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 Scientific Publications
linkPfeil.gif MPA Preprints
MPA preprints are available for the years 1995-present. This page also includes instructions for authors.

linkPfeil.gif Astronomical Library (Intranet only)
The MPA and the MPE share a large and fully stocked astronomical library, which is housed in the MPA building.

linkPfeil.gif MPA Data Archive
MPA Data Archive contains data in electronic form which belong to MPA publications.

linkPfeil.gif Poster Gallery
Browse here for a few posters recently presented at conferences.

linkPfeil.gif Proceedings
Click here to browse proceedings from past astrophysics conferences.

linkPfeil.gif Currrent Research Highlights
Go to the Scientific Research section to browse through short articles highlighting current MPA research topics. Updated monthly.

linkPfeil.gif Popular Science Articles

Popular articles published by MPA authors in newspapers, magazines, tv programs...

linkPfeil.gif Further Publications

can be found on the pages of the individual research groups.

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