driftfac Class Reference

#include <driftfac.h>

Public Member Functions

void init_drift_table (void)
double get_drift_factor (integertime time0, integertime time1)
double get_gravkick_factor (integertime time0, integertime time1)
double get_hydrokick_factor (integertime time0, integertime time1)
double get_comoving_distance (integertime time0)
double get_comoving_distance_for_scalefactor (double ascale)
double get_scalefactor_for_comoving_distance (double dist)
integertime get_gravkick_factor_inverse (double fac)

Static Public Member Functions

static double hubble_function (double a)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_comoving_distance()

double get_comoving_distance ( integertime  time0)

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◆ get_comoving_distance_for_scalefactor()

double get_comoving_distance_for_scalefactor ( double  ascale)

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◆ get_drift_factor()

double get_drift_factor ( integertime  time0,
integertime  time1 

This function integrates the cosmological prefactor for a drift step between time0 and time1. The value returned is

\[ \int_{a_0}^{a_1} \frac{{\rm d}a}{a^3 * H(a)} \]

A lookup-table is used for reasons of speed.

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◆ get_gravkick_factor()

double get_gravkick_factor ( integertime  time0,
integertime  time1 

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◆ get_gravkick_factor_inverse()

integertime get_gravkick_factor_inverse ( double  fac)

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◆ get_hydrokick_factor()

double get_hydrokick_factor ( integertime  time0,
integertime  time1 

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◆ get_scalefactor_for_comoving_distance()

double get_scalefactor_for_comoving_distance ( double  dist)

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◆ hubble_function()

static double hubble_function ( double  a)

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◆ init_drift_table()

void init_drift_table ( void  )

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