2LPT initial condition

From: WANG, YUCHAN <yuchan.wang_at_durham.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 20:47:22 +0000

Dear Gadget users,

I’m trying to run Gadget4 with 2LPT initial condition generated by Adrian’s code (by enabling the ‘SECOND_ORDER_LPT_ICS’ in the Config file).

The input format is hdf5. The fac2 parameter used for the 2LPT calculation is stored in the header with name ‘LptScalingfactor’. It seems that it is not loaded in Gadget4.
The output of Gadget4 gives:
SECOND_ORDER_LPT_ICS: fac1=0.181381 fac2=0 fac3=0
(while in the header fac2 is not 0).

In the ./src/gravity/second_order_ics.cc, the fac2 is defined as
fac2 = All.LptScalingfactor;
It seems that it is from the ‘All’ parameter – which consists of many global variables.

Could someone please point me to the location where All is read in - can it read in parameters in the header? Or is there other way to correctly run Gadget4 with 2LPT ICs?
Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes
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