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SESTAS – SEminar on STellar AStrophysics

This is the group meeting for MPA members and affiliates interested in any aspect of the lives, deaths, and afterlives of stars. This explicitly includes the physics of stellar interiors, stellar explosions, binaries and multiple stars, and gravitational astrophysics.

The meetings take place on Wednesday at 14:00 - 15:30 in the big lecture hall (E.0.11) and will be in hybrid format also allowing for online participation.

All announcements will be made via the mailing list ( Tell Tiara if you want to subscribe.

Rough guidelines for SESTAS contributions/talks: (Note the new format)

  • This series is primarily a platform for Postdocs and PhD students in (or affiliated with) the stellar department, but we have room for visitors or guests.
  • The standard format is two short talks of 10-15 minutes each followed by an informal discussion.
  • Everyone, regardless of seniority and expertise, is encouraged to participate in the discussion. We explicitly welcome basic questions.
  • (We may deviate from the format on specific occasions, for example when we have senior external visitors)

What to present?

  • Talks can be on the presentation of a recent result or ongoing work. Presentations of a recent or classic paper in the field are also welcome. You do not need to be an expert on the topic presented, as long as you make an effort to explain. (If in doubt discuss with your advisor or mentor before).
  • Practice of a talk you plan to give at an upcoming conference can also be accommodated.

How to present? We will have many attendees that will not be real experts on your specific topic. Please make an effort to make your talk accessible for the non-experts in the room. For example.

  • Consider giving a brief overview of the context. How does the topic fit into bigger questions or unsolved problems? Is what you present a generally accepted view or is it challenging the status quo?
  • Bonus points for explanatory cartoons if you want to explain something. Also, bonus points if you slowly build up a more complicated graph if you want to show one.
  • Slides are probably the most convenient format for most. Other formats (a handout, the blackboard, present directly from the paper, or an interpretive dance, ..?) are welcome as long as you make an effort to make your contribution accessible for all attending.













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