Glass ICs and "TILING" option in Gadget4

From: 陈钊 <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 00:42:20 +0800

Dear all,
        I am trying to use Gadget to generate the initial conditions (ICs) by using glass file. I noticed that “TILING” option is provided for scaling test. While I wondering that if this option can be used to scale the glass file with low number of particles. So I used glass file with 32**3 particles generated by Gadget-2 to produce IC with 256**3 particles and set the "TILING=8” in the However, I got a very strange power spectrum shown by the green line in the following figure. The red line is the result from the glass file with the same number 256**3 and no TILING in the which is right relative to my input power spectrum (magenta line).

        So, this means that I should not use “TILING” option to rescale the input glass file? And I should always provide the glass with same number of IC to the Gadget-4 NGENIC? This is not very convenient when the particle number is extremely large.
        I don’t know if I lacked some key points for this option. Is there a solution for this?
        Thanks for your time in advance!

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