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Photo Credit: (c)2019 H.-A. Arnolds/MPA (link to the original size)

To have accurate head counts, you must fill out the registration form.

The registration is now closed (November 21)

There will be no registration fees. 

Here is the meeting wiki page.

(Previous meeting agenda is available here, which is no longer active. Please use the above wiki page.) 

Meeting Venue

  • Plenary session: New large seminar room (1.1.18b)
  • Posters: Back of 1.1.18b
  • Coffee breaks: Outside of 1.1.18b
  • Splinter rooms
    • New large seminar room (1.1.18b): 92 people
    • Old seminar room (209): 80 people
    • New OPINAS room (368): 34 people
    • 2 additional rooms of smaller sizes are also available if needed
  • There will be a reception in the evening on the first day (December 11th) in the old seminar room (room 209)

Local Organising Committee

  • Sonja Gründl (MPA)
  • Frank Grupp (USM/MPE)
  • Christa Ingram (MPE)
  • Eiichiro Komatsu (MPA/Kavli IPMU)
  • Jochen Weller (USM/MPE)