Strong Lensing Group

Research Focus

Our goal is to use strong gravitational lensing observations to derive observational constraints on the nature of dark matter and its interplay with baryonic processes, quantify star formation and AGN activity at cosmologically interesting epochs on sub-kpc scales and quantify the role of magnetic fields in distant galaxies. If you are interested in joining us, contact Simona Vegetti.

Current Members

Simona Vegetti
Aleksandra Grudskaia
Benjamin Holzschuh
Conor O'Riordan
Devon Powell
Maryam Tajalli

Former Members

Aniruddh Herle


Angular complexity in strong lens substructure detection.
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Selection functions of strong lens finding neural networks.
Herle et al., submitted to MNRAS

Sensitivity of strong lensing observations to dark matter substructure: a case study with Euclid.
O' Riordan et al. (2023), MNRAS, 521, 2342

Realistic galaxy images and improved robustness in machine learning tasks from generative modelling.
Holzschuh et al. (2022), MNRAS, 515, 652