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MPA Cosmology Seminar

MPA New Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

In each seminar there are typically two talks of 30 min each (20 min of presentation followed by 10 min of discussion). Other schedules may be arranged upon request. If you are interested in giving a talk, then please contact Luisa Lucie-Smith or Ruediger Pakmor .

Spring 2023

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
June 27
June 20 Florian List (Vienna): TBA Deanne Fisher (Swinburne University, Australia) : TBA
June 13 Lucio Mayer (U Zurich): TBA Hayden Foote (U of Arizona): TBA
June 6 Megan Tillman (Flatiron): TBA
May 30
May 23 Marta Monelli (MPA): TBA
May 16
May 9 At 3pm, in person: Ue-Li Pen (CITA): TBA [60 min talk]
May 2 Viola Gelli (Firenze): TBA Thales Gutcke (U. of Hawaii): TBA
Apr 25 Cornelius Rampf (Vienna): TBA Thomas Montandon (Vienna): TBA
Apr 18
Apr 11 Toni Kalevi Tuominen (Paris): TBA
Apr 4 At 3pm, virtually over Zoom: Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski (Flatiron): Inflationary Signals of Parity Violation in Gravity
Mar 28 Nicolas Garavito (CCA): Modeling dark matter halos in disequilibrium using Basis Function Expansions
Mar 21 Giulia Capurri (SISSA): The stochastic gravitational-wave background from astrophysical sources as a tracer of the Large-Scale Structure
Mar 14
Mar 7 Clement Stahl (Strasbourg): Exploring the effects of primordial non-Gaussianity at galactic scales Chian-Chou Chen (ASIAA): New Insight from ALMA and JWST on the Triggering of Star Formation in Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
Feb 28 Gen Chiaki (NAOJ): Seeding Second Stars: transition from Pop III to Pop II stars
Feb 21
Feb 14 Julia Stadler (MPA): Redshift-space distortions at the field level
Feb 7 [IMPRS workshop]
Jan 31 Alankar Dutta (IIS): Simulations and Modelling of the multiphase CGM Alessandro Greco (Padova): Probing Axions through Tomography of Anisotropic Cosmic Birefringence
Jan 24 Raphael Errani (Strassbourg): Dark matter halo cores and the tidal survival of Milky Way satellites
Jan 17 Azadeh Moradinezhad (Geneva): Capturing non-Gaussian information of galaxy clustering with weighted skew spectra
Jan 10

Fall 2022

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Dec 13 [MPA interviews]
Dec 6 Dominik Laxhuber (TUM): Large-Scale Structure Formation with Dispersion and Higher Cumulants Nico Schuster (LMU): Investigating the Nonlinear Structure and Linear Dynamics of Cosmic Voids
Nov 29 At 11am, remotely over Zoom: Sarah R Geller (MIT): Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Waves from Multifield Inflation with Non-minimal Couplings At 11am, hybrid: Munan Gong (MPE): A new efficient and accurate photochemistry module for ISM and galaxy simulations
Nov 22 At 11am, hybrid: Motoko Fujiwara (TUM): Capture of Electroweak Multiplet Dark Matter in Neutron Stars At 11am, hybrid: Gary Liu (Newcastle): Coherent and incoherent structures in fuzzy dark matter halos
Nov 15 At 11am, hybrid: Andrew Cheek (Astrocent NCAC, Poland): Primordial Black Hole Evaporation before BBN At 11am, hybrid: Martin S. Sloth (University of Southern Denmark): New Early Dark Energy: a realistic Quantum Field Theory solution to the Hubble tension
Nov 8 At 11am, hybrid: Ziyang Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University): Detection of SZ effect and its cosmological implications At 11am, hybrid: Sadra Jazayeri (Institut d'Astrophysique Paris): Cosmological Bootstrap in Slow Motion
Nov 1 [holiday]
Oct 25 At 11am, remotely over Zoom: Derek Inman (IPMU): Halos throughout the Cosmic Dark Ages At 11am, hybrid: Sara Maleubre (Sorbonne University): The path to percent accuracy with Scale-Free Simulations
Oct 18 At 11am, hybrid: Alice Garoffolo (Leiden): Wave-optics limit of the stochastic gravitational wave background At 11am, hybrid: Henrique Rubira (TUM): Full-shape BOSS constraints on dark matter interacting with dark radiation and lifting the S8 tension
Oct 11 At 11am, hybrid: Steffen Hagstotz (LMU): Cosmology with Fast Radio Bursts At 11am, remotely: Shyam Harimohan Menon (Australian National University): Role of Stellar Feedback in the Formation of Dense Stellar Systems
Oct 4 At 11am, hybrid: Uddipan Banik (Yale): Pushing the frontiers of gravitational encounters and collisionless dynamics At 11am, hybrid: Hanwool Koo (KASI): Cosmology with Method of Iterative Smoothing
Sep 27
Sep 20 At 11am, hybrid: Ritali Ghosh (IISC): Idealized simulations of ram-pressure stripping of a galaxy At 11am, hybrid: Eoin O Colgain (Sogang University, Korea): On redshift evolution of cosmological parameters in the flat LCDM model
Sep 13 At 11am, hybrid: Andrew Eberhardt (Stanford): Testing the mean field description of scalar field dark matter At 11am, hybrid: Sten Delos (MPA): Prompt cusps of the first halos

Spring 2022

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
July 19 At 11am, hybrid: Reza Ayromlou (ITA Heidelberg): Galaxy evolution meets large scale structure: What causes the correlations between galaxy properties on several Mpc scales? At 11am, hybrid: Asuka Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology): Magnon gravitational wave detector
July 12 [Virgo collaboration meeting]
July 5 At 11am, hybrid: Lyla Jung (ANU): Search for magnetized circumgalactic clouds using Faraday rotation
June 28 At 11am, hybrid: Celine Gouin (KIAS): Shape and connectivity of galaxy clusters: Impact on gas distribution At 11am, hybrid: Prakriti PalChoudhury (Cambridge): Energy transport processes in galaxy clusters
June 21 At 11am, remotely via Zoom: Lennart Balkenhol (U. Melbourne): Searching for physics beyond the standard model with Planck, SPT, and ACT data
June 14 At 11am, hybrid: Chad Bustard (KITP, Santa Barbara): Cosmic Ray Transport and Influence in Multiphase Environments
June 7 At 11am, hybrid: Tracy Webb (McGill University): Astrophysical detective work: investigating the mystery of high-redshift star-forming cluster cores
May 31 At 11am, remotely via Zoom:Jan-Torge Schindler (Leiden): The z~6 quasar luminosity function from the Pan-STARRS1 distant quasar survey
May 24 At 11am, hybrid:Titouan Lazeyras (U. Milano-Bicocca): Lyman-alpha emitting filaments in cold and warm dark matter simulations
May 17 Gus Beane (CfA): Not So Slow: Do galactic bars slow down? Nir Mandelker (U. of Jerusalem): The evolution of cold accretion flows in the CGM of massive galaxies and proto-clusters at z>2
May 10 At 11am, hybrid: Rainer Weinberger (CITA): Modeling multi-phase gas in cosmological simulations Mustafa Amin (Rice University, Texas): Small-Scale Structure in Vector Dark Matter
May 3 At 11am, hybrid: Natalia Porqueres (Imperial): Lifting weak lensing degeneracies with a field-based likelihood
Apr 26 At 11am, hybrid: Djuna L. Croon (Durham): On cosmological phase transitions and gravitational waves At 11am, hybrid: Francisco Holguin (U. Michigan): Radial extent of stellar ionizing radiation within galaxy simulations
Apr 19
Apr 12
Apr 5
Mar 29 At 11am, remotely via Zoom: Philippa Cole (U. Amsterdam): Quirky gravitational waveforms and why we should look for them At 11am, remotely via Zoom: Umberto Maio (INAF, Trieste): H2 through cosmic times
Mar 22 At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Alice Pisani (Princeton): Unraveling the Universe with cosmic voids At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Obinna Umeh (ICG Portsmouth): The art of building a smooth cosmic distance ladder in a perturbed universe
Mar 15 At 11am, hybrid: Rahul Kannan (CfA): First results from the THESAN project: predictions for multi-tracer line intensity mapping in the epoch of reionization
Mar 8 At 11am, hybrid: Sihao Cheng (JHU/ENSP): The scattering transform in cosmology, or, a CNN without training
Mar 1
Feb 22 At 11am, hybrid: Deanna C. Hooper (Helsinki): Hints of dark matter - neutrino interactions in Lyman-alpha data At 11am, hybrid: Anik Halder (LMU): Response approach to the integrated shear 3-point correlation function: the impact of baryonic effects on small scales
Feb 15 At 11am, remotely via Zoom: Francesca Chadha-Day (Durham): Astrophysics and axions At 11am, remotely via Zoom: Patricia Diego-Palazuelos (IFCA, Santander): Cosmic birefringence from Planck data release 4
Feb 8 At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Keir Rogers (University of Toronto): Cosmic probes of dark matter physics At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Panos Patsis (Athens): The flow of material in the disks of spiral galaxies and the location of star forming regions
Feb 1 At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Kaloian Lozanov (U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Non-Gaussianity and the Induced Gravitational Wave Background At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Eleni Tsaprazi (Stockholm): Bayesian inference of intrinsic alignment in the large-scale structure
Jan 25 At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Sarah Jeffreson (CfA): Galactic-scale star formation via giant molecular clouds At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Giovanni Cabass (IAS): Cosmological Information in Forward Modeling of Biased Tracers
Jan 18 At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Seshadri Nadathur (UCL): Beyond BAO: cosmological measurements with voids (and Lyman-alpha) At 3pm, remotely via Zoom: Tomer Yavetz (Columbia): Numerical Construction of Wave Dark Matter Halos
Jan 11 At 11am, hybrid: Chervin Laporte (Barcelona): The outer disc of the Milky Way in the Gaia era At 11am, hybrid: Marcello Musso (ICTP): Energy peaks as a model for dark matter haloes

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