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linkPfeil.gif Our Galaxy and its stellar halo
December 2008
Gabriella De Lucia

linkPfeil.gif Solar prominences: the need for dynamical modelling
November 2008
Ulrich Anzer

linkPfeil.gif Cosmography
October 2008
Franciso S. Kitaura, Jens Jasche, Cheng Li, Torsten A. Enßlin

September 2008
Scott Tremaine

Picture Credit: © 2002
linkPfeilExtern.gifSky & Telescope

linkPfeil.gif Galactic wind in the bulge of the Andromeda galaxy
August 2008
Akos Bogdan, Marat Gilfanov

linkPfeil.gif What Dark Matter should look like
July 2008
Mark Vogelsberger, Simon White, Amina Helmi, Volker Springel

linkPfeil.gif What can the cosmological recombination radiation tell us about the thermal history of the Universe?
June 2008
J. Chluba and R.A. Sunyaev

linkPfeil.gif Measuring invisible pressure with optical and X-ray data
May 2008
Eugene Churazov, William Forman, Alexey Vikhlinin, Scott Tremaine, Ortwin Gerhard, Christine Jones

linkPfeil.gif Searching for observational evidence of QSO feedback
April 2008
Vivienne Wild, Guinevere Kauffmann, Simon White

linkPfeil.gif Connecting star formation and black hole accretion with galaxy-galaxy interactions
March 2008
Cheng Li

linkPfeil.gif Elemental fingerprints of the oldest stars
February 2008
Martin Asplund

linkPfeil.gif A close look at solar granulation
January 2008
Friedrich Kupka, Herbert J. Muthsam, Christof Obertscheider, Florian Zaussinger

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