data Directory Reference


file [code]
 instance and code for an object dealing with global parameters and variables
file  allvars.h [code]
 declares a structure for global parameters and variables.
file  constants.h [code]
 declares global constants and checks plausibility of configuration
file  dtypes.h [code]
 defines some custom data types used by the code
file  idstorage.h [code]
 defines a class that we use to store and manipulate the particle IDs
file  intposconvert.h [code]
 defines a class to convert between integer coordinates and floating point positions
file  lcparticles.h [code]
 declares a class responsible for holding the (buffered) particles on the lightcone
file  lightcone_massmap_data.h [code]
 defines a structure to hold data for lightcone particles projected on healpix map
file  lightcone_particle_data.h [code]
 declares a structure for holding particle on the lightcone
file  macros.h [code]
 defines macros for run termination or for warnings
file  mmparticles.h [code]
 defines class that holds particles for projection on lightcone massmaps
file [code]
 Manager for dynamic memory allocation.
file  mymalloc.h [code]
 declares class that organizes the dynamic memory allocation
file  particle_data.h [code]
 declares a structure that holds the data stored for a single particle
file  simparticles.h [code]
 class for organizing the storage of the actual simulation particles
file  sph_particle_data.h [code]
 defines the structure holding the extra hydrodynamic data for a single SPH particle
file  symtensor_indices.h [code]
 defines some symbols for accessing the elements of (storage-optimized) symmetric tensors
file  symtensors.h [code]
 defines symmetric tensors of different rank and basic operations for them
file [code]
 some test routines for the symmetric tensor implementation