Re: Tabulated Power Spectrum and Initial Conditions

From: Michael Hansen <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 10:45:27 +0100


I have a further question regarding this thread, that I might have
understood correctly, but I am not entirely sure.
I have made a couple of spectra using CAMB and now I want to use them in
N-GenIC (and hence, 2LPTic).

So, in the post it says that I should provide a tabulated spectrum with:

log10(k) , log10(4*Pi*k^3*P(k))

as the two columns.

Now I have assumed that this doesn't work with the power matter spectrum
from CAMB, since it is already normalized, but the transfer function
contain a row with k/h and Delta_tot / k^2 and I have used these, with the
previous calculation.

Am I right assuming that I can just takes these data columns as they are or
do I need to modify them further.

I have tried and I get an output that differs somewhat from the LasDamas
input spectrum. I have added a png, comparing the two spectra..


(image/png attachment: camb_vs_lasdamas_png)

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