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GADGET-2 File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
accel.c [code]Driver routine to carry out force computation
allocate.c [code]Routines for allocating particle and tree storage
allvars.c [code]Instances of all global variables
allvars.h [code]Declares global variables
begrun.c [code]Initial set-up of a simulation run
density.c [code]SPH density computation and smoothing length determination
domain.c [code]Code for domain decomposition
driftfac.c [code]Compute loop-up tables for prefactors in cosmological integration
endrun.c [code]Termination of simulation
forcetree.c [code]Gravitational tree and code for Ewald correction
global.c [code]Computes global physical properties of the system
gravtree.c [code]Main driver routines for gravitational (short-range) force computation
gravtree_forcetest.c [code]Routines for direct summation forces
hydra.c [code]Computation of SPH forces and rate of entropy generation
init.c [code]Code for initialisation of a simulation from initial conditions
io.c [code]Routines for producing a snapshot file on disk
longrange.c [code]Driver routines for computation of long-range gravitational PM force
main.c [code]Start of the program
ngb.c [code]Neighbour search by means of the tree
peano.c [code]Routines to compute a Peano-Hilbert order
pm_nonperiodic.c [code]Code for non-periodic FFT to compute long-range PM force
pm_periodic.c [code]Routines for periodic PM-force computation
potential.c [code]Computation of the gravitational potential of particles
predict.c [code]Drift particles by a small time interval
proto.h [code]This file contains all function prototypes of the code
read_ic.c [code]Read initial conditions in one of Gadget's file formats
restart.c [code]Code for reading and writing restart files
run.c [code]Iterates over timesteps, main loop
system.c [code]Miscellaneous routines, e.g. elapsed time measurements
tags.h [code]Declares various tags for labelling MPI messages
timestep.c [code]Routines for 'kicking' particles in momentum space and assigning new timesteps

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