Tabulated power spectrum and IC

From: Matt Leo <>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 16:01:03 +0200

I was trying to generate some initial conditions using N-genIC. I would like to use a tabulated power spectrum (say, at z=50). I created a file with the following format "log_10 (k) log_10( 4 Pi k^3 P(k) )" with P(k) tabulated by CAMB. However, I am experiencing a problem:

if I choose "ReNormalizeInputSpectrum = 1 ", the N-genIC code returns the error
gsl: qag.c:248: ERROR: roundoff error prevents tolerance from being achievedDefault GSL error handler invoked.Abort
This error doesn't occur if I use a "normal" format "k P(k)" or if I set to zero the normalization.Has anyone an idea of the source of this problem?Thanks a lot,Matteo
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