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MPA Cosmology Seminar


MPA New Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

In each seminar there are typically two talks of 30 min each (25 min of presentation followed by 5 min of discussion). Other schedules may be arranged upon request. If you are interested in giving a talk, then please contact Alex Barreira , Ruediger Pakmor or Rob Yates .

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Nov 5 Lorenzo Posti (Strasbourb Obs.) -
Oct 29 - -
Oct 22 - -
Oct 15 Si-Yue Yu (KIAA) : Spiral arms as a tool to probe galaxy formation and evolution Davide Decataldo (SNS) : TBA
Oct 8 - -
Oct 1 Reza Ayromlou (MPA) : TBA -
Sep 24 Benedikt Diemer (CfA, Harvard) : TBA Evan Grohs (UC Berkeley): TBA
Sep 17 Kohei Kamada (U. Tokyo) : Magnetic Fields in the Universe and Chiral Anomaly -
Sep 10 Marcel Pawlowski (AIP) : The Planes of Satellite Galaxies Problem of LCDM -
Sep 9 Kristina Giesel (FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg): The Quantum Einstein's Equations of Loop Quantum Gravity Kristina Giesel (FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg): The Quantum Einstein's Equations of Loop Quantum Gravity
August Summer Break Summer Break
Jul 30 - -
Jul 23 Siddhartha Gurung-Lopez (CEFCA) : Modelling the radiative transfer of Lyman alpha emission in large cosmological volumes Diego Barbosa (Los Andes University) : Compressive Sensing in Cosmology: reconstruction of 1D signals
Jul 16 Bryce Cyr (McGill University) : CMB spectral distortions from the coherent oscillations of axions Jaime Forero-Romero (Los Andes University) : The β-Skeleton view of the cosmic web
Jul 09 Long Wang (Uni. of Bonn) : The impact of black holes on the survival of star clusters David Izquierdo Villalba (San Sebastian) : The effect of gravitational recoil on black hole growth and scaling relation
Jul 02 Moritz Munchmeyer (Perimeter Institute) : Machine Learning for CMB physics Sampath Mukherjee (Uni. of Liege) : Strong lens simulations: the 'un'-natural telescopes to probe galaxy formation and Hubble constant
Jun 25 Enrique Pailas (PUC, Chile): Unveiling modified gravity using cosmic voids -
Jun 18 - -
Jun 11 Carlos Correa (Uni. Cordoba, Argentina) : Voids as cosmological laboratories Tim Davis (Cardiff Uni.) : Evolution of the cold gas properties of simulated post-starburst galaxies
Jun 04 - -
May 28 Jonathan Tan (UVa) - Formation of Supermassive Black Holes from Population III.1 Seeds Christine Simpson (Chicago) - Accreted stellar structures in Auriga and Aurigaia
May 21 Caroline Heneka (SNS, Pisa): Multi-line synergies for probing the epoch of reionization Magdalena Siwek (CfA): Binary accretion models and the Gravitational Wave Background

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