gwalk Class Reference

#include <gwalk.h>

Inherits gravtree< simparticles >.

Public Member Functions

void gravity_tree (int timebin)
 This function computes the gravitational forces for all active particles. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gravtree< simparticles >
void set_softenings (void)
 This function sets the (comoving) softening length of all particle types in the table All.SofteningTable[...]. More...
void gravity_exchange_forces (void)
void get_gfactors_multipole (gfactors &res, const T r, const T h_max, const T rinv)
void get_gfactors_monopole (gfactors &res, const T r, const T h_max, const T rinv)
void get_gfactors_potential (gfactors &res, const T r, const T hmax, const T rinv)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tree< gravnode, simparticles, gravpoint_data, foreign_gravpoint_data >
void tree_add_to_fetch_stack (gravnode *nop, int nodetoopen, unsigned char shmrank)
void tree_add_to_work_stack (int target, int no, unsigned char shmrank, int mintopleafnode)
void prepare_shared_memory_access (void)
void cleanup_shared_memory_access (void)
void tree_fetch_foreign_nodes (enum ftype fetch_type)
void tree_initialize_leaf_node_access_info (void)
foreign_gravpoint_dataget_foreignpointsp (int n, unsigned char shmrank)
subfind_dataget_PSp (int n, unsigned char shmrank)
pdata get_Pp (int n, unsigned char shmrank)
sph_particle_dataget_SphPp (int n, unsigned char shmrank)
 tree ()
int treebuild (int ninsert, int *indexlist)
void treefree (void)
void treeallocate (int max_partindex, simparticles *Pptr, domain< simparticles > *Dptr)
void treeallocate_share_topnode_addresses (void)
void tree_export_node_threads (int no, int i, thread_data *thread, offset_tuple off=0)
void tree_export_node_threads_by_task_and_node (int task, int nodeindex, int i, thread_data *thread, offset_tuple off=0)
gravnodeget_nodep (int no)
gravnodeget_nodep (int no, unsigned char shmrank)
int * get_nextnodep (unsigned char shmrank)
gravpoint_dataget_pointsp (int no, unsigned char shmrank)
void tree_get_node_and_task (int i, int &no, int &task)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gravtree< simparticles >
typedef tree< gravnode, simparticles, gravpoint_data, foreign_gravpoint_databasetree
- Public Types inherited from tree< gravnode, simparticles, gravpoint_data, foreign_gravpoint_data >
enum  ftype
typedef decltype(Tp->P) pdata
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from tree< gravnode, simparticles, gravpoint_data, foreign_gravpoint_data >
static bool compare_ghostrank (const fetch_data &a, const fetch_data &b)
static bool compare_workstack (const workstack_data &a, const workstack_data &b)
- Public Attributes inherited from gravtree< simparticles >
mesh_factors mf [2]
char MeasureCostFlag
resultsactiveimported_data * ResultsActiveImported
ewald_data PotTaylor
int num_layers
char DoEwald
- Public Attributes inherited from tree< gravnode, simparticles, gravpoint_data, foreign_gravpoint_data >
domain< simparticles > * D
int * Father
int * Nextnode
int * NodeSibling
int * NodeIndex
ptrdiff_t * TreeNodes_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreePoints_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreeNextnode_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreeForeign_Nodes_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreeForeign_Points_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreeP_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreeSphP_offsets
ptrdiff_t * TreePS_offsets
void ** TreeSharedMemBaseAddr
unsigned char * NodeLevel
int * IndexList
int * ResultIndexList
int * Send_offset
int * Send_count
int * Recv_count
int * Recv_offset
int MaxPart
int MaxNodes
int NumNodes
int NumPartImported
int NumPartExported
int NumForeignNodes
int MaxForeignNodes
int NumForeignPoints
int MaxForeignPoints
long long sum_NumForeignNodes
long long sum_NumForeignPoints
int FirstNonTopLevelNode
int EndOfTreePoints
int EndOfForeignNodes
int ImportedNodeOffset
int Ninsert
int NextFreeNode
MPI_Comm TreeSharedMemComm
int TreeSharedMem_ThisTask
int TreeSharedMem_NTask
int TreeInfoHandle
double Buildtime
int NumOnFetchStack
int MaxOnFetchStack
fetch_data * StackToFetch
int NumOnWorkStack
int MaxOnWorkStack
int NewOnWorkStack
int AllocWorkStackBaseLow
int AllocWorkStackBaseHigh
workstack_data * WorkStack

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ gravity_tree()

void gravity_tree ( int  timebin)

This function computes the gravitational forces for all active particles.

The tree walk is done in two phases: First the local part of the force tree is processed (gravity_primary_loop() ). Whenever an external node is encountered during the walk, this node is saved on a list. This node list along with data about the particles is then exchanged among tasks. In the second phase (gravity_secondary_loop() ) each task now continues the tree walk for the imported particles. Finally the resulting partial forces are send back to the original task and are summed up there to complete the tree force calculation.

Particles are only exported to other processors when really needed, thereby allowing a good use of the communication buffer. Every particle is sent at most once to a given processor together with the complete list of relevant tree nodes to be checked on the other task.

Particles which drifted into the domain of another task are sent to this task for the force computation. Afterwards the resulting force is sent back to the originating task.

In order to improve the work load balancing during a domain decomposition, the work done by each node/particle is measured. The work is measured for the interaction partners (i.e. the nodes or particles) and not for the particles itself that require a force computation. This way, work done for imported particles is accounted for at the task where the work actually incurred. The cost measurement is only done for the "GRAVCOSTLEVELS" highest occupied time bins. The variable MeasureCostFlag will state whether a measurement is done at the present time step.

The tree imbalance can be further reduced using chunking. The particles requiring a force computation are split into chunks of size #Nchunksize. A set of every #Nchunk -th chunk is processed first. Then the process is repeated, processing the next set of chunks. This way the amount of exported particles is more balanced, as communication heavy regions are mixed with less communication intensive regions.

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