Cosmology Group Meetings

MPA Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

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Jan 12 Simon White Torsten Ensslin
Jan 19 Marie Martig (CEA, Saclay):
"On the formation of blue spirals and red ellipticals"
Jan 26 Nikos Fanidakis (ICC, Durham):
"Modelling of AGN in the LCDM cosmology"
Sean Moran (JHU):
"What turns galaxies red?: The interplay of gas content, feedback, and large-scale structure assembly in the quenching of star formation"
Feb 2 Michael Aumer (USM):
"Local kinematics and the history of the Milky Way"
Francesca Iannuzzi
Feb 9 Robert E. Smith (Zuerich Univ.):
"Information content of large-scale structure data: towards robust Fisher forecasts"
Cornelius Weig
Feb 16 Hong Guo (Shanghai Astr. Obs.):
"Determining the galaxy bias factors on large scales with the bispectrum method"
Irina Zhuravleva:
"Resonant scattering in galaxy clusters"
Feb 23 Simone Weinmann [Roderik Overzier]
Mar 2 Fachbeirat visit (March 2-4)  
Mar 9 Andreas Burkert (USM):
"The correlation between central black hole mass and globular cluster properties of galaxies"
Henrik Junklewitz
Mar 16 Roderik Overzier
"The UV/IR energy budget of galaxies and the cosmic star formation history"
Barbara Catinella
Mar 23 Nicolas Bouche (Univ. of Santa Barbara):
"The origin of galaxy scaling relations"
Mar 30 Guinevere Kauffmann Raul Angulo
Apr 6 [canceled]  
Apr 13 Frederic Bournaud (CEA):
"Baryonic processes in galaxy formation from high to low redshift"
Apr 20 Mike Boylan-Kolchin Mona Frommert
Apr 27 Lan Wang Benedetta Ciardi
May 4 Julius Donnert Jesus Zavala
May 11 Francesco Shankar
"Further constraining Black Hole models with the duty cycles and clustering of Active Galaxies"
Jing Wang
May 18 Silvia Fabello Carlos Hernandez
May 25 Cheng Li [Daniel Christlein]
Jun 1 Margarita Petkova Federico Stasyszyn
Jun 8 Ewald Puchwein Maria Paola Bottino
Jun 15 Larissa Lorenz (Univ. Catholique de Louvain):
"Stochastic Inflation in Compact Extra Dimensions"
Jun 22 Torsten Ensslin Till Sawala
Jun 29 Thorsten Naab Mauro Roncarelli (Toulouse)
"Infrared properties of the SDSS clusters: constraints on intracluster dust"
Oct 5 Laura Sales Marcel van Daalen
Oct 12 Leon Koopmans (Kapteyn): "Strong gravitational lensing" Mark Dijkstra
Oct 19 Francisco Prada Martinez (Granada):
"Halo velocity functions in LCDM cosmology"
Bruno Henriques
Oct 26 Ben Metcalf Michal Maciejewski
Nov 2 Andrew Cooper Simon White
Nov 9 Lodovico Coccato (MPE): "The outer halos of the brightest cluster galaxies NGC 4874 and NGC 4889: kinematics, stellar populations and formation histories" Klaus Dolag
Nov 16 Andrei Mesinger (Princeton): TBD Thomas Greif
Nov 23 Robert Wiersma Niels Oppermann
Nov 30 Luca Graziani Katarina Kovac
Dec 7 Fabio Iocco (IAP):
"First Stars and annihilating Dark Matter"
Francesco De Gasperin
"Black Hole jet scaling relations in low luminosity AGNs"
Dec 14 Tom Abel (Stanford): TBD Oliver Hahn (Stanford): TBD

Barbara Catinella
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