosmological lens equation and the equivalent single-plane gravitational lens", Schnneider, P.
dokument.gif MPA 1033
"Probing the thermal history of the intergalactic medium with Lyalpha absorption lines", Haehnelt, M.G., M. Steinmetz
MPA 1032
"Burning regimes of nuclear flames in SN Ia Explosions" "Numerical investigation of the scaling properties of turbulent premixes flames", Niemeyer, J.C., A.R. Kerstein
dokument.gif MPA 1031
"The formation of galactic disks", Mo, H.J., S. Mao, S.D.M. White
MPA 1030
"Constraining the mass distribution of cluster galaxies by weak lensing", Geiger, B., P. Schneider
dokument.gif MPA 1029
"Damped Lyalpha absorbers at high redshift -- large disks or galactic building blocks?", Haehnelt, M.G., M. Steinmetz, M. Rauch
dokument.gif MPA 1028
"Resolving the Line-of-Sight Structure of Galaxy Clusters by Combining X-ray and Lensing Data", Bartelmann, M., T.S. Kolatt
dokument.gif MPA 1027
"The age of the most nearby star", Weiss, A., H. Schlattl
dokument.gif MPA 1026
"Detection of shear due to weak lensing by large-scale structure", Schneider, P., L. van Waerbeke, Y. Mellier, B. Jain, S. Seitz, B. Fort
dokument.gif MPA 1025
"The z=2.72 galaxy cB58: a gravitational fold arc lensed by the cluster MS1512+36, Seitz, S., R.P. Saglia, R. Bender, U. Hopp, P. Belloni, B. Ziegler >
dokument.gif MPA 1024
"SN 1987A - Presupernova evolution and the progenitor star", Woosley, S.E., A. Heger, T.A. Weaver, N. Langer
MPA 1023
"Quantitative spectroscopy of the brightest blue supergiant stars in galaxies", Kudritzki, R.-P.
MPA 1022
"Prominence parameters derived from magnetic-field measurements and NLTE diagnostics", Anzer, U., P. Heinzel
dokument.gif MPA 1021
"Pulsations in red supergiants with high L/M ratio implications for the stellar and circumstellar structure of supernova progenitors", Heger, A., L. Teannin, N. Langer, I. Baraffe
dokument.gif MPA 1020
"QSO-galaxy correlations due to weak lensing in arbitrary Friedmann-Lemaitre cosmologies", Dolag, K., M. Bartelmann
dokument.gif MPA 1019
"A two-ion fluid model with gyrotropic pressures for the comet interaction with the solar wind", Gan-Baruch, Z., R. Wegmann, A. Eviatar, H.U. Schmidt
dokument.gif MPA 1018
dokument.gif MPA 1018fig
"Results from a gyrotropic two ion fluid model for the comet interaction with the solar wind", Gan, Baruch, Z., R. Wegmann, A. Eviatar, H.U. Schmidt
dokument.gif MPA 1017
"Evaporation of the accretion disk in dwarf novae during quiescence", Liu, B.F., F. Meyer, E. Meyer-Hofmeister
dokument.gif MPA 1016
"Estimates for the luminosity function of galaxies and its Evolution", Springel, V., S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA 1015
"A galaxy-weighted measure of the relative peculiar velocity dispersion", Davis, M., A. Miller, S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA 1014
"The influence of new opacity data on the vertical structure of accretion disks", Liu, B.F., E. Meyer-Hofmeister
dokument.gif MPA 1013
"The formation and evolution of clusters of galaxies in different cosmogonies", Huss, A., M. Steinmetz
MPA 1012
"The neutrino-induced neutron source in helium shell and r-process nucleosynthesis", Nadyozhin, D.K., I.V. Panov, S.I. Blinnikov
dokument.gif MPA 1011
"Chronology of the halo globular cluster system formation", Salaris, M., A. Weiss
dokument.gif MPA 1010
"The physical origin of galaxy scaling relations", White, S.D.M.
dokument.gif MPA 1009
"Transients among binaries with evolved low-mass companions", King, A.R., J. Frank, U. Kolb, H. Ritter
dokument.gif MPA 1008
"Mass transfer cycles in close binaries with evolved companions", King, A.R., J. Frank, U. Kolb, H. Ritter
dokument.gif MPA 1007
"QSO metal absorption systems at high redshift and the signature of hierarchical galaxy formation", M. Rauch, M.G. Haehnelt, M. Steinmetz
dokument.gif MPA 1006
"The Eddington limit in rotating massive stars", N. Langer
dokument.gif MPA 1005
"A fresh look at axions and SN 1987A", T. Janka, W. Keil, D.N. Schramm, G. Sigl, M.S. Turner, J. Ellis

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