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MPA Cosmology Seminar


MPA New Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

In each seminar there are typically two talks of 30 min each (25 min of presentation followed by 5 min of discussion). Other schedules may be arranged upon request. If you are interested in giving a talk, then please contact Simona Vegetti , Rob Yates or Alex Barreira .

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
July 31 Jabran Zahid (CfA Harvard): Shining a light on Dark Matter Denise Schmitz (Caltech): TBA
July 24 Mike Grudic (Caltech): The Role of Stellar Feedback in Star Cluster Formation Long Wang (MPA): TBA
July 17 Randa Asa'd (American Uni of Sharjah) : Young LMC clusters: the role of red supergiants and multiple stellar populations in their integrated light and CMDs -
July 10 Akshay Rana (University of Delhi) : Bounds on Graviton mass using weak lensing and SZ effect in Galaxy clusters Chirag Modi (UC Berkeley) : Cosmological Reconstruction from LSS Observable: Neural Network based Light-Matter Connection
July 3 Lasha Berezhiani (MPP) : Superfluid Dark Matter Titouan Lazeyras (MPA) : A measurement of the complete set of third-order halo bias parameters
June 26 Adam Stevens (UWA): HI in IllustrisTNG and Dark Sage galaxies -
June 19 Paola Di Matteo (Obs de Paris): On the kinematic detection of accreted streams in the Gaia era: Clues from N-body simulations Misha Haywood (Obs de Paris): In disguise or out of reach?: First clues about in-situ and accreted stars in the stellar halo of the Milky Way from Gaia DR2

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