A problem of "domain_box.cc"

From: 张正阳 <zzy_at_mail.ynu.edu.cn>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2021 00:58:52 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Hi all,

   I am an undergraduate student and I created a box which size is 100000 kpc/h.When I ran the simulation.I have a problem at"inappropriately big region selection for RANDOMIZE_DOMAINCENTER_TYPES".So I found the source code.See this below

>if(domainInnersize * Tp->FacIntToCoord >= 0.125 * All.BoxSize)

>Terminate("inappropriately big region selection for RANDOMIZE_DOMAINCENTER_TYPES");

then I added another command when to debug it.

>if(domainInnersize * Tp->FacIntToCoord >= 0.125 * All.BoxSize)
> {
> printf("domaiInnersize*Tp->FacIntToCoord=%e, All.BoxSize=%e\n", domainInnersize * Tp->FacIntToCoord, All.BoxSize);
> Terminate("inappropriately big region selection for RANDOMIZE_DOMAINCENTER_TYPES");
> }

But the output value is domaiInnersize*Tp->FacIntToCoord=1.000000e+05, All.BoxSize=1.000000e+05.And then I changed the debug code to output their values respectively,e.g.,domaiInnersize=2.328306e-05, Tp->FacIntToCoord=1.000000e+05, All.BoxSize=1.000000e+05.So I was very confused. Why did this happen.I hope someone could answer my confusion.Thank you.

Best wishes,
Zhengyang Zhang
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