Creating a Debian package for gadget2

From: Ole Streicher <>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2015 11:22:13 +0100


I am currently preparing a Debian package for gadget2 [1], and I have a
few qestions:

There are basically two homepages:

which seem quite similar. However, the first one offers
"gadget-2.0.7.tar.gz" (and an n-genic.tar.gz IC code), but the second
one just a "gadget2.tar.gz" (and no iC-code). Which one is the recent one?

Second question is about HDF-5. I could compile the code with the Debian
version of hdf5 (1.8.8) when I apply the -DH5_USE_16_API flag. Is this
OK or will it run into problems?

Finally, the example ICs that come with the code seem to be a problem
for the packaging: Debian requires that everything is built from the
sources, but the source of these files seems to be not distributed with
the package, right? Is there a way to re-generate them somehow?
Otherwise, I would need to leave them out, which would make it much
harder for a beginner to start.

The packaging is done in a git repository [2]. If you have any hints or
comments regarding the packaging, please let me know.

Best regards


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