Strong Lensing Group

We are an independent Lise Meitner
research group within the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

Strong Lensing
at MPA

We make use of the effect of strong gravitational lensing to answer long-standing astrophyical questions.
Our approach combines the development of lens modelling codes and high-angular resolution data from optical imaging and radio/mm/sub-mm interferometeric observations.

2018 - 2023


ERC-funded project focused on the analysis of VLBI observations in total intensity and polarisation.

Since 2010


A panchromatic program that aims at collecting a large sample of galaxy-scale gravitational lens systems observed with high angular resolution using state-of-the-art observing facilities such as HST, Keck adaptive optics, global VLBI and ALMA.

Since 2009

Lens Modelling

We are interested in high-precision lens modelling of high-angular resolution data from optical imaging and radio interferometry. We make use of Machine Learning-based techniques to take adavantage of the several new lens systems that will soon be discovered by the Euclid mission. Our codes are not publicly available, but we are open to new collaborations. If you are interested, get in touch.