CLASS/MontePython Lecture Instructions

Dear Participants of the workshop on Tools for Cosmology,

We will start this Monday at 9:45 sharp in the NEW MPA lecture hall. In addition to the workshop webpage,

we have set up a Dropbox folder that can be viewed at the URL

where we will put progressively all the material of the course: lecture slides, exercises, solutions of the exercises, useful pieces of code beyond CLASS and Monte Python, etc. You can already see there the slides of the first 3 CLASS lectures, the text of the first two CLASS exercises and the slides of the first Monte Python lecture.

We would save time if a majority of participants could download and compile the codes CLASS and Monte Python in advance. Here are a few details.

1) we will assume that everybody has CLASS v2.1.1. The code can be downloaded from the web page
The code compilation is very straightforward, unless you have a prehistoric or unusual version of C (for instance, all gcc versions 4.2 or higher will work). Details on unpacking the downloaded file and compiling the code can be found on the top of the CLASS webpage, in the brief section called Documentation.If you are familiar with GitHub, you will prefer to download the code from the public GitHub repository (from our point of view, this is the same).

2) we will also assume that everybody has Monte Python v2.0.1. The code can be downloaded from the public GitHub repository or from the web page (it's the same). In the GitHub webpage, click on the link to the .zip or tar.gz package of version 2.0.1.Before using Monte Python, you must check that you have the correct version of python, with the necessary modules installed, and you must also compile the python wrapper of the CLASS code. All these steps are explained on the wiki
The most tricky step is the compilation of the class wrapper, which can be delicate on Mac, especially with OS 10.9. If despite of the wiki, you cannot solve some problems, do not hesitate to write to

We look forward to meeting you on Monday!

Benjamin Audren, Julien Lesgourgues, Miguel Zumalacarregui