Question about shared-memory-handler

From: Leonard Romano <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 10:55:39 +0100

Dear Gagdet-community,

I am working with Gadget-4 and am trying to develop a function that
sends a request
from a local computing rank to a foreign memory rank telling it to
update a value that's stored
in the instance of particle_data on the foreign one.
I am using a data-structure which is analogous to the neighbor tree for
SPH particles, which is equipped with a structure
similar to "foreign_sphpoint_data".
I figured that the easiest way to do is would be to simply provide it
with all the access data I need to call "get_Pp" in addition to the
shared memory rank of the processor node it resides on.
The problem is, I am not sure where that last bit of information can be
Is it by any chance simply "shmem::MyShmRankInGlobal"? In that case I
could send my request to the destination "MyShmRankInGlobal" for the
communicator "MPI_COMM_WORLD" or am I mistaken?
I am new to MPI and have not fully understood how all of this works, so
if someone could help, I would be very grateful!

All the best,
Leonard Romano
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