Parameters for cluster and galaxy

From: Michael Hansen <>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:36:08 +0100


I have a quick question about some of the parameters in the cluster.param
and galaxy.param files, in the models supplied with Gadget2.

When I try to run the parameterfiles as they are (having changes the
relevant directories), either Gadget2 complains (error) or the model stalls
at the initial memory allocation.

If I try to change the paramenters that have 0 (zero) value, for the
cluster model it will complain that the Omega value are wrong, unless I
tweak the boxsize to a precise value.
The model then runs, but if I try to output the result using the script, some of the box (about 3/4) are missing.

When I do the same with the galaxy model, it will run with arbitrary values
in the cosmological parameters, but trying to visualize the model using the script, will again only show 1/4 of the view.

What should I do?

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