What's New !! 2001
In near future...
I plan to visit J. Richard Bond and Ue-Li Pen (CITA), Wayne Hu (University of Chicago/Astro), and Marc Kamionkowski (Caltech/TAPIR).
Dec 18
Yoshinoya in NY opens!! I have been waiting for this!! But, isn't the price a bit higher than that in Japan? Compare, a regular Beef Bowl $3.59 with a gyudon nami 280 yen.
Dec 13
Gemini meteor shower. What will we see... RAIN!!
Dec 4
I can't believe this! Already December?! Time flies so quickly. To tell the truth, my work has not progressed very much since the thesis... But remember, no rush, no hurry. Keep the pace, and do the best I can do. God Beer helps me.
Dec 2
Our best friend's wedding party. Congratulations! I regret that I could not attend the party as I am abroad, but I promise that I will organize another one for you guys all!
Nov 18
Leonid meteorite shower. The greatest shooting stars I have ever seen! (5:00am EST)
Oct 26
This conference, 2001: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY, held on May 21-25, is very impressive. Would you like to hear talks by Prof. Higgs? Hartle? Bekenstein? Guth? Linde? Silk? a lot more? You can attend the conference virtually! Please have a RealPlayer ready with you, then click here to go!
Oct 8
"Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Bispectrum on the COBE DMR Sky Maps" is accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal!! [publication list]
Sep 19
My graduation from Tohoku University, where I have spent 9 years. Many thanks to Sendai city, and especially to Kokubun-cho!
Aug 31
My Ph.D. thesis is now on line. Please take it from here.
Aug 4-Sep 29
We go back to Japan. I will have an oral defense for my PhD degree on August 8 at Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University. Have I finished my thesis? Well, I hope I will have...
Here is a tentative schedule in Japan:
Aug 1
See the Black Jack movie on line! This is great, you can see Tezuka mangas in newly created animation. The first attempt is Black Jack. [links]
Jul 20
"Universal gas density and temperature profile" is accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society!! [publication list]
June 30
Journey to the origin of the universe - launch of the MAP satellite. It is launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. My wife and I will visit there to see the launch. All we have to do is - pray, pray, and pray for the success! Stay tuned for the story, of this, oops, of the launch.
June 28-July 5
Take me to Florida - Big fun, big experience!
May 11
Super-Fast connection! I have installed Verizon ADSL in my home. Then, how did I manage to use it on Vine-Linux? That's PPPoE, very easy-to-use user interface. Don't forget to update your ppp-daemon: this rpm (173k) should work.
May 1
Yes, today is the CMB May-Day on astro-ph! Check'em up!
Apr 29
BOOMERanG's new result! Hey, look, the peaks are there!
Apr 16
I talk at Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminars, University of Pennsylvania (hosted by Prof. Bhuvnesh Jain). The talk title is "Theoretical and observational studies of microwave background bispectrum: the other side of what COBE saw".
Mar 28
I talk about our bispectrum work at the cosmology session of the Annual meeting of Astronomical Society of Japan [10 minutes talk]. Abstract in Japanese is here.
Mar 19
I talk about our bispectrum work as my Ph.D. work at the danwa-kai seminar of Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University.
Mar 7
I talk about our bispectrum work at the seminar of Theoretical Astrophysics Group, Osaka University.
Mar 6
I talk about our bispectrum work at the seminar of Astrophysics and Cosmology in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.
Mar 1-Mar 31
I go back to Japan. My current schedule is:
Feb 28
Feburuary is fast, isn't it?! I'm leaving for Japan in 5 hours. When I'll come back next, I won't be alone, but Midori, my precious wife, will be with me. My whole life in princeton will be totally different, in much better direction, of course. Well, before then, it is no doubt that I've got to get my works done as much as possible, so that I haven't had a sleep for about three days... I'm about to die even before our wedding party!
Jan 10
While TopHat is still flying around the south-pole, its scientific data acquisition has been completed.
Jan 8
I was caught by police because of speeding and not having an insurance card with me... (I have definitely paid an insurance, but my stupid insurance company didn't send it to me yet!!) Actually, my shrine lot I drew on the new-year day was saying, "everything will be bad". Yes, that was true...
Let's see... oh my god! 357 days still remain this year?! My new century just began with hard luck. What's next? I will stand for anything else, so please, please don't make MAP fail...
Jan 4
TopHat has been launched from McMurdo station, Antarctica. This is where TopHat is currently flying.