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 Preprints 1996

MPA Scientific Preprints issued in 1996:
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MPA-Number with "e" = available only as electronic file and with "p" = printed as greenreport

dokument.gifMPA 914
"Maximum-likelihood cluster reconstruction", M. Bartelmann, R. Narayan, S. Seitz, P. Schneider
MPA 915
"Overtures to the pulsational instability of ZZ Ceti variables", Gautschy, A., H.-G. Ludwig and B. Freytag
MPA 916
"Very close pairs of quasi-stellar objects", Burbidge, G., F. Hoyle and P. Schneider
MPA 917
"Detection of (dark) matter concentrations via weak gravitational lensing", Schneider, P.
MPA 918
"An implicit Lagrangian code for spherically symmetric general relativistic hydrodynamics with an approximate Riemann solver", Yamada, S.
MPA 919
"The mass distribution of CL0939+4713 obtained from a `weak' lensing analysis of a WFPC2 Image", Seitz, C., J.-P. Kneib, P. Schneider and S. Seitz
MPA 920
"Deep radio observation of the gravitational lens candidate QSO~3245+007", Patnaik, A.R., P. Schneider, R. Narayan
MPA 921
"Steps towards nonlinear cluster inversion through gravitational distortions: III. Including a redshift distribution of the sources", Seitz, C. and P. Schneider
dokument.gifMPA 922
"Reanalysis of the association of high-redshift 1-Jansky quasars with IRAS galaxies", A. Bartsch, P. Schneider, M. Bartelmann
dokument.gifMPA 923
"Arcs from a universal dark-matter halo profile", M. Bartelmann
MPA 924
"The mixing-length parameter for solar-type convection zones inferred from hydrodynamical models of the surface layer", Ludwig, H.-G., B. Freytag, M. Steffen and J. Wagenhuber
MPA 925
"Hot luminous stars in nearby galaxies", Kudritzki, R.-P., D.J. Lennon, S.M. Haser, J. Puls, A.W.A. Pauldrach and K. Venn
MPA 926
"The lightcurve reconstruction method for measuring the time delay of gravitational lens systems", Geiger, B. and P. Schneider
dokument.gifMPA 927
"Gravitational radiation from convective instabilities in type II supernova explosions", Müller, E. and H.-Th. Janka
MPA 928
"Quantitative analysis of galaxy-galaxy lensing", Schneider, P. and H.-W. Rix
dokument.gifMPA 929
"Magnetohydrodynamic Jets and winds from accretion disks", H.C. Spruit
MPA 930
"Violent relaxation in hierarchical clustering", White, S.D.M.
MPA 931
"The far-infrared continuum spectrum of the Milky Way explained by a dust and gas model", Schäfer, J.
dokument.gif MPA 932
"The level of agreement between theoretical and observed globular cluster luminosity functions", Degl'Innocenti, S., A. Weiss and L. Leone
MPA 933
"A revised period-luminosity relation for carbon Miras", Groenewegen, M.A.T.
MPA 934
"The correlation function of clusters of galaxies and the amplitude of mass fluctuations in the universe", Mo, H.J., Y.P. Jing and S.D.M. White
dokument.gifMPA 935
"Boron in main sequence B stars: a critical test for rotational mixing", Fliegner, J., N. Langer and K.A. Venn
dokument.gifMPA 936
"Supernovae and their progenitors", Langer, N. and S.W. Woosley
dokument.gifMPA 937
"A comparison of X-ray and strong-lensing properties of simulated X-ray clusters", M. Bartelmann, M. Steinmetz
MPA 938
"High-order correlations of peaks and halos: a step toward understanding galaxy biasing", Mo, H.J., Y.P. Jing and S.D.M. White
dokument.gifMPA 939
"Global analysis of mass transfer cycles in cataclysmic variables", A.R. King, J. Frank, U. Kolb and H. Ritter
MPA 940
"Pulsar recoil due to asymmetry of rotating supernova explosion", Imshennik, V.S., D.V. Popov
dokument.gif MPA 941
"Could intermediate-mass AGB stars produce star-to-star abundance variations in globular-cluster red giants? Denissenkov, P.A., J. Wagenhuber and A. Weiss
dokument.gifMPA 942
"The structure and dynamical evolution of dark matter halos", Tormen, G., F.R. Bouchet, S.D.M. White
MPA 943
"Equation of state of a Fermi gas: Approximations for various degrees of relativism and degeneracy", Blinnikov, S.I., N.V. Dunina-Barkovskaya and D.K. Nadyozhin
dokument.gifMPA 944
"Stationary hydrodynamic models of Wolf-Rayet stars with optically thick winds", Heger, A. and N. Langer
dokument.gif MPA 945
"Coalescing neutron stars - gravitational waves from polytropic models", Ruffert, M., M. Rampp and H.-Th.\ Janka
MPA 946
"Is 1E1740.7-2942 inside the dense molecular cloud? Constraints from ASCA Data", Churazov, E., M. Gilfanov and R. Sunyaev
MPA 947
"Gaseous galactic halos and QSO absorption line systems", Mo, H.J. and J. Miralda-Escud\'e
MPA 948
"Supernova theory: An overview", W. Hillebrandt
"Type Ia supernovae: Flame physics and models", Woosley, S.E.
"Turbulence and thermonuclear burning", Hillebrandt, W. and J.C. Niemeyer
dokument.gif"Microscopic and macroscopic modeling of thermonuclear burning fronts",
Niemeyer, J.C., and W. Hillebrandt
"The late emission of thermonuclear supernovae", Ruiz-Lapuente, P.
dokument.gif MPA 949
"An analytic study of Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion", Foglizzo, T., and M. Ruffert
MPA 950
"Dwarf nova outbursts in truncated accretion discs: Down with low alphas", Warner, B., M. Livio and C.A. Tout
dokument.gifMPA 951
"Convection in stellar envelopes: a changing paradigm", Spruit, H.C.
MPA 952
"Revised spectral types for 64 B-supergiants in the small Magellanic Cloud: Metallicity effects", Lennon, D.J.
MPA 953
"The effects of a photoionizing UV background on the formation of disk galaxies", Navarro, J.F. and M. Steinmetz
MPA 954
"The chemical composition near the galactic centre - a study of four blue supergiants", Smartt, S.J., P.L. Dufton and D.J. Lennon
dokument.gif MPA 955
"Non-axisymmetric wind-accretion simulations. I. Velocity gradients of 3% and 20% over one accretion radius", Ruffert, M.
MPA 956
"Analytic description of five-minute oscillations of the sun", Inogamov, N.A.
dokument.gif MPA 957
"Coalescing neutron stars - a step towards physical models. II. Neutrino emission, neutron tori, and gamma-ray bursts", Ruffert, M., H.-Th. Janka, K. Takahashi, G. Schäfer
MPA 958
"The nature and observability of protogalaxies", White, S.D.M.
MPA 959
"On the microlensing optical depth of the galactic bar", Zhao, H., S. Mao
MPA 960
"IRC+10~210 revisited I: the circumstellar dust shell", Groenewegen, M.A.T.
dokument.gifMPA 961
"Lectures on gravitational lensing", R. Narayan, M. Bartelmann
MPA 962
"Constraints on the cosmic structure formation models from early formation of giant galaxies", Mo, H.J., M. Fukugita
MPA 963
"A consistent microlensing model for the galactic bar", Zhao, H., R.M. Rich, D.N. Spergel
MPA 964
"UV observations of dwarf novae in quiescence - effects of evaporation?", La Dous, C., F. Meyer, E. Meyer-Hofmeister
MPA 965
"I. X-ray sources $<$ 1 degree from Seyfert galaxies", Radecke, H.D.
"II. Identification of X-ray sources $< 1^\circ$ from Seyfert galaxies", Arp, H.
dokument.gif MPA 966
"Off-center deflagration in Chandrasekhar mass SN Ia models", Niemeyer, J., W. Hillebrandt, and S.E. Woosley
MPA 967
"Detection of strong evolution in the population of early-type galaxies", Kauffmann, G. S. Charlot, S.D.M. White
dokument.gifMPA 968
"The thermonuclear explosion of Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfs", J.C. Niemeyer, S.E. Woosley
dokument.gifMPA 968
"Neutron-rich nucleosynthesis in carbon deflagration supernovae", S.E. Woosley
dokument.gifMPA 969
"Type Ib and Ic supernovae: Models and spectra", S.E. Woosley, S.E., R.G. Eastman
dokument.gifMPA 970
"The age of cataclysmic variables", U. Kolb, R. Stehle
dokument.gifMPA 971
"Ledoux convection in protoneutron stars - a clue to supernova nucleosynthesis?", Keil, W., H.-Th. Janka, E. Müller
MPA 972
"Scattering of X-ray Emission Lines by the Neutral and Molecular Hydrogen in the Sun's Atmosphere and in the Vicinity of Active Galactic Nuclei and Compact Sources", Sunyaev, R., E. Churazov
dokument.gifMPA 973
"Aperture multipole moments from weak gravitational lensing", P. Schneider, M. Bartelmann
MPA 974
"A Critical Investigation on the Discrepancy between the Observational and Theoretical Red Giant Luminosity Function `Bump'", Cassisi, S., M. Salaris
MPA 975
"The Cooling of C-O White Dwarfs: Influence of the internal chemical Distribution", Salaris, M., I. Dominguez, E. Garcia-Berro, M. Hernanz, J. Isern, R. Mochkovitch
dokument.gifMPA 976
"Dynamics and Gravitational Wave Signature of Axisymmetric Rotational Core Collapse", Zwerger, T., E. Müller
dokument.gifMPA 977
"Oxygen Isotopes from Massive Stars", Langer, N.
dokument.gifMPA 978
"Nucleosynthesis in Rotating Massive Stars", Langer, N., J. Fliegner, A. Heger, S.W. Woosley
MPA 979
"The Structure of the Accretion Disk Rim - Supersoft X-ray sources", Meyer-Hofmeister, E., S. Schandl, F. Meyer
dokument.gifMPA 980
"Non-Equilibrium Effects on Line-of Sight Size Estimates of QSO Absorption Systems", Haehnelt, M.G., M. Rauch, M. Steinmetz
dokument.gifMPA 981
"Modelling Population II Cataclysmic Variables", R. Stehle, U. Kolb, H. Ritter
dokument.gifMPA 982
"The stream impact region in the disk of WZ Sge", Spruit, H.C., R.G.M. Rutten
"Numerical models of protoneutron stars and type-II supernovae - recent developments", Janka, H.-Th.
MPA 984
"Two-body heating in numerical galaxy formation experiments", Steinmetz, M., S.D.M. White
MPA 985
"The X-ray Emission from Shock Cooling Zones in O-Star Winds", Feldmeier, A., R.-P. Kudritzki, R. Palsa, A.W.A. Pauldrach, J. Puls
MPA 986
"Torques and Instabilities in Intermediate Polars", Warner, B.
dokument.gif MPA 987
"New theoretical yields of intermediate mass stars", van den Hoek, L.B., M.A.T. Groenewegen
MPA 988
"Illumination in Binaries", Hameury, J.-M., H. Ritter
MPA 989
"SNe Ia: On the Binary Progenitors and expected Statistics", Ruis-Lapuente, P., A. Burkert, R. Canal
"Dormant Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Deactivated by Type Ia Supernovae", Burkert, A., P. Ruiz-Lapuente
dokument.gif MPA 990
"A solar model with improved subatmospheric stratification", Schlattl, H., A. Weiss, H.-G. Ludwig
dokument.gifMPA 991
"The rise and fall of satellites in galaxy clusters", Tormen, G.
MPA 992
"Analytical approximations to the low-order statistics of dark matter distributions", Mo, H.J., Y.P. Jing, G. Börner
MPA 993
"Spectral diagnostics of luminous blue supergiants", Kudritzki, R.P.
MPA 994
"Dark halo mergers and the formation of a universal profile", Syer, D., S.D.M. White
MPA 995
"Search for correlations between COBE DMR and ROSAT PSPC all-sky survey DATA", Kneissl, R., R. Egger, G. Hasinger, A.M. Soltan, J. Trümper
MPA 996
"Winds in the atmospheres of central stars of planetary nebulae", Kudritzki, R.P., R.H. Mendez, J. Puls, J.K. McCarthy
MPA 997
"A universal density profile from hierarchial clustering", Navarro, J., C.S. Frenk, S.D.M. White
MPA 998
"Anisotropies in the distribution of satellite galaxies", Zaritsky, ?., R. Smith, C.S. Frenk, S.D.M. White
dokument.gif MPA 999
"Primordial nucleosynthesis with massive $\tau$ neutrinos", J.B. Rehm, G.G. Raffelt, A. Weiss
dokument.gifMPA 1000
The age of the oldest globular clusters", Salaris, M., S. Degl'Innocenti and A. Weiss
MPA 1001
"More satellites of spiral galaxies", Zaritsky, D., R. Smith, C.S. Frenk and S.D.M. White
MPA 1002
"Cosmological model predictions for weak lensing: linear and nonlinear regimes", Jain, B. and U. Seljak
MPA 1003
"Clustering of galaxies in the Hubble deep field", Villumsen, J.V., W. Freudling and L.N. da Costa
dokument.gifMPA 1004
"Formation of the outer ring of SN 1987A", Meyer, F.

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