Md5.h File Reference

definition and prototypes for MD5 routines More...

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struct  MD5_CTX


typedef unsigned long int UINT4


void MD5Final (MD5_CTX *mdContext)
void MD5UpdateLong (MD5_CTX *mdContext, unsigned char *inBuf, unsigned long long inLenLong)
void MD5Init (MD5_CTX *mdContext)

Detailed Description

definition and prototypes for MD5 routines

Definition in file Md5.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef unsigned long int UINT4

Definition at line 47 of file Md5.h.

Function Documentation

◆ MD5Final()

void MD5Final ( MD5_CTX mdContext)

◆ MD5Init()

void MD5Init ( MD5_CTX mdContext)

◆ MD5UpdateLong()

void MD5UpdateLong ( MD5_CTX mdContext,
unsigned char *  inBuf,
unsigned long long  inLenLong