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extNODE Struct Reference

#include <allvars.h>

Data Fields

float hmax
float vs [3]

Detailed Description

< this structure holds additional tree-node information which is not needed in the actual gravity computation

Definition at line 588 of file allvars.h.

Field Documentation

float extNODE::hmax

maximum SPH smoothing length in node. Only used for gas particles

Definition at line 590 of file allvars.h.

Referenced by force_update_node_hmax_local(), force_update_node_hmax_toptree(), force_update_node_recursive(), and ngb_treefind_pairs().

float extNODE::vs[3]

center-of-mass velocity

Definition at line 591 of file allvars.h.

Referenced by advance_and_find_timesteps(), force_exchange_pseudodata(), force_treeupdate_pseudos(), force_update_node_recursive(), and move_particles().

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