My research work focuses on cosmological simulations in the context of data analysis for large galaxy surveys. In particular, I work on modelling galaxy clustering and weak lensing observables and their statistical properties using simulations.

I am member of the Euclid Consortium, for which I produced large galaxy mock catalogues for testing the performances of the Euclid satellite, in collaboration with the Spanish Euclid data center at PIC.

I am part of the Exploring Dark Energy through Cosmic Structures project, for which I develop numerical methods to perform cosmological simulations of clustering dark energy scenarios.


  • Cosmology
  • Large Scale Structure
  • Computational methods
  • Dark Energy


  • PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2015

    Observatory of Paris, France

  • MSc in Astrophysics & Cosmology, 2012

    University of Bologna, Italy

  • BSc in Astronomy, 2007

    University of Bologna, Italy



Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Astrophysiscs

October 2018 – Present Garching, Germany

Postdoctoral researcher

Institute of Space Sciences

November 2015 – September 2018 Barcelona, Spain

Recent Publications

Cosmological model parameter dependence of the matter power spectrum covariance from the DEUS-PUR Cosmo simulations

Future galaxy surveys will provide accurate measurements of the matter power spectrum across an unprecedented range of scales and …

The modified gravity lightcone simulation project I: Statistics of matter and halo distributions

We introduce a set of four very high resolution cosmological simulations for exploring f ( R ) f(R) -gravity, with 2048 3 2048^3 …

Assessment of the Information Content of the Power Spectrum and Bispectrum

The covariance matrix of the matter and halo power spectrum and bispectrum are studied. Using a large suite of simulations, we find …

Non-Linear Matter Power Spectrum Covariance Matrix Errors and Cosmological Parameter Uncertainties

The covariance matrix of the matter power spectrum is a key element of the statistical analysis of galaxy clustering data. Independent …

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