Radio2020 & GLOW Assembly

12-14 October 2020, MPA, Garching

The meeting will host a symposium covering a broad variety of astrophysics at radio wavelength, as well as GLOW (German Long Wavelength Consortium), LOFAR and MeerKAT gatherings.

Due to the current uncertainties related to the Corona-virus situation, the Symposium will happen virtually, but registration of attendance is still required to receive further instructions for participation.

Registration for abstract submission will close on September 10th, although participants will be accepted also at a later date.


Benedetta Ciardi, Maria Depner


Marcus Brueggen, Benedetta Ciardi, Ralf-Juergen Dettmar, Matthias Hoeft, Matthias Kadler, Eiichiro Komatsu, Stefanie Muehle, Dominik Schwarz

Invited Speakers

Kaustuv moni Basu, Philip Best, Anna Bonaldi, Andrea Botteon, Joseph Callingham, Ian Heywood, Preeti Kharb, Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff, Natasha Maddox, Florent Mertens, Chris Riseley, Fabian Walter

Schedule (to be updated)

Monday October 12th

    9:00-10:30 GLOW Executive Committee (closed meeting)

    10:30-11:00 Break

    11:00-12:00 GLOW Council (Matthias Hoeft): Reports from GLOW member Institutes, SWG, RAC, GLOW Web, election of representatives, Radio2021

    12:00-13:00 LOFAR Working Group

    13:00-14:00 Break

    14:00-15:00 D-MeerKAT

Tuesday October 13th (Radio2020 Symposium)

    9:00 -- Welcome

    9:05 -- Anna Bonaldi (SKAO) -- SKA: project update and science data challenges

    9:25 -- Denis Wittor (Hamburger Sternwarte, U Hamburg) -- Synergies of observations and simulations to study radio relics

    9:40 -- Alexander Kappes (University of W├╝rzburg -- LOFAR Observations of High-Redshift Blazars

    9:55 -- Florent Mertens (LERMA / Kaptyen Astronomical Institute) -- The challenges of observing the Epoch of Reionization and Cosmic Dawn

    10:15 -- Francesco de Gasperin (Hamburger Sternwarte) -- TBA

    10:30 -- Fatemeh Tabatabaei (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, IPM, Tehran) -- Evolution of thermal and nonthermal radio emission on kpc scales with SKA

    10:45 - 11:15 Break

    11:15 -- Kaustuv basu (Bonn University) -- New Frontiers of the SZ Effect

    11:35 -- Robert Main (MPIfR) -- The orbit of PSR B0655+64 using Interstellar Scintillation with LOFAR

    11:50 -- Ian Heywood (University of Oxford / Rhodes University) -- MeerKAT observations of the Galactic Centre

    12:10 -- Philipp Arras (Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics) -- Comparison of classical and Bayesian imaging in radio interferometry

    12:25 -- Preeti Kharb (NCRA-TIFR Pune) -- A Close Look at Samples of Radio Quiet AGN with the VLBA, VLA and GMRT

    12:45 -- Franco Vazza (University of Bologna, University of Hamburg, IRA/INAF) On the impact of radio galaxies on the diffuse radio emission and magnetism of the large scale structures

    13:00-16:00 Break

    16:00 -- Philip Best (IfA Edinburgh) -- The LoTSS Deep Fields

    16:20 -- Eleni Vardoulaki (Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg) -- The high resolution radio universe - radio AGN classification and physical properties at 3 GHz VLA-COSMOS

    16:35 -- Hamid Hassani (Institute For Research In Fundamental Sciences, IPM) Role of Thermal and Non-thermal Processes in Evolution of Massive Star Formation in Magellanic Clouds

    16:50 -- Chris Riseley (Alma Mater Studiorum - Universita' di Bologna) -- Powering Restarted Giant Radio Galaxies: The Spectropolarimetric Picture of ESO422-G028

    17:10 -- Aritra Basu (Thueringer Landessternwarte, Tautenburg) -- Polarized emission from fluctuation dynamo action in galaxy clusters

    17:25 -- Marcus Brueggen (University of Hamburg) -- LOFAR and eROSITA results

    For those interested, at 18:00 we will have a virtual aperitif.

Wednesday October 14th (Radio2020 Symposium)

    9:00 -- Natasha Maddox (LMU) MeerKAT results from the MIGHTEE survey

    9:20 -- Kevin Schmidt (TU Dortmund) -- Reconstructing Radio Interferometric Data with Convolutional Neural Networks

    9:35 -- Fabian Walter (MPIA Heidelberg) -- ASPECS: The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey in the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

    9:55 -- Stefan Hackstein (Univesity of Hamburg) -- Fast Radio Bursts and the origin of cosmic magnetic fields

    10:10 -- Andrea Botteon (Leiden Observatory) -- Recent LOFAR results on merging galaxy clusters

    10:30 -- Vijay Mahatma (Thuringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg) -- Observability of polarized radio galaxies with LOFAR

    10:45 - 11:15 Break

    11:15 -- Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff (SISSA) -- Polarized synchrotron emission and its role in CMB B-mode measurements

    11:35 -- Christian Vocks (Leibniz-Institut fuer Astrophysik Potsdam) -- M-class flare radio source evolution observed by LOFAR

    11:50 -- Sarah Leslie (Leiden Observatory) -- The rise and fall of cosmic star formation: results from 3GHz VLA COSMOS Large Program

    12:05 -- Joseph Callingham (Leiden University / ASTRON) -- Radio exoplanets and stars at low-frequencies

    12:25 -- Volker Heesen (University of Hamburg) -- Insights from LOFAR on the role of cosmic rays and magnetic fields for galaxy evolution

    12:40 -- Torsten Ensslin (MPA) -- 4D Radio Imaging - M87* resolved in space, time, and frequency

    12:55 Concluding remarks


  • Bjoern Adebahr
  • BARA' AL-bataineh
  • Heinz-Ado Arnolds
  • Philipp Arras
  • Frank Bertoldi
  • Aritra Basu
  • Kaustuv moni Basu
  • Philip Best
  • Dominik Bomans
  • Anna Bonaldi
  • Andrea Botteon
  • Marcus Brueggen
  • Joseph Callingham
  • Raoul Canameras
  • Benedetta Ciardi
  • Virginia Cuciti
  • Pratyush Das
  • Francesco de Gasperin
  • Marta Dembska
  • Ralf-Juergen Dettmar
  • Alexander Drabent
  • Dominik Elsaesser
  • Dieter Engels
  • Torsten Ensslin
  • Florian Eppel
  • Masoumeh Ghasemi Nodehi
  • Valentina Gonzalez Lobos
  • Stefan Hackstein
  • Hamid Hassani
  • Volker Heesen
  • Ian Heywood
  • Duy Hoang
  • Matthias Hoeft
  • Ferdinand Juenemann
  • Matthias Kadler
  • Alexander Kappes
  • Preeti Kharb
  • Hans-Rainer Kloeckner
  • Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff
  • Joern Kuensemoeller
  • Sarah Leslie
  • Natasha Maddox
  • Vijay Mahatma
  • Robert Main
  • Simone Mender
  • Florent Mertens
  • Mukul Mhaskey
  • Stefanie Muehle
  • Vyoma Muralidhara
  • Mohammad Reza Nasirzadeh
  • David Rafferty
  • Kamlesh Rajpurohit
  • Chris Riseley
  • Eduardo Ros
  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Dominik Schwarz
  • Mohammad Javad Shahhoseini
  • Tim Sprenger
  • Volker Springel
  • Fatemeh Tabatabaei
  • Luis Wachter
  • Eleni Vardoulaki
  • Franco Vazza
  • Joris Verbiest
  • Rene' Vermeulen
  • Christian Vocks
  • Fabian Walter
  • Denis Wittor
  • Olaf Wucknitz



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