From MPA to "Augustiner am Dom"

On Wednesday, October 16, we will have a social dinner at "Augustiner am Dom," Frauenplatz 8, which is very close to the U6 station "Marienplatz." We will start at 19:30 (7:30PM). It takes about 30 minutes from Garching Forschungszentrum.

The dinner will be on the third floor of Augustiner am Dom. Here, the "third floor" means the German second floor. Depending on what you are used to:

  • If your "first floor" means the ground floor: please go to the third floor.
  • If your "first floor" does not mean the ground floor but the floor above the ground: please go to the second floor.  

Of course, the restrant says "2nd St." (Zweiten Stock; meaning the second floor) for our floor, so feel relaxed when you find that sign. You are on the right floor.

From MPA to Augustiner am Dom

  1. Take a train for "Klinikum-Großhadern." 
  2. Get off the train at "Marienplatz." 
  3. Walk toward the exit "Weinstraße." If you come from north, you walk to the left (i.e., toward north) as soon as you get off the train. Then take a long escalator to the upper floor, turn left, and you will find the exit "Weinstraße."
  4. Once you exit the train station, turn left and walk down south on Weinstraße. You should see the city hall (Rathaus) on your left.
  5. Turn right onto Sporerstraße.   
  6. Keep going straight until you find "Augustiner am Dom" on your left!