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MPA Cosmology Seminar


MPA New Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

In each seminar there are typically two talks of 30 min each (25 min of presentation followed by 5 min of discussion). Other schedules may be arranged upon request. If you are interested in giving a talk, then please contact Tsz Yan Lam and Andreas Pawlik.

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
July 23 Chervin Laporte Myoungwon Jeon (UT Austin): X-ray feedback from Population III remnants on early galaxy formation
July 16 Sebastian Dorn (MPA): "A fast and precise way to calculate the f_NL-posterior from CMB observations" Luca Maccione (MPP): 3D modeling of galactic cosmic ray propagation and AMS-02 positron fraction
July 9 Naonori Sugiyama (Princeton): Lagrangian perturbation theory at the 1-loop level Felipe Marin (Swinburne): Constraining Galaxy Bias and Cosmic Growth with WiggleZ 3-point functions
July 2 Mordecai-Marc MacLow (Natural Museum of History): The formation of molecular clouds and massive stars 10 min talk: Jian Fu, Nitya Hariharan, Luca Graziani
June 25 Jens Niemeyer: Large-Eddy Simulations of primordial halos 10 min talk: Li Shao, Mei-Ling Huang
June 18 Mike Kuhlen (Berkeley): Dwarf galaxy formation with H2-regulated star formation: gas-rich dark galaxies at redshift 2.5 Mia Bovill (PCU Chile): The Evolution of dSphs in the Local Group
June 11 Virgo Meeting N.A.
June 4 Alex Kolodzig (MPA) Bruno Henriques (MPA)
May 28 10 min talk: Jaiseung Kim, Bogdan Ciambur, Andreas Pawlik, Andrew Chung -
May 21 Meeting of The Fachbeirat/Visiting Committee N.A.
May 14 Alejandro Benitez-Llambay (IATE, Argentina): "The Diversity in the Star Formation History of Simulated Local Group Dwarf Galaxies"
May 7 Robert Smith (MPA): On the signature of nearby superclusters and voids in the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect -
Apr 30 Andrei Mesinger (SNS Pisa): "Reionization feedback on galaxy formation: a multi-scale approach" Manuel Rabold: "Using weak lensing to constrain cosmologcal parameters"
Apr 23 Michael Aumer (MPA): "More realistic (?) disk galaxies in cosmological SPH simulations" Rafael de Souza (KASI, Daejeon, Korea): "A synthetic survey for PopIII supernovae studies"
Apr 16 - -
Apr 9 Maksim Greiner (MPA): "Reconstructing the Galactic free electron density" Arman Shafieloo (Asia Pac. Ctr. for Theor. Physics)
Apr 2 Chi-Ting Chiang (MPA): "Galaxy redshift survey with sparse sampling" -
Mar 26 Nick Battaglia (CMU): "Modeling cosmic reionization for Planck and beyond" Torsten Ensslin (MPA): "Planck results"
Mar 19 - -
Mar 12 Tommaso Giannantonio (LMU): "Improved constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from galaxy clustering and the ISW effect" Laura Marian (MPA): "Improving cosmological constraints from weak lensing surveys using shear peak statistics"
Mar 5 Benjamin Moster (MPA): "Summary and results from the Workshop 'The future of SPH'" -
Feb 26 - -
Feb 19 - -
Feb 12 - -
Feb 5 Cheng Li (SHAO):"Linking galaxies to dark matter haloes with stellar mass or with stellar velocity dispersion?" -
Jan 29 Enrico Pajer (Princeton) -
Jan 22 Fabian Schmidt -
Jan 15 Tobias Baldauf -
Jan 8 Dmitri Semikoz -

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