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Day Time (Frequency) Series Place Organizer
Monday 15:30 (weekly*) Institute Seminar MPA Lecture Hall E. Churazov, H. Ritter
Tuesday 11:00 (weekly*) linkPfeil.gifCosmology/Group Meeting MPA Lecture Hall Eiichiro Komatsu, Simona Vegetti, Andreas Pawlik
Wednesday 11:00 (weekly*) SESTAS (Seminar on Stellar Astrophysics) MPA Room 006 Achim Weiss, Ewald Müller
Thursday 16:15 (weekly*) linkPfeilExtern.gifMunich Joint Astronomy Colloquium ESO Lecture Hall Marat Gilfanov, Guinevere Kauffmann (mit ESO, MPE, USM)
Friday 11:00 (weekly*) Accretion and High Energy Astrophysics MPA Lecture Hall Takamitsu Tanaka, Rishi Khatri

* excluding summer break
** only during special periods
*** these seminars are not included in the "Seminars of the week" schedule. Contact the organizers for latest information about topics, speakers, etc.

Please read these instructions before using the projection system in the lecture hall or the technical equipment in seminar room 006

External Seminars

linkPfeilExtern.gifGerman-American Young Scholars' Institute on Astroparticle Physics
linkPfeilExtern.gifInternational Astronomy Meetings
linkPfeilExtern.gifMeetings and Colloquia (ESO Page)
linkPfeilExtern.gifScientific and Educational Events (MPE Page)
linkPfeilExtern.gifSeminars at IPP

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