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linkPfeil.gif The 3-dimensional structure of a sunspot
December 2005
Henk Spruit, Göran Scharmer

linkPfeil.gif Can Buoyant Bubbles Heat the Cores of Clusters of Galaxies?
November 2005
Debora Sijacki, Volker Springel

linkPfeil.gif Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: Death Throes of Merging Neutron Stars
October 2005
R. Oechslin, H.-Th. Janka

linkPfeil.gif A Violation of Cosmological Isotropy?
September 2005
T. R. Jaffe, A. J. Banday

linkPfeil.gif Magnetic Turbulence in the Hearts of Clusters of Galaxies
August 2005
T. Enßlin, C. Vogt

linkPfeil.gif Abundance Stratification in Type Ia Supernovae
July 2005
M. Stehle, P.A. Mazzali, W. Hillebrandt

linkPfeil.gif Annihilation of positrons in the Galaxy
May 2005
E. Churazov, R. Sunyaev, S. Sazonov, M. Revnivtsev

linkPfeil.gif The parallel lives of super-massive black holes and their host galaxies
April 2005
Andrea Merloni

linkPfeil.gif Discovery of the binary companion of Tycho Brahe's supernova
March 2005
Search for the companion star of Tycho Brahe's supernova reveals the triggerer of the explosion.

linkPfeil.gif Colliding galaxies light up dormant black holes
February 2005
German-American team of astrophysicists studies the growth of supermassive black holes in simulations of merging galaxies. The scientists show how energy input from quasars regulates the growth of black holes and their host galaxies.

linkPfeil.gif Hysteresis in spectral state transitions of accreting black holes
February 2005
E. Meyer-Hofmeister, F. Meyer, B.F. Liu

linkPfeil.gif Integral rolls back history of Milky Way's super-massive black hole
January 2005
The centre of our galaxy has been known for years to host a black hole, a 'super-massive' yet very quiet one. New observations with Integral, ESA's gamma-ray observatory, have now revealed that 350 years ago the black hole was much more active, releasing a million times more energy than at present. Scientists expect that it will become active again in the future.

linkPfeil.gif Searching for Fossil Star Streams in Nearby Galaxies
January 2005
Annette Ferguson

linkPfeil.gif Observing reionization with a radio telescope
December 2004
Benedetta Ciardi

linkPfeil.gif Tramp stars in the intergalactic space within galaxy clusters: records of a violent history
November 2004
Stefano Zibetti

linkPfeil.gif Three-dimensional simulations of Type Ia supernova explosions
October 2004
Friedrich Röpke, Wolfgang Hillebrandt

linkPfeil.gif Short Gamma-Ray Bursts -- New Models Shed Light on Enigmatic Explosions
September 2004
H.-Thomas Janka, M.A. Aloy, E. Müller

linkPfeil.gif Integral discovers unusual kind of gamma-ray burst
August 2004
Using the ESA satellite "Integral", a international team of astronomers has discovered a new type of weak gamma-ray burst.

linkPfeil.gif The largest N-body simulation of the universe
August 2004
Volker Springel

linkPfeil.gif Low Mass Black Holes Still Grow Today
July 2004
Guinevere Kauffmann

linkPfeil.gif The outermost stellar haloes of galaxies
June 2004
Stefano Zibetti, Simon D. M. White, Annette M. N. Ferguson

linkPfeil.gif The chemical evolution of galaxy clusters and of the galaxies within them
May 2004
Gabriella De Lucia

linkPfeil.gif Looking into the heart of a supernova
April 2004
Ewald Müller

linkPfeil.gif The magnetic fields of A-stars and white dwarfs explained
March 2004
Jonathan Braithwaite, Henk Spruit

linkPfeil.gif RXTE 3-20 keV all sky survey, Statistical properties of local AGNs
February 2004
Mikhail Revnivtsev, Sergey Sazonov, Marat Gilfanov

linkPfeil.gif Protons with Horsepowers: On the Traces of the Universe's Highest Energy Particles
January 2004
Torsten Enßlin, Francesco Miniati, Günter Sigl

linkPfeil.gif Can we see the dark matter?
December 2003
Felix Stoehr, Simon D. M. White, Volker Springel und Giuseppe Tormen

linkPfeil.gif Galaxy Clusters when the Universe was Middle Aged
November 2003
Gregory Rudnick

linkPfeil.gif Neutron Stars as Cannonballs
October 2003
Hans-Thomas Janka, Konstantinos Kifonidis, Ewald Müller, Leonhard Scheck, Tomek Plewa

linkPfeil.gif Glowing in the Cold - New Theory for Mysterious Shining in Clusters of Galaxies
September 2003
Christoph Pfrommer, Torsten Enßlin;

linkPfeil.gif A Jet is a Jet, Big or Small: Scale Invariance of Black Hole Jets
August 2003
Sebastian Heinz, Andrea Merloni, Rashid Sunyaev, Tiziana DiMatteo

linkPfeil.gif High-mass X-ray Binaries as a Star Formation Rate Indicator
July 2003
Hans-Jakob Grimm

linkPfeil.gif Supernova Simulations Still Defy Explosions
June 2003
Robert Buras, Konstantinos Kifonidis, Markus Rampp, Hans-Thomas Janka

linkPfeil.gif Intergalactic Medium Reionization after WMAP Observations
May 2003
B. Ciardi

linkPfeil.gif Strong X-ray variability of black holes - a puzzle or natural phenomenon?
April 2003
E. Churazov, M. Gilfanov, M. Revnivtsev

linkPfeil.gif Frozen accretion and spectacular X-ray bursts from the black hole in our Galactic Center
March 2003
Sergei Nayakshin

linkPfeil.gif Does the black hole in the center of our Galaxy rotate clockwise?
February 2003
Torsten Enßlin

linkPfeil.gif The Connection Between Active Galactic Nuclei and Starbursts
January 2003
Guinevere Kauffmann

linkPfeil.gif The Physics of Type Ia Supernova Explosions: A new European Research and Training Network
Paolo Mazzali, Wolfgang Hillebrandt; December 2002

linkPfeil.gif Decrypting high-resolution Galaxy Spectra
Stephane Charlot; November 2002
Cosmology Group

linkPfeil.gif The cosmic star formation history
Volker Springel; October 2002

linkPfeil.gif Scientists from around the world discuss supernovae in Garching
Jens Niemeyer; September 2002

linkPfeil.gif Thermonuclear Flames in Type Ia Supernova Explosions - A Microscopic View
Friedrich Röpke, Jens Niemeyer, Wolfgang Hillebrandt; August 2002

linkPfeil.gif M87: Viewing the cnav Hole Feeding
Tiziana Di Matteo; July 2002

linkPfeil.gif Galaxy - Dark Matter Connection
Frank van den Bosch; June 2002

linkPfeil.gif Cosmic Rays as Messengers from Black Holes
Sebastian Heinz; May 2002

linkPfeil.gif Studying Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Guinevere Kauffmann; April 2002

linkPfeil.gif Intergalactic Weather Station Reports Shock Wave
Torsten Enßlin; March 2002

linkPfeil.gif Magnetic fields as cause for gamma-ray bursts
Georg Drenkhahn, Henk Spruit; February 2002

linkPfeil.gif An Obscure Ingredient of Galaxy Clusters
Klaus Dolag; January 2002

linkPfeil.gif Strong Flashing light from the black hole in KV UMa
Henk Spruit (MPA), Gottfried Kanbach (MPE); December 2001

linkPfeil.gif Gravitational wave bursts from core collapse supernovae
Harald Dimmelmeier, José A. Font, Ewald Müller, Markus Rampp; November 2001

linkPfeil.gif Hot and very hot gas around black holes
Henk Spruit, Bernhard Deufel, Kees Dullemond; October 2001

linkPfeil.gif Lighthouses of the Universe
Rashid Sunyaev, Marat Gilfanov, Eugene Churazov; September 2001

linkPfeil.gif Quasars and the Cosmic Distance Scale
Halton Arp; August 2001

linkPfeil.gif Simulating the Local Galaxy Population
Hugues Mathis, Volker Springel, Guinevere Kauffmann, Simon White; July 2001

linkPfeil.gif Unveiling the Gas Distribution in the Early Universe
Matteo Viel, H.J. Mo; June 2001

linkPfeil.gif Old stars telling about the Big Bang
Achim Weiss; May 2001

linkPfeil.gif Gas Disks Surrounding Binary Stars
Henk Spruit, Friedrich Meyer; April 2001

linkPfeil.gif Radio Ghosts in Galaxy Cluster Collisions
Torsten Enßlin, Marcus Brüggen ; March 2001

linkPfeil.gif How do Massive Stars Explode?
H.-Thomas Janka; February 2001

linkPfeil.gif Unveiling the secrets of the radio source 3C120
Miguel A. Aloy, Ewald Müller; January 2001

linkPfeil.gif Supermassive Black Holes Power Galactic Outflows
Alexei Kritsuk, Tomasz Plewa, Ewald Müller; December 2000

linkPfeil.gif Mixing through shear instabilities
Marcus Brüggen, Wolfgang Hillebrandt; November 2000

linkPfeil.gif Self-interacting dark matter
Naoki Yoshida, Simon White; October 2000

linkPfeil.gif A Unified Model for the Evolution of Galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei
Martin Haehnelt, Guinevere Kauffmann; September 2000

linkPfeil.gif The Microwave Background and the Planck Mission
M. Bartelmann; August 2000

linkPfeil.gif Longterm Evolution of Extragalactic Jets
L. Scheck, E. Müller, J.-M. Marti; July 2000

linkPfeil.gif Type Ia Supernova Simulations
M. Reinecke, W. Hillebrandt; June 2000

linkPfeil.gif Historical Supernovae
B.Aschenbach (MPE), G.Börner (MPA), Q.B.Li (Beijing Observatory); May 2000

linkPfeil.gif Accretion onto Black Holes
Philip Armitage, Kees Dullemond; April 2000

linkPfeil.gif Relativistic jets from collapsars and gamma-ray bursts
Miguel Angel Aloy, Ewald Müller; March 2000

linkPfeil.gif Triggered planet formation in massive protoplanetary discs
Philip Armitage; February 2000

linkPfeil.gif The convective URCA process in white dwarfs
M.Brüggen, A.Kercek; January 2000

linkPfeil.gif Deep Impact from Extragalactic Space: Debris from a Shattered Galaxy discovered in the Sun's Backyard
A. Helmi, S.D.M. White, P.T. DeZeeuw, H. Zhao; December 1999
taken from the MPG press release

linkPfeil.gif Nucleosynthesis and Instabilities in Core Collapse Supernovae
K.Kifonidis, T. Plewa, H.-Th. Janka, E. Müller; November 1999

linkPfeil.gif Comets in the solar wind
R.Wegmann; October 1999

linkPfeil.gif Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters
K. Dolag, M. Bartelmann, H. Lesch; September 1999

linkPfeil.gif First Mass-Selected Dark Matter Halo
Th.Erben, P.Schneider; August 1999

linkPfeil.gif Gamma-ray burst afterglows
M.Gilfanov, R.Burenin; July 1999

linkPfeil.gif Solar Neutrinos
H. Schlattl, A. Weiss; June 1999

linkPfeil.gif Interacting and Merging Galaxies
V. Springel, S. D. M. White; May 1999

linkPfeil.gif The Large-scale Distribution of Galaxies
A. Diaferio, G. Kauffmann; Apr. 1999
Cosmology Group

linkPfeil.gif Thermonuclear Fusion of Hydrogen in Classical Novae
A. Kercek, W. Hillebrandt; Mar. 1999

linkPfeil.gif Neutral iron Kalpha diagnostic -- X-ray archaeology
E. Churazov, M. Gilfanov, R. Sunyaev; Feb. 1999

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