CGM Berlin 2019

3-5 October 2019 · Harnack House, Berlin

The goal of this meeting is to bring together a focused group of experts (~40, see below) who are actively working on the circumgalactic medium, from both the theoretical and observational perspectives, to discuss recent advances on the following topics:

  1. What is the structure and properties of the CGM from sub-parsec to halo scales, and what are the most important physical mechanisms at play?
  2. How are galaxies, gas flows, and the CGM related?
  3. Where has the comparison of observations and theory produced insight, where are we still falling short, and what are the next steps?

We plan to address these questions and related CGM/outflows themes through a number of talks and discussions.

Conference Fees

There will be no registration fee, and all lunches, coffee breaks, and dinners at Harnack House (Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon) will be included. Participants will need to pay for their accomodation, as well as for the Thursday dinner at Alter Krug.


  • Daniel Angles-Alcazar
  • Fabrizio Arrigoni-Battaia
  • Rongmon Bordoloi
  • Sanch Borthakur
  • Joe Burchett
  • Sebastiano Cantalupo
  • John Chisholm
  • Eugene Churazov
  • Chris Churchill
  • Lauren Corlies
  • Camila Correa
  • Romeel Dave
  • Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere
  • Natascha Foerster-Schreiber (*)
  • Michele Fumagalli
  • Drummond Fielding
  • Reinhard Genzel
  • Thales Gutcke (*)
  • Zach Hafen
  • Maan Hani
  • Tim Heckman
  • Lars Hernquist (*)
  • Cameron Hummels
  • Sean Johnson
  • Glenn Kacprzak
  • Guinevere Kauffmann
  • Dusan Keres
  • Ting-Wen Lan
  • Marie Wingyee Lau
  • Cameron Liang
  • Crystal Martin
  • Thorsten Naab
  • Dylan Nelson
  • Nikki Nielsen
  • Peng Oh
  • Ben Oppenheimer
  • Celine Peroux
  • Philipp Richter
  • Kate Rubin
  • Gwen Rudie (*)
  • David Rupke
  • Nicole Sanchez
  • Evan Scannapieco
  • Joop Schaye
  • Evan Schneider
  • Prateek Sharma
  • Volker Springel
  • Chuck Steidel
  • Jonathan Stern
  • Todd Thompson (*)
  • Paul Torrey
  • Christy Tremonti (*)
  • Jing Wang
  • Jessica Werk
  • Fakhri Zahedy
  • Freeke van de Voort

(*) = to be confirmed


Since the conference will be just three days, we'll have these as three full days of science. Please note that the final day is a Saturday. In addition, Thursday (Oct 3) is a German national holiday (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) which will be particularly festive in Berlin!


Day 0
  • Expected arrival of most participants.
  • Welcome Dinner: @ Harnack House, 7pm.
Oct 2


Day 1
  • Talks and discussion: 9am - 6pm (schedule TBD).
  • Morning coffee: 10:30 - 11:00.
  • Lunch: included @ Harnack House.
  • Afternoon coffee: 16:00 - 16:30.
  • Conference Dinner: @ the nearby Alter Krug restaurant, 730pm.
Oct 3


Day 2
  • Talks and discussion: 9am - 6pm (schedule TBD).
  • Morning coffee: 10:30 - 11:00.
  • Lunch: included @ Harnack House.
  • Afternoon coffee: 16:00 - 16:30.
  • Dinner: included @ Harnack House.
Oct 4


Day 3
  • Talks and discussion: 9am - 6pm (schedule TBD).
  • Morning coffee: 10:30 - 11:00.
  • Lunch: included @ Harnack House.
  • Afternoon coffee: 16:00 - 16:30.
  • Dinner: free, smaller groups can head into Berlin.
Oct 5


Harnack House

The conference will take place at Harnack House. This is an event and conference venue of the Max Planck Society of Germany, originally established in 1929. The center has several meeting rooms and on-site accomodation.


Harnack House is located in the Dahlem neighborhood of Berlin, about 15 km from the center. You can easily arrive from the Berlin airports or train stations via the U3 (Freie Universität/Thielplatz station).


We have two main options for hotels during the conference. First, there is on-site accomodation at Harnack House itself, and we anticipate the majority of participants can fit -- we have reserved room for about 40 people. As a backup, the nearby Seminaris Hotel is a short walk away from the venue and the best option otherwise -- we have currently reserved room for about 6 people.

The three available options are:

  • Harnack Haus: standard single or double room (71,50 Euro/100 Euro, per night)
  • Harnack Haus: suite, for single or double (99,- Euro/150 Euro, per night)
  • Seminaris Hotel: single room (99 Euro, per night)

All options include breakfast. Check-in for both is 3pm, and check-out at 11am.

Action item! Please decide your accomodation preference (including dates of stay) and inform us asap (i.e. July at the latest).


Please don't hesitate to email with any questions:

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