New Year's Party 2015, München: January 22, 2015


New year's party of 2015 at DeebaClockwise from front left: myself; Chi-Ting Chiang; Christian Wagner; Xun Shi (half hidden); Guang-Xing Li (half hidden; USM); Samantha Ip (completely hidden!); Sonja Gründl; Kári Helgason; Dragan Huterer (Univ. of Michigan; spending his sabbatical at MPA until the end of August); Fabian Schmidt; Aniket Agrawal; Titouan Lazeyras; Inh Jee; Philipp Wullstein; Jaiseung Kim. This photo was taken by Midori Komatsu. The food was great and we had a wonderful time! Their draft beers are Helles and Pils from “Arcobräu” that we have not heard about before. A bit too sweet for my taste...

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